Chapter 964: Leaving the Sea Realm

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Chapter 964: Leaving the Sea Realm

Qing Yixuan gradually emerged from the space that Jian Chen had his eyes on once he finished speaking. She stared unblinkingly at Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzi who lied in the pools of blood, her eyes filled with shock and stupefaction.

Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzi were both among the eight great human experts of the sea realm. They were as powerful as her, all Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings. They were all very powerful people both in the sea realm and on the Tian Yuan Continent, yet two of them had just been slain so easily by Jian Chen. The process was like squashing an ant, making it very difficult for Qing Yixuan to accept. Her heart churned, feeling extremely shaken.

Jian Chen stared calmly at her and said nonchalantly, “Qing Yixuan, this is the important grounds of my Turtle clan. What intentions do you have for intruding? Name it, or I can only chase you away personally.” Jian Chen’s emotion had undergone some minute changes as well due to the grand elder. He was no longer as polite as before.

Qing Yixuan immediately became angered by Jian Chen’s threatening words, but she forcefully suppressed her emotions after thinking back to when Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzi had died in his hands. She sucked in a deep breath and slowly calmed down, before looking at Jian Chen with mixed emotions. “I have something I want to discuss with you.”

Jian Chen hesitated slightly, before nodding in agreement in the end. “Come with me.” Jian Chen then flew off into the distance.

Jian Chen and Qing Yixuan stopped ten kilometers away. Jian Chen stood with his arms crossed and his back away from Qing Yixuan as he stared at the mountains in the distance. “Speak. What do you have to discuss with me?”

Qing Yixuan stared at Jian Chen’s back with bright eyes. “I wish for you to help me deal with the Tao family.”

“The Tao family? One of the most powerful clans in the sea realm, the Tao family?” A sliver of surprise appeared in Jian Chen’s eyes.

“Correct, one of the most powerful clans. The former patriarch of the clan possesses something I need very much. I wish for you to help me deal with them and assist me in obtaining that item,” she said.

“The Tao family’s a clan with quite impressive strength. I have no enmity with them, so why should I help you in offending a powerful clan for no reason?” Jian Chen sneered.

Qing Yixuan gnashed her teeth and said, “When I tried to steal the Octoterra Map fragment before, my intentions were to exchange it for the item with the former patriarch. Originally, the map fragment was already in my hands, but it was taken away by you with your despicable methods, wasting all my efforts. You even used it to enter the divine hall and benefited drastically from it. Not only did you obtain an Emperor Armament, the divine hall even ended up in your hands. The reason why you could obtain all those and possess your current strength is partially due to me. If I didn’t take the map fragment from the ancestor of the Hao family, which lead me to become heavily injured, did you really think you could face up against a 15th Star, or even 16th Star expert with your strength back then?”

Jian Chen paused slightly before speaking, “Qing Yixuan, what you’ve said is indeed quite reasonable, except I stole the map fragment from you purely with my own strength. Right now, I am expanding the Turtle clan. Just taking back the crystal mines already offends enough families, so I cannot help you at this crucial moment. However, feel free to contact the other human experts. I’m sure that they’ll help you.”

“Jian Chen, it looks like you don’t understand the rule for us foreigners to stay in the sea realm. On the surface, we’re guest elders of the Sea Goddess Hall so we have a certain status. However, if we do anything overboard in the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall, probably the first ones to punish us will be the hall elders. They definitely will not let us outsiders act as we wish in their territory.” Qing Yixuan’s eyes flickered as she continued, “But you’re different. The status you possess is different from the guest elders. If you do it, the Sea Goddess Hall will not be able to trouble you.”

“Qing Yixuan, it’s the same as before. I will not be offending a powerful clan just for this small matter. Even though I personally don’t fear them, I need to consider for the clansmen too. Farewell.” With that, Jian Chen turned around and left.

Qing Yixuan began to panic. She cried out, “Jian Chen, if you help me obtain that item, I will help you do ten things within my capabilities.”

However, Jian Chen did not turn back at all. He continued on his way. Qing Yixuan’s offer was not enough to tempt him.

Qing Yixuan gritted her teeth as she watched Jian Chen disappear. Fury appeared on her beautiful face, but within it was some helplessness and despair.

After completing the revenge for the grand elder, Jian Chen led the clansmen back to the tribe. Then, he sent out Lan Jing, Xin Pian, and Mochas with Tai Dou and a group of experts to reclaim more crystal mines.

With the three former disciplinary elders, their speed at taking back the crystal mines increased greatly as well. Very quickly, they took back half of what they had once possessed, strengthening the foundations of the clan.

Jian Chen was finally at leisure again as he guarded the clan. He passed his days easily, with no need to work exhaustively or fight for his life. He was no longer that weakling that was chased around by 15th Star experts all those years ago. He now possessed the strength to look down on the entire sea realm.

Jian Chen could not help but start reminiscing about his home in these easy days. Unknowingly, he had already spent several years in the sea realm and during this entire time, he had no idea what was going on in the Tian Yuan Continent.

“I have the power to fight off Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Kings with the Emperor Armament in hand, and anyone below Saint Emperor cannot harm me with the protection of the Octoterra Divine Hall. I now possess the strength to contend with the ten protector clans, so it’s about time I return,” Jian Chen mumbled in a garden. His eyes were filled with recollection.

“Now that I’m a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master, I can revive the dead. Mother and father’s bodies are still at Mercenary City, waiting for me to revive them. Additionally, Xiao Bai’s mother, Rum Guinness, needs my abilities as a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master to heal her. Sighs, it’s about time now.”

“So many years have passed. I wonder how the Flame Mercenaries are right now. It must have grown much more powerful than before under the management of You Yue and Lian’er, and the construction of Flame City should be complete by now. I wonder how big of a disturbance the completion of the city has made on the continent.”

Jian Chen murmured to himself as he paced around the garden. The yearning in his eyes became deeper and deeper, reaching a level where he struggled to suppress it.

Three days later, Jian Chen left the clan after handing over some matters. Xin Pian, Lan Jing, and Mochas did not go with him, staying behind under his request to guard the clan against any experts that came for revenge.

Jian Chen flew vertically upward in excitement, reaching the barrier of the sea realm very quickly. He was about to cross it.

“Jian Chen, remember to find a new host for the orb in the given time. When the worldly ebb arrives, you must return to the sea realm.” The sea goddess’ voice suddenly rang out.

In the faint blue barrier before him, the sea goddess’ figure suddenly appeared. She seemed to be completely part of the barrier, only appearing as a blurry figure.

Jian Chen nodded sternly and said, “Do not worry your majesty. I will definitely complete your request.”

The sea goddess continued, “Jian Chen, if you come across any opponents you cannot defeat on the continent, go to Mercenary City. The barrier of Mercenary City is extremely powerful. It can help you block enemies you cannot defeat.”

Jian Chen was secretly shocked when he heard that. He could not help but think of Xiao Ling’s naive face. He really struggled to believe that such a mischievous little girl would actually be so powerful, where she could block enemies he could not defeat.

“Looks like Xiao Ling is at least a Saint Emperor,” Jian Chen thought.

Jian Chen flew through the barrier and immediately became submerged in the icy-cold seawater. Without any hesitation, he shot upward like an arrow toward the surface of the sea.

It was a cloudless sky, deep blue in color. The golden sun shone with a dazzling bright light that illuminated the world.

The surface of the sea was calm, while the deep-blue sea fused with the sky at the horizon. It seemed like they were one whole piece, making it impossible to see the end of it.

At this very moment, a ripple appeared in the calm sea. After that, the water suddenly exploded, creating a huge splash in all directions that seemed like the blooming of a water-blue flower.

A figure emerged from the center of the flow with lightning speed. He reached an altitude of several thousand meters in a slight moment, becoming a black speck smaller than an ant.

The figure was Jian Chen. He floated at the high altitude as he slowly closed his eyes and spread open his arms. He laid there with an intoxicated expression, letting the warm sunlight shine on his body.

“It’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to feel the warmth of the sun,” Jian Chen murmured. His voice was filled with excitement that he struggled to hide.

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