Chapter 936: Trapped in the Divine Hall

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Chapter 936: Trapped in the Divine Hall

“The Empyrean Demon Orb may be quite a powerful demon artifact but it’s extremely special, completely different from other artifacts. Once it takes a master, it will fuse with their soul, just like with the Blood Demon Emperor.”

“But he was only able to obtain the cultivation method of the Empyrean Demon Monarch after fusing with the orb and was unable to use it. Otherwise, he definitely would not have ended up like that,” Zi Ying explained to Jian Chen.

“Looks like the Empyrean Demon Orb is much more powerful than the saint artifact,” murmured Jian Chen. Right now, his greatest artifact was the saint artifact, so he could not help but compare it to that. 

“Master, the true power of the Empyrean Demon Orb is unimaginable. You can’t compare it to the saint artifact. In the past, just a single strand of Soul Devouring Force from the orb would be enough to turn the saint artifact into nothingness.” Qing Suo’s voice rang out.

Jian Chen’s heart shivered when he heard that, shocked by the power of the orb. The saint artifact was so powerful that even Saint Emperors struggled to break it yet just a single strand of Soul Devouring Force from the Empyrean Demon Orb would be enough to reduce the saint artifact to nothing. Didn’t that mean a single strand was enough to easily kill off a Saint Emperor?

“But unfortunately, the Empyrean Demon Orb is extremely weak right now. It must have been greatly damaged from the battle last time.” Zi Ying’s voice rang out again, this time filled with pity.

At this moment, the Empyrean Demon Orb began to glow slightly and Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness tremored slightly as well. At the same time, Jian Chen seemed to feel a connection between his spirit and the Empyrean Demon Orb.

“This Empyrean Demon Orb wants to take you as its master. Hmph, you overestimate yourself.” Zi Ying’s voice was filled with anger and deep disdain that he struggled to conceal. With a flash of purple light, he immediately disrupted the process of Jian Chen becoming the orb’s master.

The red light on the Empyrean Demon Orb flickered frantically. It seemed to feel wronged, as if it was a bullied little girl. It was currently crying by itself.

“The Empyrean Demon Orb wants to take me as its master? Doesn’t that mean that I can obtain the Empyrean Demon Arts once cultivated by the Empyrean Demon Monarch?” Jian Chen asked out of curiosity.

“Master, the Empyrean Demon Monarch’s Empyrean Demon Arts is indeed a great cultivation method but it can’t compare to Chaotic Force. This is because the Chaotic Body is a supreme cultivation method that has completely surpassed it. Master has no need to tamper with it, as it will only affect your future accomplishments,” explained Zi Ying. However, he did keep one fact from Jian Chen; no one had ever been able to reach the utmost peak of the Chaotic Body in all of time.

“Master, Zi Ying is right. Even if you cultivate the Empyrean Demon Arts to its highest level, you’ll only be able to reach the Empyrean Demon Monarch’s former level of cultivation, who had even struggled to break through to Demon Emperor. If master cultivates the Chaotic Body to the utmost extreme, master will probably reach the levels of Grand Exalt. You’ll be able to crush experts like the Empyrean Demon Monarch with your fingers.” Qing Suo’s pleasant voice rang out. It was like music played by an immortal.

Jian Chen understood now. The Empyrean Demon Arts created by the Empyrean Demon Monarch was a high-level cultivation method, but it was nowhere near the Chaotic Body in terms of quality. It could not be compared to the Chaotic Body. If he used this method of cultivation, it was extremely likely that his future accomplishments would end up being limited instead, preventing him from standing at the very apex in the end.

“Then I won’t cultivate the Empyrean Demon Arts if that’s the case and focus on the Chaotic Body.” Jian Chen immediately gave up on the idea of cultivating the Empyrean Demon Arts.

“Empyrean Demon Orb, this is not a place where you can stay. You should leave.” Afterward, Zi Ying invited the Empyrean Demon Orb to leave, before chasing it out of Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness.

The Empyrean Demon Orb seemed to suffer greatly, constantly flickering with red light as it made its way out. It seemed to be crying silently as it was forced out of Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness.

Although the Empyrean Demon Orb was quite a powerful artifact, it was extremely weak just like the sword spirits. Only those who cultivated the Empyrean Demon Arts could use it, so it was of no use to Jian Chen who did not plan to cultivate the arts.

Jian Chen’s consciousness returned to his body. When he slowly opened his eyes, he immediately noticed the orb that shone with a demonic light as it floated before him.

“Are you Jian Chen or the Octoterra Emperor?” A voice sounded from nearby. Nubis stood twenty meters away cautiously, staring at Jian Chen with a glare. His face was filled with anxiety and worry.

Right now, Nubis was unable to tell whether Jian Chen had been possessed by the Octoterra Emperor or not.

Jian Chen could not help but smile when he saw how Nubis acted. He said, “Nubis, I’m still me. Not only did the Blood Demon Emperor fail to take my body, I even ended him.”

“Jian Chen, is it really you?” Nubis immediately became excited. He had already known Jian Chen for quite some time, so he was extremely familiar with him. He was able to confirm that he had not been possessed just from the way that Jian Chen spoke and behaved.

But soon afterward, Nubis became stunned, “What did you say? That soul that wanted to possess you was the Blood Demon Emperor? Not the Octoterra Emperor?”

Jian Chen shook his head gently and narrated everything that had happened between him and the Blood Demon Emperor to Nubis. Nubis could not help but gulp and sigh in disbelief when he heard that the Psalmic Emperor and the Octoterra Emperor had both been devoured by the Blood Demon Emperor.

Suddenly, Jian Chen seemed to think of something. He looked around and said, “Where’s Thysnich? Where’d he go?”

Nubis immediately became stern. “Jian Chen, Thysnich has already entered the control center of the hall. He’s currently taking control, so I believe he’ll become the owner of the hall without much longer. We need to stop him.”

Jian Chen’s expression changed when he heard that, before suddenly looking at the ceiling. His face immediately sunk.

He had learned a little about the divine hall from the memory fragments of the Blood Demon Emperor as well. The most important piece of information was where the control center was located and it just happened to be in the ceiling.

“The control center is sealed up,” Jian Chen said with a deep voice.

“Jian Chen, did you learn how to open the control center from the memories of the Blood Demon Emperor?” Nubis asked hopefully. He had already learned from Jian Chen that there was no path out of the Octoterra Divine Hall. The only way out would be taking control of the divine hall and sending people out using its power.

Jian Chen shook his head. All he knew was where the control center was located. He had no idea how to open it.

“Then we can only break through this entrance.” Battle intent surged in Nubis’ eyes and a terrifying aura began to radiate from him. He had completely unleashed his might as a magical beast that was only an inch from Class 8.

“Let’s try it.” A sliver of determination appeared in Jian Chen’s eyes. He had no other choice now that the situation was like this. Although he had devoured a part of the Blood Demon Emperor’s soul, that did not give him control over the divine hall. He needed to control the center of the hall to control of the divine hall. There was no other way than that.

The center was crucial for the control over the divine hall.

With his King Armament in hand, Jian Chen poured Chaotic Force into it, causing it to shine with a dark light. Its devastating aura was terrifying.

Although the current Chaotic Force was not the true Chaotic Force, it was no different in behavior.

A sharp howl rang out from Jian Chen’s side. Nubis had already disappeared, now replaced by a snake that was thirty meters long. It was awe-inspiring, filled with nobility and pride.

Nubis had already turned back to his true form, currently charging up his most powerful secret technique. Blinding gold and silver lights shone from him and as he opened his mouth, a huge ball of liquid venom was immediately spat out, striking the ceiling of the hall with lightning speed.

The venom of the Silver Striped Gold Snake was supreme. It was the third greatest on the Tian Yuan Continent, while the venom he had just spat out was from one of his secret techniques. Its potency had reached a shocking level.

Nubis’ venom seemed to be able to eat through everything. As soon as it came into contact with the ceiling, signs of corrosion immediately began to appear on the ceiling which even Saint Kings struggled to break, it was eaten away at a visible rate. However, all it managed to do was corrode away the outermost layer, before being stopped by the structure that was filled with the divine hall’s power. It stopped there.

Two arm-thick streams of lights, one silver and one golden, shot out from his mouth and struck the ceiling heavily. It produced a great boom.

This attack was in no way weaker than the full-powered strike of a Third Heavenly Layer Saint King.

At the same time, Jian Chen struck out with all his might. He rose up and his King Armament viciously stabbed at the same area targeted by Nubis.


Wild ripples of energy knocked Jian Chen back and forced him back to the ground. However, the entrance to the hall’s center remained fine; other than the outer layer eaten away by Nubis’ poison, there was not even a mark.

“The entrance is as tough as the divine hall. We can’t break through it with our current strength,” Jian Chen said with a sunken face. His complexion was extremely ugly. Once Thysnich gained control over the divine hall, they would no longer have any ability to fight him. All they could do then was hide in the saint artifact.

Jian Chen had learned from the Blood Demon Emperor’s memories that control over the hall meant control over its power. The hall’s power could not be used to injure people outside, but it could be used however the person in control wished inside.

Thysnich completely had the power to use it against them.

The hall’s supreme power was equivalent to the emperor’s power in Thysnich.

“Only Saint Emperors can break through this divine hall. Does that mean that only a Saint Emperor’s power can break through this entrance as well? If that’s the case, all we can do is watch helplessly as Thysnich gains control.” Nubis’ face was filled with regret.

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