Chapter 923: The Blood Demon Emperor

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Chapter 923: The Blood Demon Emperor

Over fifty Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers struck the stone door with their full power once again. This time, several had used Tian Level Saint Techniques, which lead to the immediate descent of a terrifying pressure which filled up the entire space.


The attacks and saint techniques forcefully struck the stone door at virtually the same time. Violent energy ripples erupted, knocking everyone back once again.

No one could retain their footing when facing such violent gusts of energy.

A while later, a meter-long crack could be seen on the tough stone door after the gusts of energy had slowly dispersed in the hall.

“The door is too tough. If we continue like this, it’ll take at least a few days before we break through it,” said someone as they sighed grimly.

“The treasures inside much be invaluable if there’s such a tough door obstructing entry. Let’s do it a few times. We’ll be able to break through it,” someone immediately began to encourage the others as he did not want to give up.

“Let’s rest for a while first before continuing.”

Afterward, all of them began to meditate in the surroundings to recover their energy. The people who cast the Tian Level Saint Techniques needed to do this in particular, as they had exerted greatly every time they cast the technique. Additionally, since they were faced with a situation where they needed to be on guard against any sudden attacks, they did not dare to cast it consecutively. They needed some time to retain their combat ability.

Afterward, everyone continued their attacks at the door. Almost all of them used their most powerful attacks, fully utilizing their abilities to strike the door with Tian Level Saint Techniques. Meanwhile, the people who cast the saint techniques increase beyond twenty. All those who could use it were participating now.

The stone door constantly weakened each time it was struck by the wild flurry of attacks. It finally disintegrated after several days, revealing a long passageway.

Jian Chen, Nubis, and Xie Wang entered the treasury cautiously with the group. Mo Ji and the three others followed behind. All of them maintained a certain level of vigilance.

The space ahead opened up after they passed through the long passageway they arrived in an extremely large space, which seemed very much like a storage room. Large piles of items were stacked messily inside.

As everyone slowly glanced past the items, they revealed deep joy and greed in their eyes. In the very center was a mountainous pile of crystal coins. They shone with a dazzling light and  were of a great quality. They were innumerable.

Among the pile of crystal coins were some fist-sized divine quality crystals that radiated with a powerful and pure water attribute energy. The surroundings were chock-full of metal shelves forged from essence metal, and tables made from spiritual wood. A total of over a dozen weapons of various sizes laid on the shelves, while each and every one of them shone brightly and radiated with powerful ripples of energies. Meanwhile, the wooden tables were covered with various books, small sealed wooden boxes, and pieces of divine quality crystal.

The crystals could be as small as fists or as large as heads. They all glistened charmingly and there were lots of them.

All of them, without any exceptions, focused their gazes on the large pile of coins and crystals. Their eyes were filled with greed; perhaps they did not view the coins too importantly but none of them could resist the temptation of the crystals.

Jian Chen glanced past everything. The wealth stored in here also caused his heart to beat with excitement but his gaze was not stuck to the crystals. Instead, he stared fixedly at the various weapons on the shelves. His eyes were filled with unconcealable joy.

“Ruler Armaments. There’s actually so many Ruler Armaments.” Jian Chen screamed in his heart. To him, Ruler Armaments were worth much more than the divine quality crystals. If he brought them back to the Tian Yuan Continent and gave the weapons to the Flame Mercenaries, their strength would increase abruptly.


With the sound of wind, countless people charged toward the crystals and boxes on the wooden tables uncontrollably. No one actually paid any attention to the Ruler Armaments.

Ruler Armaments were an irrefutable treasure on the Tian Yuan Continent but to the Sea race, they were worth far less than divine quality crystals, despite still retaining some value. As a result, all the people of the Sea race focused their attention on the crystals while no one paid any mind to the Ruler Armaments, or even the King Armaments.

Jian Chen, Nubis, Xie Wang, and the four others did not show any hesitations either, all charging at the huge piles of treasures as they fought over them in a flurry. However, Jian Chen did not go for the crystals and the unknown treasures and instead went for the metal racks. He quickly stored away all the Ruler Armaments, before participating in the fight for the crystals.

Under the rapid collection of several dozen people, all the crystals and treasures were finally cleared out. All that was left was the mountainous pile of crystal coins. All of them revealed unconcealable joy and excitement, as they all had benefitted greatly.

Jian Chen’s harvest was extremely great as well. Not only had he obtained Ruler Armaments, he had also grabbed several dozen crystals along with the wooden boxes that stored things he did not know of.

“With so many divine quality crystals and high class monster cores, my Chaotic Body should be able to break through to the third layer very quickly,” Jian Chen thought. At the same time, he made up his mind. He would go into seclusion as soon as he got out; he planned to pour all his efforts into breaking through to the third layer.

“There’s actually a letter from the Octoterra Emperor here,” someone cried out. A person had already opened the box and inside laid a palm-sized folded piece of paper.

“I actually have the diary of the Psalmic Emperor,” someone else cried out. This time, it was Thysnich. He currently carried a book in his hand, while his expression was filled with astonishment and disbelief.

“What! The Psalmic Emperor’s diary had actually appeared…”

“Is it the Psalmic Emperor who passed on thirty thousand years ago? Why would his diary end up in the hands of the Octoterra Emperor…”

“It’s said that the Psalmic Emperor was a legendary figure even more ancient than the Octoterra Emperor. When it was the Psalmic Emperor’s era, the Octoterra Emperor had not even appeared yet. Did the Octoterra Emperor obtain the Psalmic Emperor’s things…”

Everyone began to discuss as they all felt extremely surprised. Soon afterward, more and more people opened their wooden boxes.

“Argh!” Suddenly there was a howl. An old man tossed and turned on the floor as he clutched his head in agony, while his wooden box had also fallen down. A blood-red book lay to his side, which seemed rather demonic.

This sudden change to the situation attracted many people’s attention. They all stared at the old man, while glancing at the book from time to time. They were all strewn between doubt and surprise.

“What the hell is that book? How is it that powerful? Let me see.” A middle-aged, grey-robed man casually picked up the book. However, as soon as he came into contact with it, his expression changed abruptly and he immediately tossed the book afar. He too clutched his head and howled in agony.

Many people became stern when they saw this. They all stared at the book on the floor, no one daring to touch it.

At this moment, the old man’s pain finally lessened slightly. He stared at the blood-red book in horrification and said with a trembling voice, “T- t- that’s actually the Blood Demon Emperor’s cultivation manual. There’s still the Qi of slaughter from the Blood Demon Emperor on it. My soul has been injured by it.”

Many people revealed doubtful expressions when they heard the title Blood Demon Emperor. Clearly, many of them had not heard of this title.

A sliver of light flashed across Thysnich’s eyes as he cried out, “What did you say? The Blood Demon Emperor—are you certain it’s the Blood Demon Emperor?” Thysnich’s heart began to churn. He had read about the Blood Demon Emperor’s legacy from some ancient records in his clan.

The Blood Demon Emperor was a supreme expert that existed fifty thousand years ago. It was said that he had reached the 18th Star and was extremely terrifying. He was the strongest in the sea realm, much more powerful than the three hall masters.

The Blood Demon Emperor purely cultivated slaughter. He was drenched with bloodthirstiness. He was the epicenter of a storm of blood within the sea realm all those years ago, ending the lives of countless 14th Star Seasoul Experts and even several 15th and 16th Star Seasoul Warriors. He was named as the demon king of slaughter.

In that age, there were people who wondered if he would even attack ordinary people if it were not for the worry of Celestial Decay. This was because slaughter was what he cultivated; only by constantly committing slaughter could he become more powerful.

However, in the end, the three halls could no longer endure his actions. All three hall masters moved out together, embroiling in a grand battle in outer space with him. In the end, he fell to the hands of the three hall masters.

However, the three halls had also paid a heavy price because of this. The hall masters of the Sea Goddess Hall and the Serpent God Hall were heavily injured, while the hall master of the Heaven Spirit Hall had been slain by him. The position of hall master in the Heaven Spirit Hall ended up remaining empty for a thousand years because of that. It shocked the entire sea realm.


As Thysnich narrated the Blood Demon Emperor’s legacy, all the people present were astonished to the point that they become speechless. No one stared to touch the book anymore but they all stared fixedly at it as their hearts beat heavily.

This was the cultivation method of the Blood Demon Emperor. If someone obtained it, they would be able to cultivate the Blood Demon Emperor’s supreme method. Just how enticing was this? However, it was a pity that the residual Qi of slaughter was left behind by the Blood Demon Emperor, so no one dared to take the risk and touch it. It would be extremely difficult to recover once their souls were damaged and it was highly likely that it would leave behind eternal consequences, preventing people from breaking through for the rest of their lives.

Everyone fell into a deathly silence. They all stared at the book left behind by the Blood Demon Emperor as their hearts were filled with pity.

It was so tempting before them, yet they did not have the power to obtain it. Everyone became filled with regret but they could do nothing.

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