Chapter 978: Fighting a Saint Emperor

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Chapter 978: Fighting a Saint Emperor

Rui Jian and Hei Yu were both Saint Kings at Great Perfection, so a difference in abilities existed when compared to a Saint Emperor. However, they both seemed very confident.

Their words shocked everyone present, regardless of the Saint Kings from ancient clans or the great elders of protector clans. They all looked toward Rui Jin and Hei Yu weirdly, as if they were looking at a pair of idiots.

Although they were powerful, they were still limited to being Saint Kings. They did not have the abilities to resist before a Saint Emperor.

A Saint Emperor was an expert at a completely different level of cultivation and not something Saint Kings could go up against. Not to mention, the path lord of carnal desires had reached Saint Emperor many years ago. He was so strong that even the tiger emperor of the Beast God Continent, Lankyros, failed to match up to him.

Rui Jin and Hei Yu stunned the path lord of carnal desires as well. He looked at the two of them in disbelief and asked to confirm, “What did you say? You two want to fight me?”

Rui Jin and Hei Yu glanced at each other and they seemed to mutually understand one another. Immediately, two tremendous presences began to radiate from them, spreading mightily to a radius of several dozen kilometers.

The Great Perfection of Saint King was a level of cultivation beyond the Ninth Heavenly Layer. It drew infinitesimally close to Saint Emperor and was stronger than the Ninth Heavenly Layer. Their presences immediately brought on a tremendous pressure to the relatively weaker Saint Kings present.

The path lord of carnal desires shook his head in disappointment. “If this is all the strength you have, you have no right to fight with me. It’ll be very difficult for you to leave today as well, as I only need to twitch a finger and you two will have your souls wiped out.”

Rui Jin became furious when the path lord said that. He was a Golden Divine Dragon, the emperor of the dragons, so naturally he was prideful. How could he endure the insults from the path lord of carnal desires?

“Sacred Dragon’s Armor!” Rui Jian called out and a mysterious yet powerful energy immediately began to radiate from him. Soon afterward, a dazzling streak of golden light shot out from his body, encasing him entirely. A suit of awe-inspiring armor now covered Rui Jin through the dense golden light.

The expression of the path lord of carnal desires finally changed when he saw Rui Jian’s armor. He cried out involuntarily. “T- this- i- impossible…”

“Sacred Dragon’s Sword!” Rui Jian called out once again. He raised both his arms into the air and a silvery-white, three-meter long sword suddenly appeared in his hands. It shone brightly with a silvery-white light, dyeing the entire area snow-white.

An unbelievably tremendous energy flooded the region with the sword’s appearance. It did not rip through the space, but instead froze it. In that moment, time and air seemed to stop.

The expressions of all the Saint Kings changed too. They all stared at the sword in shock, as they all shivered from the pressure it emitted.

“W- what is this weapon? I- it’s so powerful, even more terrifying than our Emperor Armament forged by several dozen Saint Emperors,” a great elder of a protector clan said with a trembling voice.

“Magical beast experts don’t usually use weapons, so why does he have such a terrifying weapon? Is it an Emperor Armament forged by several dozen Saint Emperors as well?” Yi Yangzi said with a deep voice. He was in shock.

The path lord of carnal desires could no longer remain calm. He stared at the sword above Rui Jin’s head in disbelief and called out involuntarily, “Origin energy, it’s actually origin energy. I actually sense origin energy. How is this possible? Even in the ancient times, there were no weapons that possessed origin energy.”

With another tremendous wave of energy, a suit of azure-colored armor appeared on Hei Yu, while a silver-white machete materialized in his hand. It radiated with a pressure no less terrifying than the Sacred Dragon’s Sword.

A black-clothed, middle-aged man suddenly stood up on the ninth-eighth floor of the Beast God Hall. A wild aura immediately began to radiate from him.

“Origin energy. It’s the presence of origin energy. Origin energy has actually appeared on the Tian Yuan Continent…”

The sage-like peng emperor, Cangqiong, stood up on the ninety-seventh floor. He looked in the direction of the Tian Yuan Continent in interest as he said hoarsely, “It’s the presence of origin energy…”

Tiger emperor Lankyros stopped cultivating on the ninety-sixth floor and suddenly stood up. He cried out, “Origin energy, it’s origin energy. How can origin energy exist on the Tian Yuan Continent?”

The expression of the path lord of carnal desires changed once more. He stared at Hei Yu in disbelief and cried out in surprise, “It’s origin energy again. How can this be possible? Where did you get these weapons with origin energy? Such powerful weapons have never appeared in all of history.”

Rui Jin growled sternly, “Human Saint Emperor, I didn’t think that you’d still be quite knowledgeable enough to know the existence of origin energy. You’re right. For all of history, such powerful weapons have never appeared, but they have appeared now. Do the two of us have the power to fight you now?”

The path lord of carnal desires struggled to stay calm. “Tell me, where did you get these weapons? Do you know a place where origin energy exists?” Some desperation lingered in the path lord’s voice. This was because origin energy was crucial for breaking through Saint Emperor. Origin energy had ceased to exist in the world long ago, which was why there had only been four people in total that had managed to surpass Saint Emperor. Once upon a time, there were countless experts at the peak of Saint Emperor who would lose all hopes for further breakthroughs. Their only choice was to watch helplessly as their ten-millenia lives ended and they became bones.

“Human Saint Emperor, why should we tell you this? Are you going to fight with us or not?” Rui Jin growled.

The path lord of carnal desires sucked in a deep breath and slowly calmed himself down. He looked toward Rui Jin as his eyes burned with greed. “If you tell me where origin energy is present, I am willing to help you do anything.” All the Saint Kings present immediately became astounded after hearing this.

“You better give up on that thought, human Saint Emperor. Origin energy has disappeared long ago from this world. We will defeat you with our weapons in hand now,” said Rui Jin straightforwardly. The path lord’s words did not tempted him.

The path lord of carnal desires stared fixedly at the two of them as a gleam of light flickered in his eyes. Only after a while did he speak out once again, “The weapons you possess are indeed very powerful and contain origin energy, but you cannot control them at all with your current strengths. If you think you can use them to fight against me, you’re deluding yourselves. I’ll show you the power of a Saint Emperor right now. Fight with me in outer space.” With that, the path lord of carnal desires shot up into the air.

Rui Jin and Hei Yu did not want to fall behind so they tailed him closely into outer space.

The Octoterra Divine Hall landed in Jian Chen’s hand as the size of a fist. He too soared into the air as he carried the divine hall in his left hand and the Emperor Armament in his right.

The Saint Kings from the protector clans and ancient clans all followed afterward. None of them wanted to miss such a fascinating show as they all wanted to know if two Saint Kings at Great Perfection could defeat the path lord of carnal desires with two powerful weapons.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao sent uncle Chang and the others back to the Changyang clan in Lore City before following them up.

Jian Chen flew higher and higher, while the ground beneath him slowly turned into a huge planet. This was the first time he had flown so high.

As their altitude rapidly increased, the air became thinner and thinner, enough to suffocate normal people. However, it could not affect the Saint Kings at all.

Jian Chen felt weightless after leaving the atmosphere of the planet. He lost his ability to determine direction, as there was no concept of direction in this icy-cold outer space. It even became difficult to distinguish between up and down.

Jian Chen floated in a region of space as he stared fixedly at Rui Jin and Hei Yu. The Saint Kings from the other clans gathered around him. They all took up their own space as they looked toward Rui Jin and the two others.

Suddenly, a white light illuminated the dark space. Rui Jin and Hei Yu’s weapons both began to shine with a powerful white light, turning the region into a snowy-white world. Terrifying energy began to surge, distorting the space around them.

Rui Jin and Hei Yu struck out together at the path lord of carnal desires. As they stabbed out, the space around them quickly froze, expanding toward the path lord. The two weapons radiated with a terrifying pressure, making it suffocating for all the Saint Kings present.

The path lord remained as he would usually as a terrifying energy quaked through his body. It forcefully stopped the freezing space before him. Then, he grabbed at the empty region with a hand. Vast energy condensed in his hand; the power was so great that it exceeded the limitations of the space there, causing it to collapse. It did not mend while the energy was there.

“People have seven emotions and six desires, and I used that as my path, creating the Palms of Emotions and Desires. There are sixteen moves in total, divided into seven moves of emotions and the six moves of desires. The fusion of the seven emotions gives the Palm of Severance, while the fusion of the six desires gives the Palm of Desireless. The final move is a fusion of all seven emotions and six desires, the Palm of Desireless Severance,” murmured the path lord of carnal desires. Afterward, he slowly pushed out with his hand and spat out, “This is the first palm strike, the Palm of Greed!”

The terrifying energy quickly shot toward Rui Jin and Hei Yu, before striking their weapons in the end. An explosion occurred immediately.

The path lord’s palm strike was not purely an energy attack. An invisible intent viciously struck the souls of Rui Jin and Hei Yu after the explosion, resulting in an immediate change in their expressions. Their clear gazes instantly became clouded.

The path lord’s palm strike triggered the greed from the bottom of their hearts, disturbing their mental state.

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