Chapter 924: Emperor Armament

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Chapter 924: Emperor Armament

“Are we supposed to just abandon the cultivation method of the Blood Demon Emperor like this and let such a rare opportunity slip by?” said a person regretfully.

“I dare not to touch the objects of the Blood Demon Emperor. Whoever wants it, feel free to take it.” The speaker was Thysnich this time. He knew the infamy of the Blood Demon Emperor very well. Qi of slaughter from the Blood Demon Emperor still lingered on the book; let alone him, even a few Saint Kings would not want to touch it so easily.

After all, the Blood Demon Emperor was an 18th Star Seasoul Warrior when he was still alive. He had only been killed when the three hall masters had worked together and they had even paid a heavy price.

Jian Chen stared fixedly at the book as his eyes flickered. His expression fluctuated, before he finally made his way toward the book slowly after a while of hesitation.

“Jian Chen, what are you doing? You can’t touch that book.” Nubis immediately stopped Jian Chen and attempted to persuade him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” Jian Chen said softly. His feet did not stop.

Nubis hesitated slightly when he saw how determined Jian Chen was and gave in about stopping him. He followed behind Jian Chen quietly; Nubis would stop him immediately if he faced any dangers.

The surrounding people all immediately focused on Jian Chen. They wanted to see if the extraordinary ruler of the Turtle clan could endure the Qi of slaughter within it and obtain the cultivation method of the Blood Demon Emperor.

Jian Chen arrived before it grimly, before extending his hand slowly toward the book.

In that moment, everyone stared at Jian Chen’s hand as it rapidly approached the book on the ground. They observed unblinkingly.

Finally, Jian Chen’s hand came into contact with the book under the gaze of several dozen experts. His body shook violently as he immediately felt an extremely powerful killing intent enter his body through his fingers. It turned into a bone-chillingly frigid energy as it made its way through his body and drew rapidly closer to his head.

The killing intent was just too powerful. Before it, Jian Chen felt like he was an ant facing a mountain, unable to even consider retaliation. It seemed like just the killing intent was enough to wipe out his soul.

Jian Chen was utterly shocked. The Blood Demon Emperor was just too powerful. Just a sliver of Qi deposited in the book possessed such terrifying power. Jian Chen was absolutely certain that even Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings could be heavily injured before the killing intent.


The killing intent traveled extremely quickly, worming into Jian Chen’s brain and sea of consciousness in the blink of an eye. Immediately, a violent rumble roared through Jian Chen’s head. In that moment, his entire sea of consciousness had been completely blanketed by a thick layer of bloody mist. The mist contained a great killing intent, as if it was about to forcefully shake his sea of consciousness into pieces.

“What powerful killing intent!” The artifact spirit’s voice rang out in Jian Chen’s head. The golden tower floating in his sea of consciousness suddenly became several thousand meters tall, radiating with a bright, golden light to protect Jian Chen’s soul.

At the same time, the sword spirits that were absorbing the Multicolored stone moved as well. Purple and azure lights filled up his entire sea of consciousness as two swords appeared indistinctly, chopping at the bloody mist.

As the two swords chopped down, an indescribable aura suddenly appeared. It was the traces of the omnipresent, the laws of the world. The surrounding space trembled violently and fell into chaos. Suddenly, a vast sea of stars appeared; the starry sky was filled with battle cries as countless immortals warred in this unknown region of space. Every strike from them possessed the power to destroy worlds, turning countless planets in the surroundings to dust.

Following it, two humongous swords, one purple and one azure, flew out from the void. They charged at the group of immortals with devastating auras, immediately causing the space to become scattered with flesh and blood. Countless powerful immortals were felled by the swords and their golden blood filled up the void. Every drop of blood contained terrifyingly great power, enough to kill off Saint Kings, while the corpses of immortals littered the entire space.

The saint artifact began to tremble violently. The artifact spirit hiding within witnessed this clearly, now filled with terror. The bloody mist in Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness seemed to be terrified as well, violently shrinking before retreating with speed even greater than it had come in with. It returned into the book and disappeared.

“Fortunately this Qi of slaughter possessed a certain level of intelligence or we really wouldn’t have been able to do anything. Master, it’s best if you don’t touch these objects in the future. It’s very dangerous,” the sword spirit’s voices rang out in Jian Chen’s head.

Just earlier, the sword spirits did not use absolute strength to repel the Qi of slaughter but had instead displayed an image through its abilities. It formed a great deterrence, driving away the Qi.

This could not be used on people and was only effective against spiritual bodies such as the artifact spirit and the intelligent Qi of slaughter. This was because the Azulet swords themselves were extremely high level spirits; even though they were weak now, they had a natural ability to suppress similar existences.

The Qi of slaughter disappeared back into the book. It had been frightened away and it was now hiding. It had developed a fear for Jian Chen.

This time, Jian Chen was no longer faced with any obstructions, allowing him to examine the book normally. His expression was mixed with doubt and surprise.

Jian Chen had once met the four protectors of the Bloodsword sect. He was extremely familiar with the powerful Baleful Yin Force present on them. Earlier, he could feel that the Qi of slaughter hidden in the book seemed to be almost the same type of energy. It was just that the Qi was much more powerful than the Baleful Yin Force but they seemed to be of the same origin. Jian Chen was astonished by this.

All the people who watched on became tongue-tied when they saw Jian Chen hold the book normally. They all stared at him in disbelief, before directing their attention to the book itself. They all revealed gazes full of greed.

“Ruler of the Turtle clan, has the Qi of slaughter hidden inside disappeared?” Someone asked involuntarily.

“There can’t be a lot of Qi left behind by the Blood Demon Emperor. After injuring two people, it must be all gone now. The ruler of the Turtle clan is just luck, getting the book just when all the Qi of slaughter ran out,” said a skinny old man.

“That’s probably the case. Ruler of the Turtle clan, that book was obtained by me and the Qi hidden inside was all consumed with my injured soul as the price. Can you return the book to me?” pleaded the old man who had first touched the book. Although he knew that this amounted to almost nothing, he still wanted to try as he was unwilling to accept it.

Jian Chen glanced at the old man before tossing the book onto the ground straightforwardly. He said normally, “If you want it, then take it.”

All the people who wanted to steal it immediately froze when they saw Jian Chen throw the cultivation method on the ground so easily. They felt like something was off.

However, the old man was not able to remain so calm. He immediately ravished with joy as he saw how easily Jian Chen had returned the cultivation method to him, bending down to pick it up.

“Argh!” However, as soon as he touched the book, he howled out in agony. His soul was injured once again by the Qi of slaughter, deepening his wounds.

All the people in the surroundings sucked in a breath when they saw this. They all secretly celebrated that they had not gone ahead with their plan of stealing it, as the person crying out right now would have otherwise been them instead.

Jian Chen looked around coldly. “Feel free to take it, whoever wants the Blood Demon Emperor’s cultivation method. I won’t obstruct you.” Jian Chen had nothing to fear. He had seen just how powerful the Qi of slaughter was and he knew that there was probably no one present other than himself that could overcome the Qi of slaughter.

Even the artifact spirit could only block the Qi of slaughter, unable to fend it off. As a result, even if the people present possessed defensive treasures, they would not be able to protect themselves.

“Looks like the cultivation method of the Blood Demon Emperor belongs to the ruler of the Turtle clan,” smiled Mo Ji who stood behind Jian Chen. A powerful sliver of envy was present in the depths of his eyes.

“Since no one has any interest in the cultivation method, I’ll take it.” Jian Chen picked up the book once again. He put it away in his Space Ring as if nothing had happened, completely unaffected by the Qi of slaughter.

The Qi of slaughter had already been frightened by the sword spirits in Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness, so it no longer dared to attack Jian Chen again.

Everyone cleared out the objects in the treasury, before continuing to the next floor of the hall. As soon as they stepped on the third floor, they were hit in the face by a towering sword Qi, which caused everyone to experience a prickling pain. Even the air seemed to be contaminated by this sword Qi, becoming sharp.

In the center of the hall stood a huge, thirty-meter-tall sword. It stood inside a dry well as it radiated with a vast pressure. There was also a vaguely condescending aura, as if the sword was the supreme ruler of the world.

The sword was a straight sword that had been magnified dozens of times. Although the sword was sixty centimeters wide, it would only have a width of two fingers if it was a regular size.

“This is an Emperor Armament.” Jian Chen’s eyes shone with a resplendent light. His heart began to beat uncontrollably. He had never seen an Emperor Armament but he had already determined what it was the moment he caught a glance of the huge sword.

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