Chapter 948: Fighting the Divine Hall

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Chapter 948: Fighting the Divine Hall

Jian Chen struggled to hide the excitement in his heart as he stared at the trembling hall. He knew extremely well that his attack while wielding the Emperor Armament was at least of the Sixth or even the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Saint King. Moreover, this was just a casual strike from him; if he used everything he had, it would be much more powerful.

Roar! Several huge vicious beasts charged toward the two of them threateningly.

Jian Chen grasped his Emperor Armament as he glanced back at the beasts. He said, “We better go and stop Thysnich. We can’t waste too much time here.”

“You’re right. We can’t keep wasting time. Maybe just an extra hour will give Thysnich enough time to gain full control over the divine hall,” said Nubis with a gruff voice.

Jian Chen and Nubis left together, continuing into the hall. They arrived on the ninth floor very quickly once again.

The entry on the ceiling remained the same as before, it had not changed in the past few years. It seemed to have completely fused with the ceiling, making it very hard to discover it with the naked eye.

Jian Chen and Nubis arrived directly below the entry as they stared up grimly. The Emperor Armament in Jian Chen’s hand erupted with black light once again as Chaotic Force surged into the Emperor Armament. He was currently charging up his most powerful attack.

Immediately, a tremendous pressure filled the entire hall and in that instant, air itself seemed to freeze. The space around Jian Chen began to distort, turning him into a blur.

If this were to happen on the Tian Yuan Continent, the space would have probably collapsed long ago, unable to endure the vast pressure.

A dense layer of golden light emerged from Jian Chen like some burning flames. Tremendous ripples of energy radiated from Nubis as well, causing the surrounding space to tremble gently. At that moment, Nubis used every inch of his Second Heavenly Layer strength. As a beast of antiquity, his attack had completely exceeded his cultivation level. It was no weaker than a strike from a Third Heavenly Layer Saint King.

“Do it!” Jian Chen immediately called out when he saw that Nubis had finished charging up. He swung the Emperor Armament toward the ceiling with lightning speed.

Immediately, a humongous sword Qi shot toward the entrance in the form of a dark streak of light that radiated with an aura of destruction. It struck the ceiling brutally.

At the same time, Nubis struck out as well. He swung his hands abruptly and energy ripples began to surge out from his body. It turned into the projection of a long golden snake, striking the ceiling.


Jian Chen and Nubis struck the entrance with their most powerful attacks at the same time, causing a deafening boom to erupt immediately. Wild energy rampaged in all directions, causing the hall to rumble each time they struck the walls.

The entire hall shook violently as if it was amidst a great earthquake. On the ninth floor, the fragments of decor left behind countless years ago turned into powder.

After a very long time, an extremely small crack appeared on the entrance after all the rampaging energy calmed down.

Although the strike had failed to break through the entrance, Nubis and Jian Chen both smiled.

“Fantastic. The entrance to the center of the hall really isn’t as strong as the divine hall itself. It doesn’t need Saint Emperors to break it. We can definitely get through it if we strike it a few more time.” Jian Chen’s voice was filled with some joy.

“Let’s continue,” said Nubis. Energy began to surge out from his body once again.

“Hahahahaha, pity, it’s such a pity that you two moved too late.” At that very moment, a loud laughter filled the hall. It was impossible to discern its origins.

“It’s Thysnich. Has he already gained control over the divine hall?” Jian Chen’s expression changed and he immediately became grim.

Nubis also revealed a terrible expression. “It’s not good now. If Thysnich has control over the divine hall, he can use it to deal with us. The divine hall is as strong as a Saint Emperor. Even with our great improvements, we can’t go toe-to-toe with Saint Emperors.”

“Hahahahaha, never did I think that you would still be alive, ruler of the Turtle clan. Your body wasn’t possessed by the Octoterra Emperor. But this is perfect. You’re easier to deal with than the Octoterra Emperor.” Thysnich’s voice rang out everywhere again and the ceiling suddenly opened up. Thysnich descended slowly as a visible energy coiled around him.

This energy possessed a tremendous aura. It was so powerful that even Jian Chen’s expression changed.

This was the power of the divine hall, something that stood on equal grounds with Saint Emperors.

Jian Chen and Nubis shot backward, pulling far away from Thysnich. They could see the layer of the divine hall’s power around Thysnich that protected him. It definitely would not be as easy to harm him with its protection.

Thysnich hovered three meters above the ground. His face was filled with arrogance, while his gaze toward the two of them was filled with scorn.

Currently, he was like a lofty monarch, able to look down on everything.

“Ruler of the Turtle clan, Nubis. I didn’t originally plan on killing the two of you. But since you have no idea what’s best for you and wanted to break through the entrance to the center of the hall, it can no longer be my fault,” sneered Thysnich. His eyes were filled with killing intent and with a wave of his hand, a strand of power from the divine hall immediately condensed. It shot toward the two of them with lightning speed as it rippled with great energy.

With a flash, Nubis dodged the attack, while Jian Chen directly swung his Emperor Armament at it. He struck out as hard as he could. Jian Chen wanted to forcefully repel it and see just how great the power was.

The Emperor Armament collided with the divine hall’s power with a loud boom. Jian Chen immediately felt an extremely great power smash into his body viciously, throwing him backward. He directly flew into a wall of the ninth floor, causing the entire hall to shake gently.

Jian Chen produced a deep grunt. From the attack, all his organs had been shaken up. However, a large portion of the power had been nullified through his attack. Along with the fact that his Chaotic Body was tough, the blow did not cause him any great injury.

“How is this possible? I didn’t even injure you!?” Thysnich stared at Jian Chen with his eyes wide open as disbelief flooded his face.

Jian Chen stood up steadily and sneered, “And I had wondered just how powerful you would become after you controlled the power of the divine hall but it looks like it’s not that great. In my opinion, you haven’t fully gained control over the hall. Even though you can use some of the divine hall’s power right now, this is why your attacks are still weak. It’s nowhere near the level of Saint Emperors, only at the Eight or Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint King at most.”

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