Chapter 935: The Empyrean Demon Monarch

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Chapter 935: The Empyrean Demon Monarch

“The Blood Demon Emperor’s soul sure is powerful. His soul’s dissipated in my sea of consciousness, so I should be able to absorb it and strength my own soul,” thought Jian Chen. Without any hesitation, he collected his thoughts and began absorbing the soul.

On the ninth floor of the hall, Jian Chen currently sat on the ground with his legs crossed. His eyes were closed; no one knew exactly what had happened.

Nubis paced about worriedly beside him. He knew that the Blood Demon Emperor’s soul had entered Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness, but he could do nothing about the current situation. All he could do was wait on one side.

“Jian Chen, I really can’t help you this time. You have to survive. Nothing must happen to you,” Nubis prayed inside. Although he had only agreed to follow Jian Chen for ten years after being lured out of the Cross Mountains by a corpse of a clansmen, the relationship between the two of them had unknowingly undergone great changes after so many years. They were no longer bound by profit and had become close friends. 

As a result, Nubis felt extremely worried when Jian Chen faced up against such dangers.

Thysnich slowly stood up from the ground at this moment. When the Blood Demon Emperor had entered his mind earlier, he had devoured a small portion of his soul, causing great injury to Thysnich. He had only recovered just now.

Thysnich stared coldly at Jian Chen as killing intent poured from his eyes without restraint. He said coldly, “Octoterra Emperor, I never thought that you’d still be alive, much less think that this entire divine hall was just a scheme of yours. You wanted to draw us in from the outside so you could choose a talented body to possess.” Thysnich had no idea that it was the Blood Demon Emperor. Even now, he still believed that person who tried to devour his soul was the Octoterra Emperor.

“Octoterra Emperor, the ruler of the Turtle clan’s soul must have been devoured by you already. It’ll still take you some time for you gain full control over the body, so that’ll be the perfect time to kill you.” Thysnich’s face was sunken and his two blades were already in hand.

Nubis immediately blocked him as soon as he saw that Thysnich wanted to attack Jian Chen. He said coldly, “Don’t you dare harm Jian Chen when the great Nubis is here.”

“Piss off, you’re not my opponent. If I wanted to kill you, it would be as simple as squashing an ant.” Thysnich’s eyes were filled with disdain. He did not view Nubis as someone worthy.

How could the prideful Nubis endure such provocation from Thysnich? A tremendous presence immediately began to radiate from him and his gaze turned into a glare at that very moment. Killing intent began to surge without the slightest intention of restraint.

“Thysnich, there has never been a good outcome for those who dare to speak to the great Nubis like that. To me, killing you is a piece of cake. If it weren’t for the fact that someone had deposited that power in you, I really would be looking down on you,” Nubis growled.

“If it were some other time in some other place, I would definitely have a real battle with you and see just what you can do. Too bad it’s not right now. I need to eliminate the ruler of the Turtle clan or I probably won’t be able to leave this place after the Octoterra Emperor achieves full control. Nubis, I originally saved the emperor’s power for fighting over the legacy’s inheritance but now, I have to use it. I’ll completely end the lives of you two with a strand now.” A terrifying and pure power radiated from Thysnich; it floated out slowly, before gathering at his fingertip.

This was an emperor’s power, the power a Saint Emperor deposited within him. At the same time, it was his greatest trump card.

Just a strand of it was enough to heavily wound Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings.

Nubis’ complexion became extremely ugly. He could feel its power; it was certain death if he faced up against it.

Thysnich stared at the power at his fingertip and said, “It should be some type of great honor for you to die from a strand of emperor’s power. Nubis, Octoterra Emperor, I’ll end your lives completely right now.” Killing intent flickered wildly in Thysnich’s eyes and he was about to shoot the power at them.

However, a huge stone slab fell from the ceiling at this very moment, creating a boom as it struck the ground.

Thysnich could not help but slow down due to the sudden occurrence. He looked up subconsciously.

A huge hole was revealed in the ceiling of the hall that had been covered up by the stone. A gentle azure light glowed from within but nothing inside could be seen clearly.

“T- this is the center of the Octoterra Divine Hall. It’s where the control center is!” Thysnich could not help but call out. His face was filled with joy; without any hesitation, he dispersed the power at his fingertip and shot into the hole.

The azure light quickly disappeared after Thysnich had entered, and in a moment it had completely vanished with the hole disappearing as well. The ceiling also perfectly returned to how it was before. All that was left was a large stone slab lying on the ground now.

“I never thought that was actually the center of the divine hall.” Nubis stared at the ceiling in dejection, while envy burned and flickered in his eyes. Unfortunately, Thysnich had the emperor’s power, which was strong enough to even destroy the divine hall. He did not dare to fight over it with him at all.

The ninth floor of the hall became peaceful once again with Thysnich’s disappearance. Only Jian Chen and Nubis were still there.

Currently, Jian Chen devoted all his efforts into absorbing the Blood Demon Emperor’s remaining soul fragments. He placed all his attention on his sea of consciousness, completely unaware of the outside world. He was also unaware of the fact that Thysnich had entered the center of the divine hall. He would gain control over the hall without much time, allowing him to use the power of the divine hall as he wished.

Jian Chen had no impression of time inside his sea of consciousness. All he could feel was that his soul was rapidly becoming stronger, while the residual soul fragments were rapidly growing weaker.

Devouring one’s soul was virtually unheard of. It unheard of on the Tian Yuan Continent, as it basically would not happen in this world. The reason why the Blood Demon Emperor could devour both the Psalmic Emperor and the Octoterra Emperor’s souls was because he had the Empyrean Demon Orb.

Right now, the reason why Jian Chen could devour the Blood Demon Emperor’s soul was because he had entered Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness by himself. The collapsed soul would disperse into the surroundings with the death of its owner, but as it was in a different environment—Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness, it was able to survive and linger. This was the reason why Jian Chen could absorb the soul.

Jian Chen would not have been able to do this if it had occurred outside.

The soul contained fragments of memories and some comprehensions of the mysteries of the world, so when Jian Chen absorbed the soul, he took these for himself. This allowed his comprehension of the laws of the world to skyrocket.

Even though they were only incomplete fragments, they still came from the Blood Demon Emperor. Jian Chen benefited greatly from this, allowing his comprehension to shoot up to the level of a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler’s from the First Heavenly Layer where he had stagnated. He caught up with the second layer of the Chaotic Body.

Time passed silently. Jian Chen finally absorbed all of the Blood Demon Emperor’s soul after some time, allowing his own soul to strengthen quickly.

The only pity he felt was that he did not see any memories from the Psalmic Emperor or the Octoterra Emperor from the fragments of souls. It was as if the Blood Demon Emperor did not learn anything about their memories at all when he had devoured them in the first place.

Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness had stopped churning long ago. Only the Empyrean Demon Orb floated in there as it shone with a demonic red light.

Jian Chen gathered his attention on the orb. The Empyrean Demon Orb clearly originated from the same era as the Azulet sword spirits. Jian Chen was extremely curious about its exact details.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, so what is this Empyrean Demon Orb?” Jian Chen asked the sword spirits. Right now, only the sword spirits could provide him with information regarding it, as even the Blood Emperor Demon had no idea about its true origins. All he knew was its name, and the fact that it was a special, wondrous item.

The sword spirits seemed to hesitate slightly before replying to Jian Chen’s question. “Master, the Empyrean Demon Orb was a famed treasure of the Empyrean Demon Monarch in the past. It was forged from her essence blood, and it’s quite a powerful demon artifact.”

“So who’s this Empyrean Demon Monarch? Is she powerful? Why did her treasure end up here?” Jian Chen asked.

“The Empyrean Demon Monarch was a Demon Monarch of the Demon realm. Not only was she the greatest demoness, she was extremely powerful and stood at the peak of Demon Monarch, only an inch away from Demon Emperor. The Empyrean Demon Arts she created was extraordinary in power as well and was considered one of the high-level cultivation methods in the Demon realm at that time. The Soul Devouring Force cultivation method was infamous, able to kill on contact. It was extremely terrifying.

“This Soul Devouring Force is similar to the Qi of slaughter and the Baleful Yin Force master knows. These two powers are all derived from the Soul Devouring Force, and are much, much weaker when compared to it.”

“Just that afterward, a great battle occurred where we were. It was extremely intense, leading to the deaths of countless experts in the void. The Empyrean Demon Monarch also perished in that battle. We too find it extremely odd that her Empyrean Demon Orb would appear here.”

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