Chapter 979: Gathering of the Three Saint Emperors

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Chapter 979: Gathering of the Three Saint Emperors

A slip in the mental state during a battle was a life-threatening danger, especially in battles between experts. A single attack could determine the outcome, so being distracted for even a split moment could result in death.

The greed buried deeply within Rui Jin and Hei Yu was triggered by the path lord of carnal desire’s attack. It affected them both, almost making them slip and lose themselves in the extremely tough greed that surged up.

Rui Jin and Hei Yu immediately stabilized their mental states, forcibly suppressing the greed. They recovered very quickly.

“Your greed is not very strong, which was why you could recover so quickly. It definitely would not be so easy for someone who’s especially greedy,” said the path lord of carnal desires. Afterward, he struck out a second time, “This is the Palm of Lust!”

The cultivation of the path lord of carnal desires’ focused on attacks that injured the soul. His attacks were able to affect it directly. It would give rise to various desires and urges hidden in people’s hearts, catching them off guard.

Struck with the Palm of Lust, the expressions of both Rui Jin and Hei Yu changed. Countless matters of lust floated through their heads with many obscene images sandwiched between. It affected their souls, making it difficult for them to remain composed.

With their level of cultivation, they no longer lingered very much on carnal desires and emotions. As such, they were not affected very much by the desires and emotions alone. However, the path lord of carnal desires could intensify it by countless times. Let alone Saint Kings at Great Perfection, even Saint Emperors could be affected.

“Human Saint Emperor, no wonder you’re the path lord of carnal desires. You can control the seven emotions and six desires of people. Attacks like these are rarely seen, even in the ancient times. Unless you can completely purify your mind and become emotionless as well as desireless, anyone that faces up against you will be affected. They’ll all be drowned in emotions,” Rui Jin growled.

The path lord smiled evilly. “You two indeed have the power to fight Saint Emperors with just your origin energy weapons and armor—one for attacking and one for defending. However, it’s a pity. You can’t even touch me before being defeated. Eat my third palm strike, the Palm of Dread.”

As the path lord of carnal desires gently pushed out with his hand, the tremendous energy that gathered in his palm surged out like a flood toward Rui Jin and Hei Yu.

“Human Saint Emperor, don’t think that you’re already victorious just because you can control the seven emotions and six desires. Watch as we resist your attacks,” called out Hei Yu. A translucent pearl suddenly appeared above him, encasing his body with a glimmering light.

At the same time, the exact same pearl appeared above Rui Jin, encasing him with a similar light. Afterward, he stabbed out with his sword.

The Sacred Dragon’s Sword and Hei Yu’s machete collided with the path lord of carnal desires’ attack, immediately producing a boom. The attacks were cancelled out and when the soul attack from the palm strike approached Rui Jin and Hei Yu, it was immediately blocked by the light from the pearl.

This time, the path lord of carnal desires failed to affect them in any way.

The path lord’s expression changed slightly as he stared at the two of them in surprise. He said, “How is that possible? What treasure do you have that can block my soul attacks?”

“It’s fine even if I tell you. This is a defensive treasure that specializes in blocking attacks to the soul. I’d like to see how you affect us with your palm strike now, human Saint Emperor,” Hei Yu could not help but laugh out. Then, he charged toward the path lord as he swung his machete.

The path lord’s face became icy. Hei Yu’s attack with the origin energy machete was powerful enough to injure Saint Emperors, so he did not dare to ignore it at all. He immediately blocked and growled, “You two have quite a few treasures on you. You actually possess a treasure that can block my soul attacks as well, though I wonder how tough they are. Can they block my Palm of Severance from the fusion of the seven emotions, my Palm of Desireless from the fusion of the six desires and my final attack, the Palm of Desireless Severance?”

“Then try it. I’d like to see how your attacks break through our defensive treasures.” This time, the speaker was Rui Jin. He was confident.

The path lord of carnal desires sneered, “The Palm of Desireless Severance is the most powerful move among the seven emotions and six desires, it far exceeds your imaginations. Back when I fought the tiger emperor from the Beast God Continent, I did not even need to use the Palm of Desireless Severance. Just the Palm of Severance was enough to heavily injure him. Just imagine the power of the Palm of Desireless Severance then. Now, allow me to break through your defensive treasures with that.”

He was about to strike out as he spoke, but his eyes suddenly narrowed and he turned toward one side.

Three Space Gates ripped open at the same time in the direction that the path lord looked. Two middle-aged men and a ruddy old man emerged. They were the three Saint Emperors of the Beast God Continent.

The pressure of Saint Emperors immediately began to radiate from them with their appearance, causing the expressions of the Saint Kings who watched from afar to change. They had only seen Lankyros before, but they naturally knew the identities of the other two Saint Emperors.

The path lord of carnal desires gazed past the three of them and became rather stern. He said, “I didn’t think that the three Saint Emperors of the Beast God Continent would all come.”

Jian Chen’s expression immediately changed when he heard they were the three Saint Emperors of the Beast God Continent. He immediately entered the Octoterra Divine Hall and pulled out the saint artifact, before throwing wordlessly throwing the white tiger inside. Afterward, he exited the divine hall once again. Hiding in the divine hall was useless before Saint Emperors.

The three Saint Emperors all looked toward Rui Jin and Hei Yu’s armor and weapons. A gleam of light erupted in their eyes and they all cried out, “It really is origin energy…”

“You two are magical beasts as well. Where did you obtain these weapons and armor that possess origin energy? Did you find a place with origin energy?” Lankyros asked Rui Jin and Hei Yu. He was a little overwhelmed with excitement.

Rui Jin and Hei Yu looked at each other, and Hei Yu spoke out, “Origin energy has ceased to exist in this world long ago.”

“Then where do your weapons and armor come from? Why does origin energy exist within them?” A heavy voice boomed out. The ruler of the Beast God Continent spoke out, his voice also bearing some excitement.

“The Sacred Dragon’s Armor and the Sacred Dragon’s Sword are consecrated items of the Dragon clan, so they naturally came from my clan,” said Rui Jin.

“What! The Sacred Dragon’s Armor and the Sacred Dragon’s Sword!” The three Saint Emperors were all shocked as they stared fixedly at the armor and weapon on Rui Jin. After a while, they finally confirmed that they were indeed the Sacred Dragon’s Armor and Sword and they all became astonished.

“It really is the Sacred Dragon’s Armor and Sword from the ancient Dragon clan. But didn’t they disappear with the Dragon clan? Why are they suddenly on you now? And the armor and sword were never this strong in the past, let alone possessing origin energy. Where did you obtain these two items?” Kaiser growled as he stared fixedly at Rui Jin.

Rui Jin became slightly angered and said coldly, “I have no need to tell you this. Be careful with your tone, you have no right to speak to me like that.”

“Presumptuous!” Kaiser fell into a rage as tremendous killing intent radiated from him. 

“The one who’s presumptuous is you!” Rui Jin bellowed, before producing a dragon roar. In the blink of an eye, he became a three-hundred-meter long Golden Divine Dragon, radiating with a tremendous aura of dragons.

“My species are the kings of the Dragon clan. Do you not know the rules of the Dragon clan for being impolite toward me as an impure-blooded mutated earthwyrm?”

The hierarchy of the Dragon clan was very strict, as they placed a lot of attention on bloodlines. The Golden Divine Dragons were publicly-acknowledged as the kings of the clan. They needed to be treated courteously and listened to by all members of the clan, regardless of age or strength. As a king, Rui Jin was naturally prideful. Especially to people of the same clan, his status stood out even more. His prestige as a dragon king would not wane before a Saint Emperor, let alone a mutated earthwyrm with an impure bloodline.  

Rui Jin revealed his true form, shocking everyone present except for Jian Chen and the three Saint Emperors from the Beast God Continent. No one had thought that a member of the Dragon clan would still exist, let alone a Golden Divine Dragon.

The three Saint Emperors from the Beast God Continent remained calm, as if they knew Rui Jin’s original form long ago.

A sneer formed on Kaiser’s lips as he said, “You must be the Golden Divine Dragon that escaped from the space within the saint artifact at the Radiant Saint Master Union? Correct, you are indeed a king of the Dragon clan, but it is no longer the ancient times. The Dragon clan no longer exists, so its rules no longer applies.”

Rui Jin’s expression immediately became extremely ugly when he heard that.

At this moment, Kaiser’s face suddenly changed and he called out, “The Winged Tiger God. This is the presence of the Winged Tiger God. I actually sense a sliver of the Winged Tiger God’s presence. It’s nearby.” Kaiser sniffed and followed the remaining smell in the air. His eyes locked onto to Jian Chen and glare at him. Kaiser growled, “The presence of the Winged Tiger God is on you. Is it with you?”

Lankyros also looked toward Jian Chen. He had seen an image of Jian Chen before, so he recognized him immediately. He cried out, “He’s Jian Chen. I didn’t think he had already returned from the sea realm.”

“Jian Chen, hand over the Winged Tiger God.” Kaiser’s face darkened. He took a single step and arrived before Jian Chen instantly.

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