Chapter 919: A Barrier’s Obstruction (Two)

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Chapter 919: A Barrier’s Obstruction (Two)

Jian Chen did not move either. Instead, he stood there and inspected every part of the hall. He expanded his presence to his maximum but it could only expand to less than a thousand meters away. It could not pass through the structure an could only observe slightly more than the naked eye.

A while later, Jian Chen seemed to discover something. A faint smile formed on his lips and he walked forward without any hesitation.

His movements immediately drew the attention of everyone. They all stared at him fixedly, wanting to use him to test the path ahead. At the same time, they charged up their power, ready to rush in at any moment.

Jian Chen walked slowly, approaching the grand hall a step at a time. When he reached a hundred meters from the hall, a powerful ripple of energy immediately appeared from below and a blue barrier quickly rose up. It formed a circular shape, enveloping the hall inside and blocking Jian Chen outside.

“There’s actually a barrier protecting the hall!” cried out people from the crowd. All of them were filled with joy. This was just evidence that the hall definitely stored extraordinary treasures.

Jian Chen stabbed at the barrier with his King Armament but it did not even tremble. Its defense was unimaginably powerful.

Jian Chen’s face sank slightly as his eyes flickered a bit. The innate ability of the Winged Tiger God flashed across his mind before he cried out, “This barrier is extremely powerful. It can’t be broken through by just a single person. Everyone, why don’t we work together to break it?”

“We need to break this barrier if we want to enter the hall. I, Thysnich, agree with the ruler of the Turtle clan’s suggestion. I am willing to chip in a portion of my strength to break the barrier.” Thysnich was the first one to speak his thoughts.

Afterward, the other people all agreed to participate. They reached an agreement between everyone very quickly.

Vast ripples of energy surged from them. In that moment, they all began to move, charging up a powerful strike to break through the barrier together. No one was excluded.

With a signal, over a hundred experts struck out with powerful blows. Over a hundred ripples of powerful energy shot from their hands in unison and collided forcefully with the barrier.

With a boom, the violent residual energy formed a terrifying storm as it wreaked havoc in the surroundings. It knocked all them backward and no one was able to keep a stable footing.

The blue barrier around the hall rippled gently as if a pebble had been tossed into a calm lake. It returned to how its previous state very quickly. The attacks from over a hundred Saint Rulers could only have such a tiny effect on the barrier.

They all became stern when they saw this. The strength of the barrier had far exceeded anything they had expected, almost to a level where they refused to believe its strength.

“That Octoterra Emperor’s too great of a bastard for leaving behind such a strong barrier. Even 15th Star experts would find it very difficult to break through, let alone us,” some people cursed involuntarily.

“The way out should be in the hall as well. That means if we can’t enter it, we can’t leave. Does the Octoterra Emperor intend to trap us all here until our deaths?”

“What does the Octoterra Emperor want? Only peak 14th Star experts can enter his divine hall, yet he’s made the barrier so tough. He clearly doesn’t want us to enter. Does he really want to trap us here forever?”

All the people revealed extremely ugly expressions as they cursed furiously.

Jian Chen frowned in thought before speaking aloud, “Calm down, everyone. The strength of this barrier exceeds our imaginations so if we want to break through it, we can’t hold back at all. Why don’t we try once again but this time with our full strength and see if we can break through it or not?”

Currently, that was their only hope. Everyone immediately agreed and began moving together. Terrifying ripples of energy began to radiate from each and every person, this time several folds more powerful than before. Everyone was virtually using their strongest attack now, striking out with holding back anything. An extremely frightening stream of energy forcefully struck the barrier.

As it was the full powered attack from over a hundred Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers, it was so powerful that it could even slay Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings. However, the results were the same as before; the barrier only trembled slightly and had easily resisted the terrifying attack.

This time, everyone’s faces sunk to a dark hue. The Octoterra Divine Hall was completely closed, so only by entering the hall ahead would there be a chance of leaving. If they could not break through the barrier, they would be stuck there.

A forceful light flickered through Thysnich’s eyes. He called out, “Let’s do it again. I hope no one holds back anything. Those who can use Tian Level Saint Techniques, use them! And that power in your bodies, use that too! If we can’t break through the barrier, none of us will be able to leave.”

A great aura immediately radiated from Thysnich. Following it closely, a terrifying pressure descended from the sky, through the obstructions of the divine hall and filling up the entire space. Air stopped flowing while everything fell silent. Time seemed to have stopped.

Thysnich had been forced to use his Tian Level Saint Technique.

Many Saint Rulers present also revealed determined expressions when they saw what Thysnich was doing. They no longer bothered with any hiding, unleashing their greatest trump cards. Immediately, over twenty terrifying pressures descended from the sky.

Over twenty Tian Level Saint Techniques were being cast in unison. The pressure from was enough to make the sky to tremble; even within the Octoterra Divine Hall, space was greatly affected as it distorted.

The other Saint Rulers all experienced a stifling sensation; the pressure made breathing difficult. Over twenty Tian Level Saint Techniques were cast in unison. The sea realm had never experienced something so grand.

Jian Chen’s heart shivered. Tian Level Saint Techniques were extremely difficult to comprehend, to the point that even some Saint Kings could not use any. He never thought that there would actually be over twenty people out of the hundred and sixty that had entered who could use them. This had far exceeded anything he had expected.

The saint techniques were charged up very quickly. In that moment, all the other experts did not bother to hold back anymore either. They all used their trump cards, using their Saint King’s power if they had any and charging up their strongest attacks if they did not have any Saint King’s power.

Jian Chen did not sit around either. His King Armament shone with a dazzling dark light as destructive energy coiled around the weapon. It radiated with a chilling aura.


As Thysnich yelled out, everyone struck out together. The Tian Level Saint Techniques and over a hundred strands of Saint King’s power coiled together into a dragon, colliding forcefully against the barrier with devastating strength.


With a deafening sound, the attacks collided with the barrier, causing it to shake violently. However, it stabilized very quickly once again and did not shatter. The attacks from all of them immediately transformed into a violent storm of energy, shooting back and colliding violently with them in the end.

All the people were knocked into the air by this rebound of energy. Many became heavily injured as blood spurted from their mouths, dying the air red. If it were not for the fact that the barrier had absorbed a large portion of the attacks, probably no one would still be alive.

They were all knocked thousands of meters away before falling onto the ground in a horrible condition. They were all pale-faced, while Jian Chen and Nubis were not exceptions to this either. Both were injured by the terrifying energy. However, Jian Chen was protected by his Chaotic Body, so he was better off than everyone else. All he suffered were some insignificant scrapes.

However, everyone became stunned when they saw how the barrier was completely fine. They all became despaired. Over twenty Tian Level Saint Techniques and attacks from over a hundred experts had failed to break the barrier. The barrier’s strength had completely overthrown what they had expected. It just was not something they could break through.


Suddenly, loud beast roars rang out in the surroundings and the ground soon began to tremble gently. The figures of countless vicious beasts had appeared from all directions and they all charged at the people with blood-shot eyes. They were innumerable, far more than the horde they had initially encountered.

“God dammit, these beasts just have to come when we’re all injured, don’t they? And there are so many. How are we going to deal with them?”

“Perhaps we need to use a similar method to how we escaped the maze to enter the hall? That we need to use the blood of these vicious beasts to complete a formation?”

“There’s no time. Everyone focus on healing or we’ll all die in the mouths of these beasts.”

Everyone immediately began to take their respective medicines and pills, using every moment to heal their wounds and recover their consumed energy. Virtually every person present belonged to a large organization, so the medicines they used were all very renowned through the sea realm and very valuable. Some of them were even on par with Radiant Spirit Pills. Their complexions took a turn for the better as soon as they consumed the medicines. It was unable to allow them to achieve a full recovery in such a short amount of time but at least it had stabilized and reduced their wounds.

The surrounding horde of beasts was packed together densely and extremely numerous. Soon enough, all the Saint Rulers were surrounded by the tide-like beast horde, while another bloody slaughter erupted once again.

All the beasts ranged between Class 5 and Class 7, with some Class 8 beasts sandwiched in between. It pressured everyone greatly, injuring quite a few people in a short time. With no other choice, those people could only use the sparsely-remaining Saint King’s power to condense another suit of armor as they took pills and medicines like candy.

Jian Chen. Nubis, and Xie Wang all participated in the slaughter of the beasts with everything they had. They were dyed in blood, making it difficult to tell whether they were person or beast. Nubis’ hands were golden, constantly stabbing beast after beast. He would use his poison to suppress the beasts first and then tear them into pieces. From the tips of his fingers, golden threads would shoot out from time to time, tunneling into the heads of Class 5 and Class 6 Magical Beasts. It would kill them in one stroke and take their monster cores.

The King Armament in Jian Chen’s hand constantly danced about, enveloping the surroundings with blurs and ending the lives of the beasts mercilessly. All the Class 5 and Class 6 beasts could not even withstand a single blow from his sword, falling from just a single strike. Only Class 7 Magical Beasts could last for some time but they too would not be able to avoid death in the end.

Thysnich roared out angrily as he constantly bisected beasts with the two blades in his hands. He had already formed a path completely forged from beast corpses behind him.

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