Chapter 946: Third Layer of the Chaotic Body (Two)

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Chapter 946: Third Layer of the Chaotic Body (Two)

The giant throne completely made from divine quality crystal constantly shrank. It transformed into strands of pure energy that entered Jian Chen’s body under the refinement of the Azulet sword spirits. It then became a part of the Chaotic Force within Jian Chen. 

Jian Chen was still at the initial stages of the Chaotic Body. As long as he had enough energy, he could refine it into Chaotic Force, while the sword spirits would help increase the rate of his refinement.

As the Chaotic Force constantly increased, Jian Chen’s chaotic neidan constantly bulged as well, reaching its absolute limit very quickly.


Suddenly, a violent sound erupted inside Jian Chen’s dantian. It was extremely loud and clear and even people outside would be able to hear it. His chaotic neidan had shattered, turning into a large swathe of Chaotic Force that quickly wreaked havoc in his body.

Jian Chen seemed to be pumped full with air as he resisted the Chaotic Force, bulging at a visible rate. Very soon, he became a ten-meter-tall giant.

The tremendous Chaotic Force within him wreaked havoc wildly, rampaging everywhere like floodwater. 

Jian Chen furrowed his eyebrows gently. The violent pain which he had not experienced in quite some time pierced his spirit once again, mercilessly devastating his nerves.

Jian Chen had already experienced a breakthrough of the Chaotic Body before, so it was an easy process due to experience. He immediately began to control the Chaotic Force within him and circulated it along a special, predetermined path recorded in the Azulet Sword Law.

Gradually, the Chaotic Force within him increased in purity, while its quantity rapidly decreased. The Chaotic Force was currently undergoing its third change, taking a qualitative metamorphosis.

As the Chaotic Force rapidly strengthened, it broke the balance within Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body. The body was immediately damaged as heart-wrenching pain radiated from every inch of Jian Chen’s body. He began to spasm uncontrollably.

Jian Chen gritted his teeth. Not only did the speed of change fail to decrease, it sped up instead, but he made no sounds as he resisted the pain that rapidly became more intense.

The sword spirits did not stop, continuing with their refinement of the huge throne. They provided energy to sufficient support the transformation of Jian Chen’s Chaotic Force.

The Chaotic Force within him rapidly decreased, while his body slowly shrunk as well. He returned to his original size soon enough, but he was now covered in blood. Blood had been forced through every pore of his skin, while each droplet of blood radiated with powerful ripples of energy. It was enough to easily kill off an Earth Saint Master.

Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body was rapidly destroyed and healed. Each time it healed, some of the strengthened Chaotic Force would fuse in as well. His Chaotic Body was rapidly strengthening thanks to the qualitative increase of his Chaotic Force.

The evolution of the Chaotic Force and Chaotic Body lasted for half a month before the Chaotic Force inside Jian Chen finally calmed down. It stopped rampaging, while a thumb-sized chaotic neidan floated silently in his dantian. Strands of powerful Chaotic Force coiled slowly around it.

Jian Chen’s clothes had been reduced to shreds long ago, while the throne beneath him had already shrunken to half its size. The blood all over him had disappeared as well, returning into Jian Chen through his pores.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes and suddenly stood up from the throne. Immediately, a tremendous presence began to radiate from him. His presence formed a whirlwind that slammed against the walls of the hall, making it tremble constantly. 

At that moment, Jian Chen seemed to be a primordial beast that had just awakened from his slumber. He could make the earth shake just by his presence alone.

“Congratulations on reaching the third layer,” the sword spirits said at the same time.

Jian Chen tightened his fists as he felt his strengthened Chaotic Force and Chaotic Body. He could not help but smile.

“Third Heavenly Layer of Saint King. The third layer of the Chaotic Body allowed me to leap directly from the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler to the Third Heavenly Layer of Saint King. I directly passed through four levels, the Eight and Ninth Heavenly Layers of Saint Ruler, and the First and Second Heavenly Layers of Saint King,” murmured Jian Chen. His voice was filled with joy that he struggled to hide.

With a flip of his hand, the King Armament appeared in his grip. Surging Chaotic Force was poured into the King Armament, immediately causing it to shine with a blinding dark light. An aura of destruction filled the hall, causing it to tremble.

“The Fifth Heavenly Layer of Saint King. The King Armament only increases my strength by two Heavenly Layers now,” Jian Chen murmured to himself but his eyes were filled with dissatisfaction. 

When he was a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, the King Armament would give him the strength of a Third Heavenly Layer Saint King. It was five entire cultivation levels. Now that he had reached the Third Heavenly Layer himself, the King Armament only increased his strength by two cultivation levels. Its effect had decreased by over a half.

“The more powerful I become, the greater the gap between each level of cultivation. Maybe it’s because of that which leads to a smaller increase. I wonder how strong I’ll become if I use the Emperor Armament,” murmured Jian Chen. He quickly dismissed his thoughts, pulling out a new set of clothes from his Space Ring and wearing them. Afterward, he left the hall which he had stayed in for many years.

Jian Chen paid no attention to the shrunken throne. He planned on using it again in the future to refine Chaotic Force. He needed to find the Emperor Armament right now, to prevent Thysnich from gaining control over the divine hall.

Jian Chen saw Nubis at first glance as soon as he left the hall. Nubis’ strength had also increased greatly now that he had completely absorbed all of the old snake’s hidden essence. Not only did he reach Saint King, he was even of the Second Heavenly Layer.

Nubis’ eyes narrowed as soon as he saw Jian Chen. He cried out, “Jian Chen, what level of cultivation have you reached now? I actually can’t see through you, and I even feel a certain pressure from you. My god, did your strength exceed mine in these short five years?”

“I’ve reached the Third Heavenly Layer of Saint King,” smiled Jian Chen.

“What! The Third Heavenly Layer! H- how is that possible!? It was only a short five years and you went from the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler to the Third Heavenly Layer of Saint King. That’s unbelievable,” Nubis stared at Jian Chen dumbfoundedly. He was filled with disbelief.

He struggled to accept just how fast Jian Chen’s strength had grown.

In the past years, Nubis had only improved so quickly due to the absorption of the old snake’s hidden essence, yet Jian Chen had surpassed him just with his own cultivation. It was a great psychological blow to Nubis.

“Jian Chen, you’re only thirty years old right now. A thirty-year-old Saint King—i- i- i- if this makes its way out, both the sea realm and the Tian Yuan Continent will be thrown into an uproar,” said Nubis as he sighed emotionally.

“The Tian Yuan Continent…” Jian Chen immediately became distracted when he heard the Tian Yuan Continent; a deep yearning flooded his eyes. However, he returned to his senses very quickly, while his gaze became determined once again. He said, “Nubis, let’s go. We can’t give Thysnich too much time.”

Jian Chen and Nubis left the artifact space together, reappearing on the ninth floor of the hall once again. Nearby, the Empyrean Demon Orb hovered in the air as it shone with faint red light.

The saint artifact disappeared into Jian Chen’s forehead as a streak of golden light. Jian Chen glanced at the Empyrean Demon Orb but did not pay too much attention to it. He was currently trapped within the Octoterra Divine Hall and whether he could leave or not was the problem. He had no time or energy to consider other things.

Nubis scanned the ceiling that led to the center of the divine hall and said, “Looks like the divine hall can’t be controlled so easily. Thysnich is still not done. Jian Chen, why don’t we see if we can break through the entrance right now?”

“Our strengths may have increased greatly, but it’s far from enough to break through the entrance. We need to find the Emperor Armament as soon as possible. Once it’s in my hands, I can display even greater strength, so I’ll have greater confidence in breaking through the entrance,” Jian Chen said gruffly. His voice was extremely stern.

“Alright, then let’s go search for the Emperor Armament,” said Nubis.

Jian Chen and Nubis immediately left the ninth floor as they made their way to the eighth. They constantly looked around, looking for any marks that the Emperor Armament may have left behind.

Very quickly, the two of them returned to the eighth floor. The formation there had disappeared, but the nine blood-red pillars remained.

As soon as they reached the ninth floor, the pillars began to shine with bright red light and the formation was activated once again.

But this time, Jian Chen and Nubis both remained composed. Jian Chen flipped his hand and the King Armament appeared in his grasps. He directly lashed out, shooting a powerful sword Qi toward one of the pillars as his weapon radiated with an aura of destruction.


The pillar shattered loudly. With its destruction, the formation was immediately broken and the blood-red light in the air slowly disappeared. Jian Chen had destroyed the formation in one strike before it could even be activated completely.

Jian Chen put the King Armament away and looked around. He began to frown slightly as he murmured, “There are actually no signs of the Emperor Armament. Just where has it run off to?”

“We found no marks at all as we made our way from the ninth floor to here. The Emperor Armament can’t have disappeared, right?” Nubis’ eyebrows were furrowed slightly as well as he asked in confusion.

Jian Chen pondered silently for a while as he looked at the path toward the seventh floor. He said, “Let’s go down. The Emperor Armament should be extremely familiar with this hall, so I’m guessing it must have used a path that we don’t know of to leave the hall. It must be outside.”

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