Chapter 921: A Piece of Divine Quality Crystal

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Chapter 921: A Piece of Divine Quality Crystal

Boom! Boom! Boom… 

The five vicious beasts did not stop after tearing the people outside to shreds. They constantly rammed the barrier, wanting to kill off all the people hiding inside.

The five beasts were all of the Fifth and Sixth Heavenly Layer, so their attacks were extremely powerful. Every strike would make the barrier tremble violently but it still would not be enough to break through it.

Everyone finally relaxed slightly when they saw this and their beating hearts finally calmed down. Their backs were all drenched in cold sweat. If they had been a little slower before, they would have ended up just like the people outside.

Now, close to a third of the hundred and sixty experts had died. The lucky survivors did not leave. Instead, they sat down inside the barrier to heal. No one was certain about the upcoming dangers and they did not have the power to deal with anything that would happen in their current state.

Jian Chen, Nubis, Xie Wang, and the four others all gathered together, recovering their energy at the same time. Every single one of them had exerted a great amount of energy in the past three days of beast-slaughtering. They had basically survived the three days by depending on their medicines.

“Sigh, it’s a pity that the incomplete items the Octoterra Emperor left behind are still with them outside. If we can’t gather their Space Rings, it’ll be impossible to complete the cultivation method, Tian Level Saint Technique, and the comprehensions of cultivation left behind by the emperor.” An old man stared at the distant corpses outside the barrier regretfully. His face was filled with pity.

Jian Chen glanced at the Space Rings outside the barrier when he heard that. A light in his eyes flickered as he hesitated over whether to get Xiao Bai to pass through the barrier and retrieve them.

“This barrier was cast down by a Saint Emperor all those years ago and it still possesses a great strength. I wonder if Xiao Bai can pass through it successfully or not.” Jian Chen could not make up his mind in that moment but he gave up in the end after hesitating for a while.

“Elder Hong’s told me before that other than the legacy of the Octoterra Emperor, there’s also the divine hall. Only by reaching the core of the divine hall can I control it. I need to find a way to get there and then take the entire place.” Jian Chen’s gaze became steeled as he thought of that.

Several days later, some of them finally made a full recovery. They regained their healthy glow, continuing into the hall energetically. Jian Chen did not stay either, bringing in Nubis and Xie Wang who were still recovering.

Seeing how the trio had left, Mo Ji and the other three hesitated slightly as they were still in recovery. They ended up giving up on the idea of continuing to heal, standing up and following Jian Chen in.

The number of people near the barrier immediately halved with the departures. However, there were still several dozen experts who remained where they were, healing silently. They did not intend on leaving before they were fully healed because even if they came across any treasures, they would not possess the ability to fight for it.

Jian Chen kept a low profile and traveled in the center of the group, while Thysnich walked at the very front. He had more Saint King’s power than anyone else as he had not run out even after the three days of battle with the beasts. He was currently clad in extremely-tough armor that had been condensed from the energy in order to prevent any ambushes as he traveled.

It was extremely quiet as they made their way. Everyone climbed the stairs, finally arriving before the main entrance of a huge hall. Then they came to a halt together.

“Everyone, let’s push open the hall’s door together,” Thysnich said to the people behind him. His gaze paused slightly when he glanced over at Jian Chen but he moved it very quickly.

Everyone nodded silently, before forming an energy barrier around them. They began to push the door together.

With a screeching sound, the heavy door was slowly pushed open by everyone. It was not like the halls from the center region where they were struck by a powerful gust of energy.

It was slightly dark inside but it was well-decorated. It was filled with precious pieces of art and thus seemed extremely extravagant. The experts all quietly observed the circumstances within the hall before finally stepping over the high door sill after a while. They began to search quickly.

“This is the furs from a Class 8 Magical Beast from the Tian Yuan Continent. It’s extremely precious but I never thought it would be used as a rug,” cried out someone. He currently stared at a large, white rug with an expression of happiness and he soon put the entire piece into his Space Ring.

“This is rarely-seen spiritual wood. It can accelerate the speed at which energy of the world gathers but who would think that it would be made into a chair? If I cultivate while sitting on it, it should increase my speed drastically,” another expert said as he pointed at the seats on the two sides of the hall. He quickly began to store them away in his Space Ring.

Many people immediately began to fight over the chairs made completely from spiritual wood. Over ten people immediately began to grab the seats in fear that they would not get any and everyone ended up with one or two of them.

“I grabbed this chair first. Are you trying to take it from me?”

“What do you mean you grabbed it first? I obviously laid my hand on it before you.”

Two people began arguing as they each grabbed an armrest of a chair. No one gave in, so they began to fight very quickly.

No one paid any attention to them. They continued their search. Suddenly, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed as his gaze landed on a huge, ten-meter-tall throne up ahead. It was completely blue in color as it shone with a hazy light. He could tell with a single glance that it was clearly extraordinary.

Jian Chen could clearly feel an extremely powerful energy hidden in the throne. It was extremely pure; although it was the same water-attributed energy as the grand quality crystal coins, it was just too pure. The difference between the two was like the disparity between a Class 5 Monster Core and a Class 7 Monster Core.

“Oh my sea goddess, what did I just see? Heavens, that’s unbelievable. I can actually see a divine quality crystal.” A cry rang out. It was an old man that he stared unblinkingly at the throne. His excitement caused his face to become flushed bright red as greed poured from his eyes.

“There’s a divine quality crystal. There’s actually a divine quality crystal.”

“My god, it really is a divine quality crystal. I’ve never even heard of such a huge piece.”


More and more people noticed the throne with the hazy glow as they all cried out. Their voices were filled with shock and disbelief, which was soon replaced by greed.

“It really is a piece of divine quality crystal. The throne is completely forged from divine quality crystal. This Octoterra Emperor sure is extravagant.” Thysnich’s eyes were also filled with greed. Divine quality crystals superseded grand quality crystal; the water-attributed energy within them was extremely pure. They could only be found by luck and only existed in legends. Many people could live their entire life without even seeing a single one. The piece before them was so large that it possessed an inestimable value.

Everyone struggled to resist the enticement of the crystal, all charging forward, wanting to take it for themselves.

The person closest to the throne had already arrived at it before everyone else. Just as he extended his hand out to touch it, a trident shot out from his side, forcing him to draw his hand back.

In the blink of an eye, a chaotic battle erupted in the palace. For this piece of divine quality crystal, a large battle between everyone had erupted for the first time. The violent energy rampaged in the hall but it failed to destroy anything.

Thysnich also took part in the battle. He was extremely powerful, knocking people back one after another with his two blades; arriving before the crystal very quickly. No one was his opponent. However, just as he wanted to extend his hand to put the throne into his Space Ring, Jian Chen, who had only been watching from afar, finally struck out.

Wielding his King Armament, he radiated with a towering sword Qi, as if he had become a sword. He was the sword, while the sword was him.


Jian Chen left behind a blur and shot past all the others with unbelievable speed, arriving before the crystal. Shining with a dark light, the King Armament stabbed toward Thysnich’s arm that approached the throne with a devastating aura.

Thysnich had always secretly kept an eye out for Jian Chen’s movements. To him, only the ruler of the Turtle clan could pressure him greatly. Now that he saw that Jian Chen had moved, a sliver of cold light flashed across his eyes. He pulled back his arm, before chopping as hard as he could at Jian Chen with both his blades after a battle cry.

The King Armament collided with Thysnich’s blades and a powerful ripple of energy immediately erupted. Their weapons seemed to be glued to one another, stuck tightly and unmoving. Only waves of powerful energy were sent out from the point where their weapons touched.

They stared deeply into each other’s narrowed eyes. Jian Chen remained emotionless and cool, clearly still calm. On the other hand, Thysnich was grim and his face had become extremely dark. Sandwiched between was a vague sliver of shock.


It did not remain like that for long. Thysnich violently roared out and an even more terrifying energy surged from his body. Through the two blades in his hand, it slammed forcefully into Jian Chen’s King Armament.


The stalemate was finally broken with a loud sound and both of them were knocked backward by the violent energy.

Jian Chen stabilized himself several meters away and drew back his sword. He stared coldly at Thysnich.

Thysnich glared back at Jian Chen in a similar fashion. However, his breath was slightly ragged, while his complexion had become quite ugly.

“Ruler of the Turtle clan, your strength has completely exceeded my expectations,” growled Thysnich. From the single clash, he now knew that he definitely could not be Jian Chen’s opponent.

With a King Armament, Jian Chen was as strong as a Saint King of the Third Heavenly Layer. Even though Thysnich was also very powerful, he did not possess the power to fight a Third Heavenly Layer Saint King. As a result, he suffered an utter defeat when he clashed with Jian Chen.

At this moment, the giant crystal throne suddenly disappeared. When Jian Chen and Thysnich fought, someone had utilized the throne to mask themselves, approaching it silently from one side. They had stored the throne in their Space Ring and immediately fled into the distance excitedly.

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