Chapter 939: Battle of Flame City (Three)

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Chapter 939: Battle of Flame City (Three)

In order to take Flame City in one stroke, Bi Jian had made ample preparations. First, he persuaded the other protector clans through his father’s connection with a grand elder of the Yiyuan sect and gained their support. Afterward, he personally went around on the continent, persuading more than twenty peak-level mercenary groups. Each and every one of them was equivalent to hermit clans, with thousands of years of history. They all had a long history and great power; not only would they have Saint Rulers, they all had at least ten thousand members as well.

This was how the current group had been formed. All the mercenary groups had arrived through Space Gates set up by Bi Jian’s father and the grand elder of the Yiyuan sect. There were several million present and each person was an elite, possessing formidable strength in battle. They outnumbered the Flame Mercenaries by several folds.

As there were numerous experts gathered in Flame City right now, the Flame Mercenaries did not realize their arrival due to the mixing and mingling of auras in the city. Only when they were ten kilometers from the city did the guards stationed on the walls realize their arrival. The guards immediately alerted their superior in charge of the city walls.

The superior was a Heaven Saint Master. He arrived at the walls completely clad in tungsten alloy armor as he focused his attention on the large group of people that slowly drew closer.

“Hmph, so many people have come. Looking at how they’re organized, they are clearly coming with ill intentions.  It’s bad news. Do they want to take our Flame City? Don’t they know that we have powerful clans supporting us?” The captain on the city walls sneered as scorn filled his eyes. He then turned to someone to his side. “Andrath, stay here and guard the place. I’ll go contact the vice city lord.”

“Yes sir!”

The captain quickly made his way to the central palace of Flame City and reported to You Yue.

Bi Jian’s huge group was already five kilometers from the city when You Yue received the news. All the experts in Flame City finally sensed them since they were at such a close range and many people revealed uneasy expressions.

In this current day, there was no one on the entire continent who did not know that the Flame Mercenaries possessed the support of the Changyang protector clan and Mercenary City. Was there any group or organization that dared to provoke the well-supported Flame Mercenaries anymore? If that was the case, then the Flame Mercenaries would not have been able to control the tungsten alloy mine for so long. It would have been divided up between hermit and ancient clans long ago.

You Yue immediately became grim when she learned that people were attacking. An ill omen had lingered in her heart since long ago. She knew that the official establishment of the city would not be as peaceful as they wanted it to be. At the same time, she knew even better that the people who dared to mess with them right now were definitely remarkable. This was because they came to mess with their city at this moment in time, when plenty of big wigs of the continent had gathered. They definitely would be in possession of a perfect plan.

You Yue treated this with utmost importance; she was unwilling to be careless even in the slightest. She immediately contacted the experts of the mercenaries, before rushing to the city walls with Changyang Zu Yunkong, Bi Hai, and Jiede Tai.

The huge group of invaders stopped quietly five kilometers away from the city. If someone looked down from the city walls, they would see a huge black mass of people that radiated with a towering presence.

Bi Jian and his twenty-odd Saint Rulers from the various mercenary groups currently sat on Class 5 Magical Beasts at the very front. Although the city gates were wide open, they did not hurry to attack.

They needed to deal with all the experts gathered in Flame City first before they could attack, isolating them and preventing them from gaining support.

If the Flame Mercenaries did not have support from the hermit and the ancient clans, they would not be able to repel Bi Jian’s group with their own strength.

You Yue stood expressionlessly on the city walls. Her brows were deeply furrowed, while she was extremely grim. She knew that her ill premonition had finally arrived.

Changyang Zu Yunkong, Bi Hai, and Jiede Tai stood beside You Yue; they all glared at the black mass of people below.

“Name yourselves! Why have so many of you gathered outside the city when we are holding the ribbon-cutting ceremony!? Explain yourselves!” Bi Hai bellowed. His loud voice exploded through the sky like a clap of thunder, reverberating through a radius of several dozen kilometers.

“Hahahahaha, you can call us the Extinguishing Alliance! You must know already why so many of us have gathered here today. Without long, the first city made from tungsten alloy on the continent will belong to the Extinguishing Alliance!” Bi Jian laughed aloud as a certain madness appeared in his eyes.

“Hmph, don’t you dare try and take our Flame City!” You Yue’s enchanting face was now furious. Flame City was a task Jian Chen had handed over to her before he left, so it belonged to Jian Chen. Now that it had just been constructed after countless years and difficulties, how could she let the city be taken away?

Bi Jian stared coldly at You Yue as he smiled evilly. “You must be that Gelan Princess You Yue of some Gesun Kingdom, Jian Chen’s fiancee in-name. Hmph, Jian Chen sure is fortunate to have stolen the heart of such a pretty girl. But it’s a pity, from today onward, his fiancee will belong to me. He stole something from me and brought pain and humiliation to me, prince Bi Jian. I will return this pain and shame to him by a thousand folds.”

Bi Jian’s voice was filled with malice and it echoed through the entire city due to its loudness. Everyone naturally heard his insult to You Yue.

The city immediately fell into an uproar. All the people in the city, whether they had come as guests or were members of the Flame Mercenaries, put down the matters at hand and rushed to the city walls. Some people who were more powerful even flew there instead.

Bang! In the palace, Ming Dong smashed the stone table in the pavilion where he sat. He said furiously, “Which bastard dares to insult my brother’s fiancee? I definitely will not be letting this slide.”

“Let’s go check out who insulted my sister-in-law. I will definitely rip them into pieces.” Tie Ta also stood up, angry as well.

“Now that Jian Chen is not here, we can’t just watch his fiancee be insulted by other people. Let’s go and teach that person a lesson,” Wang Yufeng said furiously. He immediately placed his hand in his mouth to whistle, and a five-meter-wide magical beast flew over, stopping right in front of him.

“Xiao Fei, let’s fly in the direction of the city walls. There are some people provoking us. We gotta show them what we’re made of.” Wang Yifeng immediately leaped onto the magical beast’s back and it took to the sky, making way directly for the city walls.

Ming Dong and the other also made way to the city walls afterward.

“Grandpa Jun, grandma Wang, the Flame Mercenaries seemed to have encountered some troubles. I really do wonder who’s brave enough to come at the Flame Mercenaries at this very moment.” A girl spoke with a spirited voice as she rested in the palace. Her voice was very pleasant and possessed a numbing feeling, filled with allure. Those who were mentally-weak would even become absolutely entranced by it. 

This lady was Tianmu Ling from the ancient Tianmu clan.

“Everyone knows that the Flame Mercenaries have a solid backing on the Tian Yuan Continent. If that person is not stupid, he definitely would have made plentiful preparations to come at this precise moment. They won’t be fearing the Flame Mercenaries’ backing at all. Maybe this is more complicated than it seems. Let’s go and have a look,” said grandpa Jun. The three of them made their way to the city walls.

The crowd within the city surged as everyone rushed in the direction of the city walls. The streets were filled with people, and even the skies possessed many Heaven Saint Masters and Saint Rulers.

Almost all of them were guests that had come to participate in the formal establishment of the city.

As countless people descended on the city walls, it became filled with people in the blink of an eye. All of them stood on top with various attires.

Ming Dong and the others gathered around You Yue as they all observed the huge army sternly. They asked, “Who are they? What do they want to do?”

You Yue had already become pale-white from anger. “They claim to be the Extinguishing Alliance, and they want to take our Flame City.” Her voice was filled with unconcealable anger.

“The Extinguishing alliance, as the name suggests, aren’t they just an alliance that wants to wipe us out? Hmph, they sure are brave to openly announce that they are against us.” Ming Dong’s face darkened greatly.

“The people they brought are so powerful. I can’t see through the twenty-odd people at the front at all. Are they Saint Rulers?” Little Fatty growled.

Tie Ta’s eyes lit up when he heard that. He immediately began to itch, eager to try them as battle intent burnt in his eyes. He said with a soft, deep voice, “Saint Rulers? I’d like to see just how powerful they are.”

“They’ve clearly come with preparations. We can’t be careless.” Bi Hai was grim while his eyebrows furrowed.

Changyang Zu Yunkong’s eyes were cold as he glared at them. He growled, “Flame City belongs to my grandson. Hmph, objects of the Changyang clan aren’t things that any random person can show up and just take.”

Seeing how the various representatives of large forces on the continent had gathered on the city walls, Bi Jian could not help but sneer even more. He clasped his hands at them. “Everyone, you are members of large, famed organizations of the Tian Yuan Continent. Today, you shall all be witnesses as I, Bi Jian, show you how the Extinguishing Alliance will take the first city on the continent to be made entirely of tungsten alloy. Now, please sit and watch on one side. After this has all been completed, Flame City will become Extinguished City. At that time, the ribbon-cutting ceremony will progress as planned, establishing Extinguished City as a place equal to the seven capitals of the continent.”

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