Chapter 940: Battle of Flame City (Four)

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Chapter 940: Battle of Flame City (Four)

“Prince Bi Jian—there seems to be a prince from the Felicity Empire called Bi Jian…”

“Is he perhaps one of the nine princes from the Felicity Empire of the three great empires…”

“Even if that’s the case, the three great empires are only as great as ancient clans. How can they contend with the Flame Mercenaries that have the support of a protector clan and Mercenary City…”

“Bi Jian will be getting more than he bargained for this time. He’s bound to come all gloriously and leave in a wreck. If the Flame Mercenaries really were so easy to take down, they would have been ripped into pieces by those ancient clans long ago…”

“This Bi Jian is one of the nine princes of the Felicity Empire. With his background, it’s impossible that he doesn’t know who’s supporting the Flame Mercenaries. But he just still happens to be daring enough. Just what assures him so much…”

Many people broke into discussions, constantly projecting their guesses and expressing their ideas. However, even more people just stood there, as if they were about to watch something good. They did not plan on taking part in this, only waiting to see the final outcome.

Bi Jian’s impudent words immediately made You Yue and the others reveal extremely ugly expressions. Changyang Zu Yunkong rose up in the air and stopped a hundred meters above the walls. He radiated with a vast presence, which caused the wind and clouds to churn.

“Just you is far from enough to take Flame City. I wonder how many Saint Kings you have brought?” Changyang Zu Yunkong roared. His voice boomed through the surroundings, and the aura from him in particular surged.

Although Changyang Zu Yunkong remained at the First Heavenly Layer of Saint King, his current presence had actually made many Saint Rulers that were far beyond his level involuntarily view him with increased respect. Even the few Saint Kings hidden in the group could not help but look toward him in curiosity as they broke into murmuring.

Bi Jian stared at Changyang Zu Yunkong and a cold light flashed through his eyes. He said coldly, “Who is sire? Name yourself.”

“I am Changyang Zu Yunkong!” Changyang Zu Yunkong said as he normally would.

“What! He’s actually Changyang Zu Yunkong. Is he a member of the protector Changyang clan?”

“It’s rumored that the protector Changyang clan is split into three branches of Zu, Yuan, and Qing. Is he perhaps a member of the Zu branch?”

“He’s actually a member of the ten protector clans. I never thought that there would be people from the protector clans present in the city.”

“With a member of the protector clans present, Bi Jian’s gonna be returning in a horrible shape this time.”

The revelation of Changyang Zu Yunkong’s identity in public immediately led to an uproar. The ten protector clans were existences that always only existed within legends of the Tian Yuan Continent, because they were the most powerful clans on the continent. They had existed since the ancient times and possessed a lengthy history that was hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years long. No one knew exactly how deep their roots were. 

Traces of them would rarely be found even over centuries of millenniums, and even if they did appear, they would not just reveal themselves to the world. They would not let the world know that they existed. Only a few hermit clans and ancient clans with several thousands of years of history knew about them. But, without any exceptions, all the clans that knew of their existence possessed a type of admiration for them from the bottom of their hearts.

This was because the protector clans always took up the important role as the guardians of Tian Yuan Continent. They never interfered with any conflict on the continent, but silently protected the continent’s peace. Repelling the invasion of the Beast God Continent and other foreign races were an example of this. This was why they were so respected and possessed a supreme status among those clans.

This time, the matters of the Winged Tiger God led to the invasion of the Beast God Continent, forcing the protector clans out into the eyes of the public out of some many years. This was why the news of the protector clans had already spread throughout the continent. Everyone knew about them now.

Changyang Zu Yunkong’s statement of identity immediately attracted the attention of everyone. Vast changes in everyone’s gazes toward him occurred, some becoming filled with respect, some with envy, and so on.

Bi Jian looked toward Changyang Zu Yunkong and a cold sneer formed on his face, “Since there are members of the protector clans present, it’ll be even easier. I shall show you all something, as well as ask the person from the protector clan to explain whether this is true or not.” Bi Jian raised a medallion and immediately poured a strand of Saint Force into it.

The medallion immediately shone with a blinding light and an invisible intent began to ripple outward quickly with Bi Jian as the epicenter. It covered a distance of a thousand kilometers, before gradually disappearing.

For that period of time, all the Saint Rulers closed their eyes, including Changyang Zu Yunkong.

The ripple from the medallion was a type of message. It was forged using a special secret technique from the ten protector clans. As long as someone was a Saint Ruler, they would be able to receive it clearly.

The Saint Rulers standing with Bi Jian naturally received the message as well, and they all revealed happy smiles. In that moment, any residual fear for Flame City had completely disappeared from their hearts.

“Impossible. Why would it be like this?” Changyang Zu Yunkong slowly opened his eyes. His face was not very great.

Bi Hai, Jiede Taim and the other Saint Rulers who had come to participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the city all opened their eyes as well. All of their expressions changed, no longer able to maintain their previous manner.

Jiede Tai and Bi Hai both became extremely ugly; their faces darkening greatly. Bi Hai was affected in particular. His old eyes now filled with fury and an unwillingness to give in that he struggled to suppress.

Only Saint Rulers could receive the message from the ripple so Ming Dong, You Yue, and the others had no idea what had happened.

“Grandpa Bi Hai, what has happened?” You Yue asked nervously. The ill omen in her heart became heavier and heavier as she saw everyone’s expressions.

“The ten protector clans want to wipe out our Flame City,” Bi Hai said gruffly.

“What! The ten protector clans want to wipe out our Flame City? Why?” You Yue’s expression changed and immediately began to pale.

“The city lord of Flame City is a member of the ten clans, and there’s an agreement between the protector clans that they don’t interfere with the matters of the Tian Yuan Continent. Flame City’s existence already breaks this agreement, so they want the city to disappear. At the same time, they’ve warned and prohibited all other clans and organizations from assisting Flame City in repelling any attacks,” Bi Hai said.

“What! How did it end up like this?” You Yue’s face paled, now without any traces of blood. She just could not accept this.

The ten protector clans were the oldest and most powerful organizations on the continent. If they wanted someone to disappear, it would be unavoidable even if it was an ancient clan that possessed Saint Kings, let alone the Flame Mercenaries who were much weaker than ancient clans.

The only reason why the Flame Mercenaries could maintain their possession of the tungsten alloy mine was purely because they had the deterrence from the protector Changyang clan and Mercenary City. If they lost the support of these two powers, it would have been impossible for the mercenaries to maintain possession of the alloy for so long.

“Sigh, never would I think that something like this would happen. The ten protector clans have spoken out personally. No one dares to help the Flame Mercenaries anymore.” Tianmu Ling’s grandfather Jun sighed deeply. He was filled with helplessness, before slowly leaving as he tugged Tianmu Ling along. He expressed that they would not be participating in this.

Tianmu Ling became torn between emotions, silently standing beside her grandfather Jun. She knew that no one would be able to help the Flame Mercenaries this time around, or they would be challenging the dignity of the ten protector clans. The outcome would be unimaginable.

There had never been a person or organization who was brave enough to challenge the dignity of the ten protector clans in all of history.

Afterward, all the experts who had come to participate in the city’s establishment backed away, deciding to not interfere with this matter. In the blink of an eye, only You Yue’s group remained standing at the front, now isolated from the others. The only other person who did not move was the ancestor of the Huang family. Huang Batian. However, uncertainty flickered through his eyes, clearly torn in a dilemma. 

Bi Jian knew that it was time when he saw the situation of the walls. He swung his hand and yelled, “Attack, take down this valuable city!”

“Brothers, let’s go…”

“Everyone attack…”

“Charge, for the city…”

“This city will belong to us in the future. Charge, my brothers…”

“I swear to protect Flame City with my life. I swear on my life to protect our family…”

“I swear to protect my family. I will never let it fall into the hands of others…”

“Flame City is the glory of us Flame Mercenaries. It cannot be taken by others. Kill…”

The skies were filled with war cries as the millions of people charged at Flame City like a tide. None of them were weak, so the tall walls could not obstruct them at all. Several Earth Saint Masters leaped up the walls as a great battle erupted with the Flame Mercenaries.

Although there were over a hundred Magical Crystal Canons installed on the walls, no one had thought they would be attacked when they were holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony. As a result, no monster cores had been prepared for them so they were now all just useless pieces of decoration.

Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, Little Fatty, Wang Yifeng, Tie Ta, and the other experts of the Flame Mercenaries all took part in the battle as well. They all swung their Saint Weapons, constantly killing off opponents from the alliance. In the blink of an eye, they all become dyed in blood.

You Yue and Bi Lian stood together as they stared at the surroundings with pale faces. They never thought that such a drastic change would occur on the very day the city would be established.

This was originally a day of celebration for the Flame Mercenaries, something that they could get excited and joyful about. But in the end, it had descended into this scene of war and bloodshed.

The ground, originally red with fireworks, had been replaced by blood, while the sounds of laughter and happiness were replaced with miserable howls. You Yue and Bi Lian struggled to accept it as the tragedy unfolded before them.

Bi Hai, Jiede Tai, and Changyang Zu Yunkong’s expressions darkened as they stood beside the two girls, gazing over the twenty Saint Rulers that had yet to move.

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