Chapter 927: Battle for the Emperor Armament

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Chapter 927: Battle for the Emperor Armament

Even though many of them had become rash due to the Emperor Armament, there was still a few people who did not participate in the rush and instead watched from afar. Jian Chen, Nubis, and Xie Wang were some of these people. Meanwhile, Mo Ji and the other three were of the former, having charged over long ago.

Nubis stared coldly at Mo Ji’s group as they ran toward the Emperor Armament.  He gently said, “The four of them are nothing good. We better stay vigilant.”

Jian Chen nodded slightly but said nothing.

At this very moment, something happened. The Emperor Armament suddenly began to glow with a blinding light and actually began attacking despite having no one controlling it. It shot toward the people as a streak of light with unbelievable speed.

Three Saint Rulers failed to react, which allowed the Emperor Armament to rush through them. They were split in half down the nose and their souls were destroyed before they could even howl in agony.

The Emperor Armament continued onward without any decrease in force. It headed toward the walls of the hall, before colliding heavily against it.


With a deafening noise, the entire hall began to tremble violently, while everyone inside almost fell over due to the loss of balance.

They all finally calmed down from their rashness, staring at the Emperor Armament in shock and disbelief. None of them had thought that this weapon without a user would actually fly by itself and would actually possess such terrifying power. It could make the entire hall shake from just a collision.

Boom! Boom! Boom… 

The Emperor Armament constantly slammed against the wall of the hall, causing the entire place to tremble and rumble constantly. However, it was unable to create any damage. It still possessed a great force but it was still far from a Saint Emperor’s power after all. It could shake the hall but not destroy it.

“It wants to escape,” Jian Chen muttered as he stared fixedly at the Emperor Armament’s actions.

“Perhaps the weapon has intelligence?” Nubis asked in curiosity. He was filled with disbelief.

“I don’t know but I have heard of some rumors regarding Ruler Armaments. As long as experts who have reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer as Saint Rulers pass away from age, they will leave behind their Saint Weapon. It will contain a shred of their three vital energies. They hope to be revived someday in the future,” Jian Chen said gruffly.

Nubis’ eyes narrowed. “Jian Chen, are you saying that the reason why the Emperor Armament possesses intelligence is because the Saint Emperor soul inside is acting up? The Saint Emperor is not dead?”

Jian Chen shook his head. He crossed his hands behind him as he stared unblinkingly at the Emperor Armament. “I’m not sure, but the power of the Emperor Armament is already beyond anything I can control, unless my strength increases.” Jian Chen’s expression suddenly changed when he reached there. The Emperor Armament was currently shooting toward where they stood with a sharp and powerful sword Qi.

“Be careful, dodge it,” Jian Chen cried out. He had already become a blur, moving into the distance. Meanwhile, Nubis and Xie Wang did not tarry behind either. They had always paid attention to the Emperor Armament and they dodged to both sides at the same time.

Boom! The Emperor Armament smashed heavily into where they stood before and its wild energy sent all three of them into the air.

“Argh! My arm!” Xie Wang howled out in pain. The Emperor Armament had shot over too quickly and his dodge had been a little slow. His entire left arm had been severed and blood sprayed like a fountain from his severed limb.

The Emperor Armament did not continue its attacks at the three them. It immediately shot into the sky again, colliding heavily with the high roof of the hall, before turning around and shooting at the ground again. This time, it targeted the experts that stood scattered in the surroundings.

“Run!” Each and every person paled in fright, using their various fleeing techniques in an attempt to escape from the weapon’s attack range. However, the Emperor Armament was just too big so it possessed an even greater range for attack. Another expert failed to dodge in time and died to the weapon.

The Emperor Armament was like a headless fly, rampaging within the hall. It wanted to break through the hall and leave, so it behaved extremely rashly. However, all the people in the hall suffered from its aimless attacks and were left in horrible conditions as they dodged. Very soon, several more people died to its blade, while more than ten people had been injured by it too.

Thysnich stared fixedly at the Emperor Armament with a stern expression. Surging Saint King’s power rushed out from within him once again, forming a suit of armor to cover every inch of his body. Only his eyes remained uncovered. His arms were covered particularly well; the armor was even thicker there.

Thysnich leaped up and arrived near the hilt of the Emperor Armament. He directly opened his arms, hugging the thick hilt tightly in an attempt to subdue the Emperor Armament.

The Emperor Armament suddenly went quiet, before a powerful sword Qi exploded from within it. The sword Qi turned into a dazzling white light that enveloped Thysnich. Only a series of scratching sounds could be heard as it immediately covered Thysnich’s armor with slashes all over. The defense of the armor was constantly eaten away.

Thysnich was unwilling to accept this. With a violent roar, the Saint King’s power poured out from his body unceasingly, making up for any consumption of the armor’s energy. A Space Ring appeared in his hand. He wanted to force the Emperor Armament into it.

The Emperor Armament immediately began to resist, refusing to enter the Space Ring. No matter how Thysnich tried, the Emperor Armament could not be stored into the Space Ring.

Unable to break free from Thysnich’s grasp, the Emperor Armament rampaged in the hall as it dragged Thysnich along. It constantly rammed against the surroundings and tremendous force jolted through Thysnich. The agony tortured him greatly. If it were not for the armor, his organs would have probably turned to dust long ago. However, even though that was the case, it did not make the process any better for Thysnich.

Many experts also suffered grievous wounds. Many people fled in all directions, forced into a horrible condition by the Emperor Armament. The casualties were heavy, with less than twenty people alive now. Moreover, at least half of them were injured.

The consumption of Thysnich’s Saint King’s power was extremely severe, to the point that he could not last much longer. He released his grasp of the hilt regretfully.

However, the weapon did not stop because of that. It continued to rampage in the hall, constantly slamming against the surroundings and producing deafening booms. It caused the entire hall to shake with no signs of stopping.

“My god, this Emperor Armament has gone crazy,” Nubis arrived before Jian Chen and swore as he breathed heavily while staring at the rampaging Emperor Armament. The weapon had left a bone-deep wound on his back.

Jian Chen stood silently as he carefully observed the Emperor Armament. He opened his hand and a golden streak of light immediately shot out from the center of his forehead, falling into his palm as a tiny golden tower.

All he could do now was use the saint artifact to subdue the Emperor Armament. The sword spirits did not have the power right to confront it now. If the Emperor Armament had a spirit, it naturally could be overwhelmed by the sword spirits. However, Jian Chen knew very well that this was impossible. There was an extremely high possibility that it had the soul of a Saint Emperor.

At this moment, the Emperor Armament turned around and shot toward Jian Chen once again.

Nubis produced a weird cry. He was unwilling to hesitate at all and dodged immediately. However, Jian Chen did not choose to dodge this time. Instead, he stood there like nothing was happening, waiting for the arrival of the Emperor Armament.

When the Emperor Armament was ten meters away from Jian Chen, a white light suddenly appeared. Jian Chen had already notified the artifact spirit to open the main entrance of the saint artifact. As soon as the Emperor Armament struck the white light, it disappeared. It had been sucked away into the artifact space.

“Nubis, guard the saint artifact well!” Jian Chen sent a mental message to Nubis before he entered the space as well.

Within the artifact space, the long prepared artifact spirit battled the Emperor Armament mid-air. The artifact spirit was the absolute ruler of the artifact space, a legitimate Saint Emperor. Although the Emperor Armament was very powerful, it was still a weapon in the end. As such, how could it face up against the artifact spirit? It was subdued by the artifact spirit with much effort. Currently, it was pinned down by a giant hand materialized by the artifact spirit and was unable to break free no matter how it struggled.

In the blink of an eye, the domineering Emperor Armament had unknowingly entered the artifact space, falling into the hands of the artifact spirit.

The artifact spirit suppressed the Emperor Armament with the artifact’s power and stopped it from struggling. Afterward, he arrived before Jian Chen and said courteously, “Master, this one has suppressed the Emperor Armament. However, the Emperor Armament is very powerful, so it is unlikely that master can control it with master’s current strength.

Jian Chen did not mind at all. He was filled with excitement as he said, “No worries. I’ll be able to use it very quickly. Once I break through to the third layer of the Chaotic Body, I’ll have the power to use it. I just wonder how great my battle ability will become when combined with the Emperor Armament after I reach the third layer.” Jian Chen was filled with anticipation. At the same time, he secretly swore that he would make the Chaotic Body breakthrough as fast as possible once he left the Octoterra Divine Hall.

“Artifact spirit, I’ll keep the Emperor Armament here and leave it in your care. I will be leaving first.” Jian Chen was not willing to stay in the artifact space for very long as the dangers outside were still present. As a result, he left very soon.

When he left the saint artifact, all he saw was the experts who were fortunate enough to survive encircling Nubis and Jian Chen under Thysnich’s lead. They were all hostile.

Jian Chen had expected this so he was not surprised at all when he saw this scene. He first took the saint artifact from Nubis’ hands calmly, then looked toward Xie Wang. He said, “Xie Wang, don’t resist. I’m taking you into the artifact space. Your missing limb can be healed there.” Immediately, a milky-white light rushed out from the saint artifact and enveloped Xie Wang.

Xie Wang did not resist and was immediately taken away by the artifact’s powers. The saint artifact then became a streak of golden light, disappearing into Jian Chen’s forehead.

All the others, including Thysnich, became stunned when they saw this. They stared at Jian Chen’s forehead in interest as their faces became filled with disbelief.

They had never seen or imagined that items could be stored in someone’s head. It was such a big tower as well; they all could not help but grow curious when they saw this. They wondered how such a big, golden tower could burrow into someone’s forehead.

What they saw had completely overthrown their prior knowledge.

“Ruler of the Turtle clan, what’s that little golden tower? It’s so miraculous.” Thysnich stared fixedly at Jian Chen as he asked curiously. A sliver of greed hid in the depths of his eyes.

“Thysnich, I wonder what you all intend to do?” Jian Chen glared at all of them. He did not reply to Thysnich’s question and instead rebuked coldly.

Thysnich was slightly angered when he heard this. He growled, “Ruler of the Turtle clan, I really want to ask you some questions. Not only did you take away the huge, invaluable divine quality crystal on the first floor, you even obtained the Blood Demon Emperor’s cultivation method on the second floor. You reaped far greater benefits than all of us and now on the third floor, you’ve actually shamelessly taken away the Emperor Armament. Haven’t you gone overboard?” Thysnich’s tone could not help but become hostile toward the end. 

For the Emperor Armament, he had paid a huge price. The amount of Saint King’s power wasted pained his heart. It was not the power of an ordinary Saint King but power from an expert on par with hall elders. It was extremely precious. However, not only had he failed to obtain the Emperor Armament after paying such a great price, it had even ended up in Jian Chen’s hands. How was it possible for him to not be angry?

Jian Chen’s face darkened as he immediately glared at Thysnich. He said coldly, “Thysnich, please speak carefully. You do not possess the ability to subdue the Emperor Armament, so you can blame yourself for being too weak. You can’t lay the blame on others. Are you saying that no one else can take if you can’t have it?”

Thysnich’s face darkened as he stared back at Jian Chen without fear. He gnashed his teeth. “Alright, it was me who didn’t have the power to subdue the Emperor Armament. However, ruler of the Turtle clan, let me give you some advice. I hope you don’t regret this in the future; it’s impossible to enjoy some treasures so easily.”

Jian Chen’s lips curled into a scornful smile. “I never regret my actions. But Thysnich, I need to warn you as well. It’s best if you don’t threaten me or do you believe that you’ll become like those corpses as well, never to be able to leave the hall?” Jian Chen’s voice was filled with powerful killing intent. He had already made up his mind to end Thysnich’s life.

Thysnich’s eyes narrowed as he snorted coldly. He said nothing in response and instead turned around and left. He made his way toward the fourth floor, while his eyes were now filled with frigidness, “Ruler of the Turtle clan, let’s see how everything plays out. You still don’t know who’s going to end up as the corpse.”

With Thysnich’s departure, the other people all left as well. They all maintained a certain distance between each other as they made their way toward the fourth floor. Only Mo Ji and two other people were left in the end; one of them had been slain by the Emperor Armament.

“Ruler, Thysnich is not a simple person. You need to be careful,” Mo Ji said purposefully with a tone of concern. He acted like he was worried about Jian Chen.

Jian Chen only nodded his head in response to Mo Ji’s act of concern. He did not say anything more. Calling Nubis, he too continued on his way to the fourth floor.

Mo Ji and the two others looked at each other. They could naturally feel that Jian Chen’s treatment of them had undergone some minute changes. The three of the hesitated slightly, before following Jian Chen quietly to the fourth floor.

“Hmph, that Thysnich sure is arrogant. If it weren’t for the fact that there are fewer and fewer people now and we still might need them for any future barriers, I, the great Nubis, would’ve finished them off long ago,” said Nubis as he gnashed along the way.

“That Thysnich is not a simple person. I feel like he’s still hiding some powerful trump cards. It’s best if we are careful,” warned Jian Chen.

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