Chapter 942: Protector Shui Sighs

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Chapter 942: Protector Shui Sighs

Tie Ta’s huge ax cut through the sky as it shone with faint golden light, colliding with the Saint Ruler’s machete.


The ax and machete collided violently and a wild ripple of residual energy expanded from their clashing point. It quickly reached the surroundings, knocking everyone in a radius of a thousand meters into the air. Only Heaven Saint Masters could remain where they were.

Heavy pieces of soil were lifted up into the air of the region, kicking dust into the air and enveloping the entire battlefield.

Tie Ta’s body flickered with golden light as the violent energy struck his body. He actually remained unmoving like a mountain.

Tie Ta maintained control over his ax as it crushed heavily down toward the Saint Ruler’s head.

The Saint Ruler had used his Saint Weapon to block Tie Ta’s ax but the lower half of his body had already sunken into the ground. He could only be seen from waist up, and he was rather pale. However, shock and disbelief were even more evident from him.

Tie Ta forcefully went up against a Saint Ruler as a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master. They were matched and Tie Ta even seemed to have the upper hand.

The other Saint Rulers from the Extinguishing Alliance who had yet to participate in the battle discovered this. They all became astounded.

“He’s clearly just a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, yet he can forcefully take on a strike from a Saint Ruler. Who is this person? His battle prowess is terrifying,” growled a middle-aged man. His voice was filled with deep shock.

“Liu Zheng is already a Third Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. Even First Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers can’t take on a strike like that without suffering injury. Who is he? He’s clearly a Heaven Saint Master, yet he’s so terrifying.”

“And that person seems to be immune to Liu Zheng’s frozen space. That’s unbelievable. How does he do it?”

“Perhaps he has some powerful ancient secret technique?”


The Saint Rulers all stated their thoughts. All of them found it quite unreal that Tie Ta could fight on equal grounds with a Third Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler as a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master.

All those below Saint Ruler were ants. This was a saying that had persisted on the continent even until now and it had always held true. Yet today, they had seen someone prove it wrong.

This was an impossible miracle in their eyes.

Ming Dong and the others naturally saw this as well. With their mouths agape, they stared in complete disbelief. They knew that Tie Ta was powerful, but they had never even thought that he would be so strong, able to stand his ground against a Saint Ruler.

Many experts from hermit and ancient clans who watched from afar also discovered Tie Ta’s extraordinaire. They all focused their attention on him as uneasiness flickered through their eyes.

“Tie Ta, good on you. Kill viciously, kill off all the invader’s of our homeland,” Wang Yifeng cried out from afar. He was filled with excitement.

With that, Tie Ta immediately thought of why all these people had come here. Anger immediately flushed his face and with a bellow, an extremely tremendous energy immediately began to pour from his body. It powered up his arms and passed through the ax, pushing Liu Zheng’s body down by another thirty centimeters. Only his upper body was visible now.

Liu Zheng immediately became filled with burning fury as he realized that he had actually been forced into such a horrible position by an ant-like Heaven Saint Master. His dignity as a Saint Ruler had been trampled on and to him, this was an uncleanable embarrassment. He would be too ashamed to see anyone in the future.

This was because something so exaggerated had never occurred on the continent before. A Saint Ruler had actually been beaten into the ground by a Heaven Saint Master. After the battle, his name would spread across the continent, but it would not bring any glory or status, only jeering and mockery.

Liu Zheng became even angrier as he thought about it, before he roared out involuntarily. Surging Saint Force poured into his body as he utilized every inch of his strength into blocking Tie Ta’s ax. His body immediately shot up from the ground, leaving behind a hole that was around a meter deep.

“Kiddo, I’ll tear you to shreds!” Liu Zheng bellowed furiously. The machete in his hand chopped toward Tie Ta’s head as it burned with flames that were coated in dense World Force.

This time, Liu Zheng used everything he had. All his strength as a Third Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler had been displayed; he had held nothing back.

Tie Ta felt no fear. With his two hands gripping his ax, he chopped out once again toward Liu Zheng.

The ax and blade clashed, producing an explosive boom. Wild ripples of energy knocked both of them backward.

Suddenly, an extremely powerful battle intent filled the surroundings. The battle intent seemed to be able to invade people’s blood and possess them, unknowingly affecting everyone. The battle between the Flame Mercenaries and the Extinguishing Alliance became even more intense as they were influenced by this battle intent. Both sides seemed to completely throw themselves into the battle, forgetting pain and forgetting themselves. All that was left in their heads was to fight! To fight! To fight!

All the experts who watched on from afar became surprised. They could naturally feel the battle intent that flooded the battlefield and they all glanced toward Tie Ta. This was because they could all sense extremely clearly that this battle intent originated from him.

In this moment, Tie Ta hovered three meters in the air as he radiated with battle intent. With his stalwart body, he seemed like an ancient war god.

He slowly raised the giant ax in his hand as the golden light on it became more and more intense. In the blink of an eye, a gigantic blurry golden ax materialized above his head, before chopping wildly toward Liu Zheng.

All the battle intent in the surroundings seemed to gather together at an unbelievable speed while the blurry ax swung down, making it less blurry and more concentrated.

Whoosh! The image of the ax swung down extremely quickly with a flash of golden light. It arrived above Liu Zheng’s head, before slicing through his head.

Liu Zheng stood there unmoving. A finger-wide crack appeared on the ground between his feet. It was perfectly straight and several thousand meters in length.

Tie Ta slowly closed his eyes after the strike. Not only did the golden light on his body show no sign of receding, it instead became more intense and much purer than before. Far denser battle intent began to radiate from him once again, directly surging toward the sky.

A few strands of hair fell from Liu Zheng’s head. Soon afterward, an extremely thin red line appeared on his forehead. It constantly grew longer, reaching his eyebrows and then his neck in the blink of an eye, before disappearing into his clothes.

This was the blood from Liu Zheng’s body.

A golden light seemed to shine from the blood, growing brighter and brighter. It produced a bang in the end and Liu Zheng’s body split in half. His soul was gone as well.

And this was how a Third Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler fell, slain by a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master.

All the spectators watched in stupefaction from afar as their hearts began to churn. They were unable to remain composed. Even though everything had unfolded before their eyes, they still refused to believe or accept it.

To their knowledge, those below Saint Ruler were ants. This was an unchangeable truth. Before Saint Rulers, Heaven Saint Masters did not even possess the ability to wound them because Saint Rulers had comprehended the mysteries of space. All they needed to do was freeze the surrounding space and the Heaven Saint Master would be immobilized, essentially becoming a sitting duck.

Yet in this moment, they had personally witnessed a Third Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler cleanly and miserably slain by a Heaven Saint Master. All of them felt deeply shocked.

Tie Ta hovered in the air with his ax as the battle intent constantly increased around him. The golden light on his body became more and more intense as well.

This time, even a few Saint Rulers struggled to remain in control. They could feel their blood surge, circulating several folds faster than its normal rate. A powerful desire for battle quickly skyrocketed in their hearts for some reason, making them all wish for a fulfilling battle right now.

“Unbelievable. The battle intent from him can influence us unknowingly. What is this weird art? It’s so terrifying,” a Saint Ruler called out. His voice was filled with fear.

The other Saint Rulers all revealed shocked gazes as well while they stared fixedly at Tie Ta. They wanted to see exactly what Tie Ta was doing.

At the same time, a grand divine hall stood in a world of snow and ice at the arctic.

A person completely clad in silver-white armor currently sat in a secret room, revealing only her closed eyes.

Suddenly, her eyes opened slowly and she gazed in the direction of the Tian Yuan Continent. She sighed and said, “The bloodline of the warring gods has finally awakened. I just wonder how great his bloodline is, whether he can become a Grand Prime or not.”

“The bloodline of the warring gods had awakened in something several tens of thousand years ago, but it was a pity that I couldn’t interfere with it. He died here in the end. How pitiful, how grievous.”

“In that battle all those years ago, the Grand Prime of the warring gods was slain by the Grand Exalt of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens using the divine Azulet swords. Yet here, the person with the bloodline of the warring gods stands with he who inherits the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens. Is this a blessing, or is this a tragedy?”

“The esteemed ice god was heavily injured by the Grand Exalt of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens and still has not fully recovered now. I wonder if the successor here is a reincarnation of that Grand Exalt…”

“Back then, three elders from the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens died by my hand, yet now, the successor of the sect is actually a sibling of the holy maiden…”

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