Chapter 981: Resolution

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Chapter 981: Resolution

Cangqiong spoke nonchalantly. He felt no fear toward Kaiser, as he was also one of the people in control of the Beast God Continent. He controlled a third of the land along with Kaiser and Lankyros.

Although some difference in strength existed between the three of them on the Beast God Continent, their statuses were the same.

Kaiser’s face sank as he heard what Cangqiong said. He glared at Cangqiong and said angrily, “Cangqiong, as a part of the Beast God Continent, you should be thinking for the Beast God Continent. The Winged Tiger God is the beast god of our continent, so we need to bring it back no matter what.”

“Cangqiong, the Winged Tiger God has ended up in the hands of humans. It’s in danger right now. You’re still one of the people in charge of the Beast God Continent. How can you just watch the Winged Tiger God be oppressed by humans?” Lankyros said urgently. He was busy with Rui Jin and Hei Yu right now. He needed to be cautious as he faced the attacks from the origin energy weapons, as it was enough to injure Saint Emperors.

Cangqiong did not waver whatsoever and said coldly, “How can it truly grow without experiencing hardships? Not to mention, the Winged Tiger God is young right now, so it needs to go through these matters to a greater extent. Moreover, the Winged Tiger God is a beast god. It possesses the body of a beast god, so how can it be injured so easily by others. I will naturally appear to help it when it truly faces danger.” With that, Cangqiong stared deeply at the battle between Lankyros and the other two, before directly leaving through a Space Gate he created. He had returned to the Beast God Continent.

Cangqiong’s departure caused the expressions of Kaiser and Lankyros to both become extremely ugly. They were both busy with the path lord of carnal desires as well as Rui Jin and Hei Yu, so they had no extra energy to go capture Jian Chen and take the Winged Tiger God. The experts from Mercenary City and the ten protector clans were also spectating the battle from the surroundings.

The experts from the Tian Yuan Continent immediately sighed a breath of relief with the departure of a Saint Emperor from the Beast God Continent. With one less Saint Emperor, it was much less pressure. They could devote more energy into dealing with Kaiser and Lankyros.

“Guests of the Beast God Continent, please return,” said the path lord of carnal desires.

Kaiser’s eyes flickered for quite a while as he hesitated. He too understood that the two of them were unable to take advantage of the current situation, so he immediately swung his hand. A Space Gate appeared before him. Then, he straightforwardly left through it after he eyed Rui Jin and Hei Yu coldly.

With Kaiser’s departure, Lankyros stopped his fight with Rui Jin and Hei Yu as well. He immediately backpedalled, gazing at Jian Chen and the weapons and armor on Rui Jin and Hei Yu for a while. He said coldly, “I’ll let you off for today. Next time, you won’t be so lucky.” Lankyros also ripped open a Space Gate and left through it after throwing this threat down.

The region of space immediately fell into a temporary silence with the departure of the three Saint Emperors. The three Saint Emperors had stayed here for less than ten minutes from arrival till departure. However, everything that had occurred in that short amount of time was enough for people to think about for quite some time.

The battle between the path lord of carnal desires and Kaiser was particularly sensational, shocking everyone present. The strength of the path lord’s seven emotions and six desires attacks had exceed everyone’s imaginations.

Rui Jin and Hei Yu stowed their weapons away, but remained clad in the origin energy armor. They would rely on the armor to withstand attacks from Saint Emperors.

“Human Saint Emperor, our battle has yet to conclude,” Rui Jin said as he looked at the path lord of carnal desires. The pearl that could block soul attacks remained floating above them, encasing the two of them with a glimmering light.

The path lord of carnal desires looked at the pearl for a while as a sliver of sternness flashed through the depths of his eyes. He said hoarsely, “Which side do you belong to?”

“We are independent. We belong to no side,” said Rui Jin. A hidden sliver of loneliness flickered through the depths of his eyes, but it disappeared very quickly.

“If that’s the case, there’s no need for us to keep fighting. You can go,” said the path lord of carnal desires. He no longer had any interest in fighting the two of them, because his most powerful attack was not physical but his soul attacks he had created. Now that both Rui Jin and Hei Yu possessed protective treasures—the pearl for soul attacks and the armor of physical attacks—he could no longer do anything to them. Victory would be difficult to discern even if they kept fighting.

Rui Jin and Hei Yu looked at each other and accepted this outcome. They did not force him to keep battling, also giving up on any intent to keep fighting. Afterward, they both arrived before Jian Chen, who seemed to be in a rather horrible shape. Rui Jin asked him, “Brother Jian Chen, are you fine?”

The expressions of the people from the ten protector clans changed slightly when they saw that Jian Chen actually knew Rui Jin and Hei Yu. An ill feeling had already begun to loom faintly over their hearts, while the people of the Changyang clan were all delighted. They had personally witnessed Rui Jin and Hei’s strength; although they were Saint Kings at Great Perfection, they were difficult to deal with even when for a Saint Emperor.

Jian Chen smiled as he looked at the armored pair. He replied, “I’m fine. Thank you seniors for helping me.”

“It’s just a small matter. There’s no need to be so polite,” Hei Yu waved a hand and said uncaringly. It seemed like he had done something not worth mentioning.

Hei Yu’s attitude warmed Jian Chen’s heart. He did not think it was a small matter. If it were not for the assistance from Hei Yu and Rui Jin, he would not have been able to resist at all when faced up against the path lord of carnal desires. His Octoterra Divine Hall would have been destroyed and the white tiger taken in the end. Even the saint artifact would not have been enough to protect him, It was extremely likely it would be broken into pieces by the path lord of carnal desires.

Although the artifact spirit possessed the strength of a Saint Emperor inside the artifact space, it was still an auxiliary artifact in the end. It did not possess much battle prowess. Even if the artifact spirit possessed the power of a Saint Empeorr, it was probably the weakest kind. It was not the path lord of carnal desires’ opponent.

The divine hall’s defences were equivalent to the saint artifact. All it could do was block attacks from Saint Kings, and would become damaged once it received attacks on the level of Saint Emperor or even break.

The path lord of carnal desires tightly furrowed his brows when he saw how close Jian Chen was with Rui Jin and Hei Yu. The fact that Jian Chen was a member of a protector clan did not scare him. It was Rui Jin and Hei Yu that pained him greatly.

“Crap, I didn’t think Jian Chen would be so close with the two of them. What do I do now? And they seem to care very much about the Winged Tiger God. If they take part in protecting the Winged Tiger God, how do I take it from Jian Chen?” The path lord of carnal desires thought as he stood still. He glanced toward the ten protector clans from time to time as the light in his eyes flickered.

The people from the protector clans all became uneasy. Light flickered in their eyes, as if they were hesitating something. Only the Changyang clan was ecstatic, to the point where their joy had reached an absolute limit. Meanwhile, the people from the Pure Heart Pavilion remained calm. To them, it was enough as long as the Winged Tiger God did not end up in the hands of the Beast God Continent. They did not care at all which protector clan it ended up with.

Rui Jin secretly glanced past the people from the protector clans and the path lord of carnal desires. He said to Jian Chen, “Do you have any unfinished business, brother Jian Chen?”

Jian Chen immediately looked toward the great elders of the Yiyuan sect when he heard that, before finally shaking his head after hesitating slightly. Rui Jin and Hei Yu had already helped him enough. They had first saved his life on Dragon Island by helping him avoid the pursuit of the dragon souls, and then helped him retrieve the Dragon’s Saliva. Then, they had helped him stop the path lord and the Saint Emperors of the Beast God Continent this time. He had owed them enough and did not want to deepen the debt.

“Since you’ve dealt with all your business, let’s not stay in outer space anymore and return to the continent,” said Rui Jin. Afterward, he grabbed Jian Chen’s shoulder and flew toward the Tian Yuan Continent.

The ten protector clans and the path lord of carnal desires hesitated slightly as they watched the three of them fly off. In the end, they did not stop them and dispersed instead.

Although Jian Chen’s name was not guaranteed to resound through the entire continent after what had happened this time, his strength had been witnessed by several ancestors of ancient clans and a few independent Saint Kings. Through them, Jian Chen’s infamy and terror would definitely spread through all the ancient clans, making them all fear him.

This battle had basically consolidated his power and status on the Tian Yuan Continent.

Jian Chen returned from outer space and directly arrived in the air above Flame City. He glanced coldly past the people of the Extinguishing Alliance as Rui Jin and Hei Yu hovered beside him.

The Extinguishing Alliance was already in a state of high alert as over twenty Saint Rulers floated in the air as they gazed toward outer space. Their expressions immediately warped when they saw Jian Chen return unharmed.

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