Chapter 932: The Octoterra Emperor (Two)

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Chapter 932: The Octoterra Emperor (Two)

The middle-aged man belonged to the same group as Thysnich. He had always kept his strength well-concealed and had maintained an extremely low profile. As a result, he had not been discovered by Thysnich, even after spending so much time beside him.

Thysnich glared past the other people, before staring toward the depths of the hall. His eyes burned with interest.

A huge sculpture stood in the depths. It was a sculpture of a middle-aged man and it seemed extremely life-like, like a real person. He was filled with charm. Standing there, he seemed completely like a part of the surroundings, without any difference.

Staring at the sculpture, all of them unconsciously felt as if a tremendous pressure had entered their souls. It was like they were prostrating themselves to it.

“Is this the Octoterra Emperor?” Jian Chen struggled to remain calm as he stared at the sculpture.

However, Jian Chen soon remembered the advice from hall elder Hong of the Sea Goddess Hall. He then looked around as he thought, “Elder Hong said that other than the legacy, this divine hall is the most valuable item present. As long as I can find the control center, I can control this divine hall. So where is it?”

“Jian Chen, why isn’t the Emperor Armament here? Where’d it go?” Suddenly, Jian Chen heard Nubis’ mental message.

Jian Chen became slightly stunned. A sliver of light flashed across his eyes and he looked around carefully. He actually found no traces of the Emperor Armament.

“How is it like this? We clearly went through the door broken by the Emperor Armament to get here, so why are there no traces of it?” Jian Chen thought. He felt uneasy.

At this moment, Thysnich spoke, “If I’ve guessed correctly, the Octoterra Emperor’s legacy must be in that sculpture, because that’s the only thing that’s completely intact. But there are seven people here, while only one person can obtain the legacy. Does anyone have any good idea to deal with this problem?”

Everyone’s eyes immediately began to flicker in thought as they heard this. They looked around cautiously to prevent anyone from catching them off guard.

No one was not enticed by the Octoterra Emperor’s legacy. They had all exhausted such great efforts to get here. How could they just give up so easily now?

The hall immediately fell into a deathly silence. The seven of them stood there silently as the atmosphere became suffocating. A slight killing intent gradually permeated the entire hall.

“Allow me to check whether the legacy is in the sculpture at all.” The suffocating atmosphere was finally broken. The old woman pointed out and some Saint King’s power immediately shot out and struck the sculpture forcefully.

No one stopped her. Instead, they all stared intently at the sculpture. They were unsure if the sculpture was left behind by the Octoterra Emperor all those years ago or if it contained the legacy at all. They all wanted to borrow the old woman to test the truth of the sculpture.


The sculpture was more fragile than they had imagined. The power easily shattered the sculpture, causing stones to fly everywhere.

Everyone became disappointed when they saw that. They no longer believed that the sculpture would contain the Octoterra Emperor’s legacy seeing how easily it had been destroyed.

However, an azure light was revealed in that very moment. Where the head of the shattered sculpture was, a hazy azure ball of light floated silently.

Everyone immediately focused their attention on the ball of light. Thysnich even cried out involuntarily, “Is that the legacy?”

Everyone’s faces twitched when they heard Thysnich. Temptation burned in their eyes. Even Jian Chen and Nubis were not exceptions.

This was the legacy of a Saint Emperor. It contained everything the Saint Emperor had learned, including his comprehension of the laws of the world. Reaching Saint Emperor would only be a matter of time for whoever obtained it.

“No.” Suddenly, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed. He stared fixedly at the light and revealed an uneasy expression. His presence was extremely powerful, far greater than Thysnich or the others’. He could actually feel the rippling of a soul within the azure light. It was very weak but extremely energetic.

“The soul is conscious. The azure light is just a seal, preventing the soul’s ripples from spreading outward and being detected.” A sudden thought appeared in Jian Chen’s head, which caused him to pale slightly.

He had suddenly reached an unbelievable conclusion after thinking back to all the weird matters that had occurred in the Octoterra Divine Hall: the Octoterra Emperor was still alive!

With the whistling of wind, Thysnich and the four others shot toward the azure ball of light. They were lightning fast.

Nubis did not hesitate either but just as he wanted to join in, Jian Chen suddenly extended his hand and gripped Nubis’ shoulder. Through a communication technique, he said, “Don’t go. It’s not as simple as it seems.”

Nubis almost had a blind faith in Jian Chen after knowing him for so many years. He immediately suppressed his rashness after what Jian Chen warned him.

Thysnich and the four others arrived before the light in a flash, reaching toward it in unison.

Suddenly, something happened. The azure light disappeared, replaced by a dazzling red light. Before they could react, it shot toward them with unbelievable speed, immediately disappearing into their heads.

“Hahahahaha, I’ve long awaited this day. It won’t be long till I return. Sea Goddess Hall, Serpent God Hall, Heaven’s Spirit Hall, I’ll be wiping you all out soon after I take these bodies.” A wild, savage laughter rang out in the air. 

Both Jian Chen and Nubis became grim when they saw the sudden change in the situation. Their hearts sank in particular because of the wild laughter.

“I- i- is this the voice of the Octoterra Emperor? The Octoterra Emperor is not dead?” Nubis’ voice trembled slightly. In that moment, both of them understood. The Octoterra Divine Hall was actually all a scheme, a scheme for the emperor’s revival.

Jian Chen’s face darkened completely as he said, “I finally understand why the divine hall would suck away the blood from the vicious beasts. It’s all a scheme of the Octoterra Emperor. He only exists as a soul right now and it must have become extremely weak after so many years of slumber. It needs to absorb the vital essence present in the blood of the experts and beasts to heal.”

Nubis’ complexion became extremely ugly as he said hurriedly, “Jian Chen, we can’t stay here anymore. We need to leave.”

Jian Chen shook his head powerlessly. “The Octoterra Divine Hall is actually a trap. That whatever legacy is fake. No wonder we couldn’t find any way out earlier. There’s probably only a way into this divine hall and no way out at all. We can’t leave now.”

The five people all howled out, tossing and turning on the floor as they clutched their heads in agony.

“Hahaha, there’s actually a ruler’s body. I’ll be taking your body,” the savage voice rang out in the hall once again. With a few explosions, the heads of the four others blew open. Their souls had been wiped out, while the red light in their heads all gathered in Thysnich’s head.

The red light was the soul of someone.

“Octoterra Emperor. You’re the Octoterra Emperor. You’re actually not dead!” Thysnich cried out as he resisted the agonizing pain. He had already become completely pale, feeling his soul being devoured part by part by the more powerful soul.

“Octoterra Emperor, don’t you dare devour my soul!” A killing intent shone in Thysnich’s eyes. A terrifying energy rippled within him, filling the entire hall with a devastating aura.

The hall began to tremble violently. In that moment, the entire hall seemed to be shaking gently. The tremendous power from Thysnich seemed to be able to destroy the entire place.

“God dammit. This is an emperor’s power. You actually have an emperor’s power in you,” the soul cried out in terror. He was once an emperor but he had now been reduced to a fragile soul after all. He could deal with Saint Rulers like Thysnich easily but he had no power to fight back against an emperor’s power. Even just a strand was enough to wipe out his soul.

Immediately, the Octoterra Emperor refused to stay in Thysnich’s body for even a moment longer. The soul immediately flew out, shooting toward Jian Chen and Nubis.

The soul was extremely fast, arriving before Jian Chen in the blink of an eye. Before Jian Chen could even react, it had disappeared into his head.

Jian Chen’s expression changed and he instantly paled. His muscles constantly jerked, clearly in great pain.

However, Jian Chen’s soul was much more powerful than Thysnich’s and other people at the same level. Although the Octoterra Emperor’s entry into his head brought on agonizing pain, it was within the range he could endure.

“Jian Chen, Jian Chen, are you alright?” Nubis cried out from beside him. However, Jian Chen could not hear him at all. His consciousness was now within his sea of consciousness with the soul of the Octoterra Emperor.

Jian Chen currently floated mid-air in his sea of consciousness, while a young man who seemed to be in his twenties stood opposite of him. The young man wore blood-red robes while his face was filled with malevolence. Even his pupils and hair were red as if he was dyed in blood.

“You’re not the Octoterra Emperor.” Jian Chen stared intently at the young man. He was extremely stern.

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