Chapter 957: Visiting the Serpent God Hall (Four)

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Chapter 957: Visiting the Serpent God Hall (Four)

“We greet the hall elders.” The surrounding people all bowed toward the six hall elders. Their faces were filled with respect and admiration.

The 15th and 16th Star elders all stepped aside to form a path for the hall elders.

The six hall elders flew over with sunken faces as they glared at Jian Chen. When two of them recognized him, their eyes were immediately filled with intense killing intent.

“Jian Chen, I never thought it would be you. Hmph, we didn’t go looking for you, yet you’ve come knocking on our door yourself today. Do you really think you can go against our Serpent God Hall just with your Emperor Armament?” a hall elder said coldly.

The eyes of the other hall elders narrowed when they heard that this was Jian Chen. They looked up and down to examine him. One of them said in a gruff voice, “So you’re Jian Chen, that person who stole the treasure of the Serpent God Hall and obtained the Octoterra Divine Hall.”

“Jian Chen, do you think you can act brazenly now that you’ve obtained the divine hall? Do you believe that we’ll smash your hall today?” A rather short-tempered hall elder called out. His eyes formed a vicious glare.

All the surrounding elders looked toward Jian Chen in surprise when they heard that he was the one who had obtained the Octoterra Divine Hall. Envy and jealousy appeared in their eyes.

Jian Chen hovered in the air calmly as he faced the people of the Serpent God Hall. Even though he was trapped in an encirclement, he was not nervous at all.

“Esteemed hall elders, you have put it too strongly. I have not come today to challenge the dignity of your Serpent God Hall. Even if I was very confident, I definitely do not believe that I possess the strength to go against the Serpent God Hall just by myself,” smiled Jian Chen with clasped hands.

“Hmph, you dare to put it like that. First, you wound our emissaries, and then you harm an elder of ours. Do you really think that we’re easy to just trample over? Don’t think that you can look down on everyone now that the Octoterra Divine Hall is in your hands,” a hall elder called out. His tone was very hostile.

“The people of the Serpent God Hall naturally aren’t easy to trample over, but at the same time, neither am I. I injured them before because they were looking for it themselves. You can’t blame others,” said Jian Chen with a smile.

“Hmph, nice excuse. Then show me just what you’re made of, Jian Chen.” A cold sliver of light flashed through hall elder Charlie’s eyes. He was about to move against Jian Chen.

Jian Chen remained smiling in mid-air. His smile had become rather evil and rather cold. Suddenly, a huge divine hall appeared out of nowhere. It was grand and majestic, radiating with a mighty pressure. It blotted out the sky.

“The Octoterra Divine Hall!” Calls rang out from the surroundings. The emissaries and the elders all stared at it with burning passion. A powerful desire to take it for themselves flooded their heads.

Jian Chen immediately flew inside and fused his soul with the divine hall. He had become the divine hall, while the divine hall was him. He could now use the power hidden inside at will.

Charlie immediately calmed down when the divine hall appeared. He stared at it fixedly and grimly.

“Esteemed hall elders, do you dare to fight me in the divine hall?” Jian Chen’s voice rang out from inside. It was extremely loud, reverberating through a radius of several hundred kilometers.

Jian Chen did not fear the hall elders at all when inside the divine hall. Although the hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall had told him that it would be best if he did not offend the hall elders of the Serpent God Hall, Jian Chen had been forced into such a horrible position by them before. He needed to take revenge for the previous matters now that the opportunity had arisen.

Jian Chen had already made up his mind about trampling over the hall elders’ dignity before he had come. Even though he could not harm them, he utterly humiliated them.

The six elders paled from fury after hearing Jian Chen’s arrogant words. Flames of rage burned within them, but none of them dared to fight Jian Chen in the divine hall. Even the brash Charlie did not dare to.

If they really entered the divine hall, there would only be death for them given that their strengths were only at the peak of Saint King. They would not be facing up against a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint King but a Saint Emperor.

“Esteemed hall elders, do you dare to take me on?” Jian Chen’s voice rang out once again. He could not help but think about how his group of three were pursued by the experts of the Serpent God Hall all those years ago and had almost lost their lives.

At that time, they probably would have been imprisoned by the two halls if the experts of the Sea Goddess Hall had not come to rescue them at the most crucial moment. He would not be standing here gloriously.

“Jian Chen, you’re too presumptuous,” a hall elder cursed in anger. Normally, he was someone who stood above others. He could end lives or change fates with a wave of his hand. How could he endure such embarrassment, let alone the one embarrassing them had been treated as a mere ant by them a few years ago?

“Let’s work together and attack the divine hall. Let’s break it,” Charlie said furiously, powerful ripples of energy had already appeared around him.

The six hall elders moved together, striking the divine hall as hard as they could.

Immediately, a terrifying ripple of residual energy was formed and began wreaking havoc in the surroundings like astorm. Meanwhile, the divine hall also began to tremble violently. The attacks from the six hall elders were not able to break the divine hall, but it was enough to shake the hall up.

The divine hall enlarged abruptly, reaching over ten thousand meters in length. It hung in the sky like a dark cloud that blotted out the sun. Afterward, it began to fall with a tremendous aura, smashing heavily toward all of them.

The elders and the emissaries were also under the divine hall beside the hall elders. The elders were all Saint Kings, while the emissaries ranged from Heaven Saint Master to Saint Ruler. Regardless, they all fled toward the surroundings.

The divine hall fell extremely fast, so fast that they could not dodge at all. The cold, heavy surface come into contact with them very quickly, pushing them down from the air.

“Push!” A hall elder roared. He placed both his hands on the bottom of the hall in an attempt to stop its descent.

Unfortunately, the divine hall was just too heavy. It was several million times heavier than mountains, so they could not stop it at all even when they worked together.


The Octoterra Divine Hall struck the ground heavily. At that moment, the entire world seemed to shake. The surrounding ground trembled violently as if a huge earthquake had just occurred.

The giant divine hall smashed into the ground, causing half of it to be submerged underground. It formed a deep pit, while the six hall elders, the various elders, and the emissaries were all buried under it.

“Jian Chen, don’t you even think that you can leave our territory alive today,” someone roared out from below. The voice was filled with utter rage. The six hall elders carved out a tunnel from underground, emerging from beside the hall. A few elders followed behind them. None of the group had been injured, other than seeming ruffled. On the other hand, the Heaven Saint Master emissaries suffered wounds that varied in intensity.

Rumble! The Octoterra Divine Hall trembled gently in the ground and slowly rose up into the air. It faced and floated a distance from the divine hall of the Serpent God Hall as if it was challenging it.

“You sure talk big. If I want to leave, just you won’t be enough to stop me. It’ll only be possible if your hall master personally comes out.” Jian Chen’s voice rang out from the divine hall. It was filled with confidence.

The six hall elders floated far away and looked at each other. Afterward, they gritted their teeth and knelt on one knee together, calling out loudly, “We request for the hall master to personally punish the person who impinges on our hall’s dignity.”

Once Jian Chen hid inside his Octoterra Divine Hall, the six hall elders could do nothing to him.

A while later, their faces were all replaced with shock and they immediately stood up. They eyed the Octoterra Divine Hall viciously.

“Jian Chen, no wonder you’re brave enough to come provoke our hall just by yourself. So you’ve persuaded the hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall to keep our hall master busy,” growled a hall elder.

Jian Chen knew that the hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall had probably already fought with the hall master of the Serpent God Hall when he heard that. He immediately rejoiced.

“Whatever, Jian Chen. You win. Speak. How can we get you to stop today?” The hall elders finally gave in. Although they were completely unwilling, they had no other choice.

“My requests are very simple. First, return the item that the four divine generals of your hall stole from me all those years ago. Second, let me have a battle to the death with the four of them, where no one can interfere,” said Jian Chen.

The six hall elders hesitated slightly, before agreeing in the end.

“Third, there were once three people who ambushed me in the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall. They were Li Fengxing, Zhou Tianzi, and Zhou Yunzi. I want you to hand over the three of them,” said Jian Chen.

The faces of the six hall elders became rather ugly. They looked at each other, before agreeing in the end. Only their hall master could break the Octoterra Divine Hall right now, yet he was currently busy with the hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall and could not help them at all. They could do nothing to Jian Chen just by themselves, and if they remained in this stalemate, it would just make the Serpent God Hall seem even worse. Their top priority was to chase away this vengeful and troublesome person.

“Alright, we agree. We will hand Li Fengxing to you, but Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzi aren’t part of the Serpent God Hall. If you want the two of them, you need to go to the Heaven’s Spirit Hall,” said a hall elder.

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