Chapter 949: Thysnich’s Death

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Chapter 949: Thysnich’s Death

Thysnich’s expression changed slightly when he heard Jian Chen’s words, but a cold light soon flashed across his eyes. He laughed loudly and said, “Ruler of the Turtle clan, you sure do have some knowledge. You are able to see through my secret and can tell that I have yet to completely control the divine hall. You’re right, it’s just as you’ve said. I still haven’t gained full control over the divine hall and can only use a portion of its power. But it’s still not something you can contend with, even if it’s far from the power of an emperor.”

“I may not have injured you earlier with that strand of power, but it was still enough for you to use everything you had to block it. I wonder how many more attacks at that level you can resist.”

Thysnich suddenly pushed out with one hand when he finished what his words. Immediately, several strands of power shot toward Jian Chen with a devastating aura.

Jian Chen became grim. Blocking the attack from before was his absolute limit, yet now he was faced with several of them. It was impossible for him to match up with all of them, even if he had the Emperor Armament.

Currently, Jian Chen could only display strength at the peak of the Seventh Layer with the Emperor Armament. Meanwhile, the divine hall’s power was at least at the Eighth or Ninth Heavenly Layer. It was beyond what he could face up against.

With a thought, a golden streak of light immediately shot out from the center of his eyebrows, forming a golden tower in front of him in the blink of an eye. It enlarged quickly, instantly reaching as high as thirty meters as it stood before Jian Chen.


The divine hall’s power struck the golden tower and erupted with a deafening sound. Wild residual energy rampaged in the hall, forming a storm of energy.

The golden tower did not even tremble when it took on all the attacks. The power of Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings could not even leave a scratch on it.

Jian Chen hid behind the saint artifact as he struck out heavily with his left hand. His attack immediately shot off toward Thysnich after Jian Chen’s heavy palm strike.

Jian Chen wielded his Emperor Armament in his right hand; he stuck close to the saint artifact, rapidly approaching Thysnich while the artifact covered him.

“Hmph, I’d like to see just how many times your golden tower can resist my attacks,” sneered Thysnich. Thysnich did not even fear 16th Star Seasoul Warriors within the hall now that he controlled a portion of the divine hall’s power. He completely looked down on Jian Chen thanks to his overconfidence.

Thysnich swung out with both his arms. Suddenly, the energy of the divine hall transformed into finger-sized sword Qi as it constantly shot toward the saint artifact. However, each strand of sword Qi was no weaker than before.

Violent sounds rang out with no signs of stopping as the power of the divine hall struck the saint artifact constantly. A terrifying force formed from the wild ripples of energy stopped the advance of the saint artifact, preventing it from getting closer than thirty meters.

Suddenly, a powerful golden light began to radiate from the saint artifact. It enveloped a radius of a hundred meters, and the entire area had basically become the domain of the saint artifact. In that area, the saint artifact could suck anyone in or let them out, given that they did not resist.

In the next moment, a wild energy of destruction suddenly appeared behind Thysnich. The Emperor Armament stabbed out with an unbelievable speed toward him as it shone with dazzling dark light.

Although Thysnich controlled a portion of the divine hall’s power, he was still a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. He completely failed to react to the sudden strike that Jian Chen had delivered from behind.

The Emperor Armament stabbed toward Thysnich’s back but it was blocked by the divine hall’s energy around him. The energy immediately began to churn wildly after taking on the attack but it stabilized very quickly.

Jian Chen’s arm suddenly began to jolt, striking out with speed. The Emperor Armament had completely become a flurry of blurs in his hand. It consecutively struck the layer of energy with speed that made it difficult to discern the weapon itself with the naked eye.

Jian Chen’s speed was unbelievable. In just a mere moment, he had stabbed out several dozen times. Each strike possessed the strength of a peak Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint King, and it all landed in the exact same spot.

Although the power protecting Thysnich was very strong, it was unable to withstand these torrential attacks. A small hole formed in the end.

Jian Chen’s eyes lit up as killing intent radiated from him without the slightest concealment. He immediately drove the Emperor Armament into the gap, breaking through the defense and mercilessly piercing Thysnich.

Spurt! The Emperor Armament emerged from Thysnich’s chest as bright-red blood dripped down the tip of the sword. Meanwhile, Chaotic Force churned within the weapon, entering Thysnich’s body in a rampage.

“Argh!” Thysnich could not help but cry out miserably. The Chaotic Force that had entered his body was extremely powerful, so powerful that only a third layer Chaotic Body could withstand it. How could his fragile body endure its devastation? Wherever the Chaotic Force passed by, the flesh and blood of Thysnich’s would explode with muffled sputters. Blood rained everywhere.

“Ruler of the Turtle clan, even if I have to die here, I’m going to pull you down with me,” Thysnich produced a chilling shriek and a sliver of determination appeared in his eyes. He wanted to use the sliver of emperor’s power within him to kill them both.

Jian Chen understood what Thysnich wanted to do. His eyes immediately grew cold and he slapped his left hand against Thysnich’s head with lightning speed. The powerful palm strike directly passed through his head and turned it into pieces, wiping out his soul.

Without Thysnich’s soul, the power of the divine hall had lost master as well. It began to slowly disperse.


The thirty-meter-tall saint artifact returned to its original size, shooting back into Jian Chen’s forehead as a golden streak of light. It had returned to Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness.

Nubis walked over afar. He looked at Thysnich who was dead on the ground. He could not help but sigh deeply. “This bastard is finally dead. The divine hall’s power he controlled before allowed him to produce Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint King attacks. It brought me a great fright, but he still wasn’t your opponent in the end.” Nubis’ frantic heart finally calmed down.

Jian Chen secretly produced a sigh of relief as he stared at Thysnich’s corpse with mixed emotions. He placed the Emperor Armament back into his Space Ring, before slowly squatting down to Thysnich’s corpse. He put his hand on top of the corpse’s chest.

An extremely powerful ripple of energy immediately emerged from the chest. Following it closely, a thumb-sized ball of pure power was drawn from Thysnich by Jian Chen. It was an emperor’s power.

Jian Chen carefully placed the power into his hand. He was extremely stern. He knew very well that this was the true power of a Saint Emperor, far greater than the power of the divine hall that Thysnich had controlled.

“Jian Chen, do you plan on keeping the power with you?” Nubis stared at Jian Chen in shock.

Jian Chen nodded slightly. “Correct, that’s what I intend to do. The power is extremely great; even though there’s only enough for a single strike, it’s enough to heavily injure a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King. If it’s used well, it can even kill a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King.”

Jian Chen took away the emperor’s power. However, he did not dare to deposit it in his own body. Instead, he placed it in the artifact space to get the artifact spirit to guard against it. With that, the artifact spirit could block the emperor’s power even if it suddenly erupted. 

“Although I can refine the emperor’s power into Chaotic Force, it’ll only be an extremely limited amount and won’t be of much help at all. Meanwhile, I can even threaten Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings if I use it against enemies. That’s the way to get all the value from it,” thought Jian Chen.

“Jian Chen, you’ve done it indeed. You have not made me disappointed.” Suddenly, a gentle and pleasant voice rang out.

The sudden voice stunned both Jian Chen and Nubis as they raised their heads immediately. Before them, a blurry image appeared. It was a female with an obscured face.

“Sea goddess, it’s actually you,” Jian Chen and Nubis were both surprised as soon as they noticed who the woman was.

“Jian Chen, you’ve obtained the Emperor Armament left behind by the death of a human emperor, and this divine hall has fallen into your hands as well. Are you satisfied with what you have obtained from this Octoterra Divine Hall?” The sea goddess’ voice rang out. It was extremely pleasant, like the music played by some immortal.

“Your majesty, since you can enter the Octoterra Divine Hall at will, you must know about the scheme of the divine hall, right?” Jian Chen asked grimly.

“Correct. I indeed knew about everything here, including the matters of the Blood Demon Emperor and the Psalmic Emperor. But do not worry, I had told you to come here because I was thinking for you. I had no intentions of harming you, and everything that happened in here can be considered as a type of test for you,” said the sea goddess.

Jian Chen became silent. The goddess of the Sea race was one of the four supreme champions from the ancient times, an existence that had surpassed Saint Emperor. Her abilities extended far beyond Jian Chen’s reckoning. Jian Chen knew that probably everything that happened within the Octoterra Divine Hall was monitored by the sea goddess.

“Your majesty, you have helped me so many times. May I ask what you need me to do for you?” Jian Chen asked.

The sea goddess went silent for a while before finally speaking out, “Jian Chen, I want you to go to a place to retrieve some items for me. This is the reason why I have helped you.”

“May I asked what exactly are the items? With your identity as the goddess of the Sea race, are there no other experts that are able to assist you?” Jian Chen was curious.

“No. Probably only you can enter that place. It will only bring death to other people who enter, even if they are Saint Emperors,” said the sea goddess.

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