Chapter 922: Treasury

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Chapter 922: Treasury

At this moment, the giant crystal throne suddenly disappeared. When Jian Chen and Thysnich fought, someone had utilized the throne to mask themselves, approaching it silently from one side. They had stored the throne in their Space Ring and immediately fled into the distance excitedly.

A sharp killing intent flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes. With the Illusory Flash, he became a lightning-fast blur and caught up with the person. Jian Chen’s sword suddenly stabbed out, piercing through the person’s back.

The person roared out as the grand power of a Saint King surged from his body. It quickly formed a suit of armor on him, while a portion of the power condensed into an eight-centimeter-wide energy ball in his left hand. It radiated with terrifying power.

“Ruler of the Turtle clan, if you’re going to keep pressuring me, I’ll die with you today,” the person yelled as he attempted to threaten Jian Chen with the ball of energy.

However, Jian Chen completely ignored his threats. He stabbed at the armor with his King Armament.


The collision between the weapon and the armor led to the screeching of steel and a powerful force blew the person away. It covered his armor with cracks, before it disintegrated with a loud sound.

The person fell heavily several dozen meters away. He was stunned when he saw that his armor had completely shattered. He knew exactly how powerful the defense of the armor was as it had been condensed from the power of a Saint King. It could even remain unscathed after resisting the attacks from several Class 7 beasts, yet it had shattered under a single strike from Jian Chen. He was filled with disbelief.

“Impossible. The Turtle clan has strong defense but weak attack. The ruler is clearly only at the peak of the 14th Star, so why’s he so strong?” The person could not help but be astounded. But at this very moment, a blur flashed in front of him. Jian Chen had arrived and stabbed out with his King Armament that radiated with dark light and an aura of destruction.

“You asked for it, ruler of the Turtle clan.” Determination surged on the person’s face. With a swing of his hand, he tossed the condensed energy.

Jian Chen adapted his form; the King Armament changed directions and stabbed toward the ball of energy instead.


The Saint King’s power was dispersed by Jian Chen’s attack, leading to an eruption of violent energy that struck Jian Chen heavily.

Jian Chen flew backward uncontrollably, now slightly injured. However, it was nothing that could affect him.

His gaze became icy. This was something he would only show when killing intent surged in his heart. Leaping heavily from the ground, he used the Illusory Flash to continue his charge at the old man.

This time, the old man no longer had any power to resist Jian Chen. All he could do was watch as Jian Chen drew near.

Shwt! The center of the old man’s eyebrows was pierced, allowing the sword to impale his head and wipe out his soul. Jian Chen smoothly removed the old man’s Space Ring from his hand and checked through it. Only then did he relax slightly after confirmed that the crystal was inside. Jian Chen had already made up his mind about the crystal when he first caught a glance of it.

Suddenly, Jian Chen’s face sank. He could feel several presences locking tightly onto him. Over ten people had already surrounded him, each staring at him viciously.

Jian Chen’s arm jolted and the King Armament immediately began to radiate with a dark light. Its devastating aura filled the entire room, directly pressuring the people around him. It was extremely overbearing.

“If you still want the crystal, come at me.” Jian Chen pointed his sword at the sky as he spoke with a frigid voice. He flowed with a condescending aura, as if the people around him were nothing.

“Ruler of the Turtle clan, we don’t want to become your enemies but it’s such a large piece of crystal. It’s a little unreasonable if you take all of it. Why don’t you take it out and split it up among everyone? After all, we all found it with you,” a black-robed old man said with a deep voice. He was very fearful of Jian Chen but the enticement of the divine quality crystal was just too great. Also, there were so many people present, so he believed that if they all worked together, the ruler of the Turtle clan would not be able to fight them all no matter how powerful he was.

Jian Chen raised the Space Ring high up in the air with his left hand and said, “The crystal is right here. If you want it, come take it.”

“Ruler, you are indeed very strong. That is an irrefutable truth but are you confident enough to take on my Tian Level Saint Technique?” said a young man arrogantly. He was one of the people who possessed a Tian Level Saint Technique.

Wind began to whistle as soon as the young man finished what he had to say. Jian Chen then appeared before him with lightning speed, stabbing out at the center of his eyebrows without any hesitation.

The young man was astounded. He had never expected that Jian Chen would take the initiative to attack. Saint King’s power immediately surged out in an attempt to block Jian Chen’s sudden attack.

However, Jian Chen’s sword was countless times faster than before. The sword seemed to overcome the laws of space and surpass the restriction of time, stabbing out with an unbelievable speed as a streak of light.


The young man did not have the time to condense his armor at all. The King Armament had stabbed through his head with dumbfounding speed, wiping out his soul.

“What a fast strike!”

Cries rang out from the surroundings. Everyone’s expressions changed, they were all stunned by the speed that Jian Chen had displayed. It was just too fast. They would end up in a similar circumstance if they had been caught off guard and faced the sword instead.

And this was how a peak Saint Ruler who knew a Tian Level Saint Technique passed away.

Everyone’s gazes toward Jian Chen experienced a change while their fear for him skyrocketed. He was definitely a terrifying opponent.

Jian Chen slowly drew his King Armament from the head and said coldly, “So what if you know a Tian Level Saint Technique? Before me, you don’t even have the chance to use it.”

The hall fell into a silence. Everyone stared at Jian Chen without saying anything at all.

Thysnich stared at Jian Chen from afar as his gaze flickered. A sharp sliver of killing intent was hidden in the depths of his eyes and he thought, “Ruler of the Turtle clan, you are indeed very strong but you will still die by my hand in the end.”

Jian Chen slowly glanced past everyone with a sharp glare. “Since no one wants to fight for it anymore, this piece of crystal is now mine.” Jian Chen put the Space Ring away before continuing his search around the hall.

The nervous atmosphere in the hall was immediately dispelled by Jian Chen’s actions. Everyone gave up on the idea of fighting Jian Chen for the crystal, continuing their search for other treasures in the hall.

The blood drained very quickly from the two experts that had died in Jian Chen’s hands, sucked away by the ground without leaving a single mark. Although everyone saw this happen, no one could find any reason. As they could not think of why even after deep thought, they tossed the matter aside and no longer paid attention to the weird phenomenon.

Afterward, the people searched through the first floor of the palace for half a day. They took away many precious treasures, virtually emptying the first floor of everything it had. Only when they got everything did they move onto the first floor.

The second floor also possessed many extremely valuable and rare items, which were quickly all taken away by the people.

At this very moment, a loud rumble rang out from afar combined with the rippling of a powerful energy. The commotion attracted the attention of many people, causing them all to go up and investigate in curiosity. In the end, they arrived before a huge stone door and above the door was a single, powerfully-written word—Treasury!

“This must be where a large number of treasures are stored,” someone cried out. He was filled with excitement.

“There’s no mechanism to open the stone door. Looks like our only way in is by smashing it. Let’s break it together,” someone suggested. Immediately, several experts began to attack the door together.

Within the booms, several Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers struck the door together. However, it remained unharmed, without even a crack.

“The door has been tempered by the energy of the palace and has become extraordinarily tough. There’s only the possibility of breaking through if we all strike together.”

“What’s everyone hesitating for? Everything inside must be treasures. There might even be divine quality crystals. Let’s all open the door together.”


Several people used enticing words to motivate the entire group. They had all come here for the treasures of the Octoterra Divine Hall, so they reached an agreement very quickly. They all struck out at the door, including even Jian Chen and Nubis.

With a deafening sound, the combined attacks from several dozen experts struck the door. However, it remained without a scratch.

“Let’s use our Tian Level Saint Techniques,” someone immediately yelled out, before beginning to charge up his saint technique.

Seeing how someone had already begun to charge up their Tian Level Saint Technique, the others all began to hesitate but a few joined him very quickly. They began to cast their saint techniques together.

The Tian Level Saint Techniques charged up very quickly and they all struck out at the same time, colliding with the door with lightning speed. At the same time, the other experts did not stand around either; they struck out with their most powerful blows, cooperating with the Tian Level Saint Techniques to break the stone door.


An even more powerful sound rang out as the powerful force swept in all directions. It knocked everyone backward.

The stone door trembled violently as clouds of dust fell from it. A tiny crack had appeared on its surface.

“Let’s continue our attacks. We can break the door if we do it a few more times,” someone said loudly. Afterward, everyone struck the door together once again, while the number of people who had used Tian Level Saint Techniques increased to eighteen.

Everyone used all they had to break down the stone door to obtain the treasure inside.

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