Chapter 983: Returning to the Changyang Clan

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Chapter 983: Returning to the Changyang Clan

Jian Chen naturally discovered Houston, Tian Jian, and the great elders of the Changyang clan. He dismissed his thoughts and glanced toward the people from the Changyang clan, before casually looking toward Tian Jian and Houston. He immediately flew up to them and bowed courteously toward Tian Jian and Houston, “I greet senior Tian Jian and uncle Xiu!”

Jian Chen was an awe-inspiring expert now, but he still retained some respect from the bottom of his heart toward Tian Jian and Houston. This respect did not vary with his increase in strength.

Tian Jian looked at Jian Chen with a mix of emotions and sighed gently. “Thinking back to when I first met you, it was during the time the last Gathering of Mercenaries was held. You were still a small Earth Saint Master, yet your strength has reached an unimaginable level in just a few dozen years. It really is unbelievable.” Tian Jian became emotional as melancholy filled his face. He seemed to be thinking back to when he first saw Jian Chen.

Jian Chen immediately became absent-minded when he heard this, as if he too was thinking back to everything that had happened then.

Houston looked at Jian Chen happily and said with his old voice, “Jian Chen, you really haven’t made me disappointed.” It was just a mere sentence, but it conveyed Houston’s happiness and approval toward Jian Chen.

Jian Chen conversed with Houston some more, before Tian Jian spoke out, “Jian Chen, the great elders of the protector Changyang clan are right on the other side. They’re still members of the extended Changyang family, so you should still go meet them.”

Jian Chen turned around and stared at the great elders when he heard that. The light in his eyes flickered uneasily, but he did not go over in the end after some hesitation.

“Jian Chen, you’ve only just returned from the sea realm, so there are quite a few things waiting for you. Go do what you need to do. After you’re done, come to Longevity Valley. I have some things I want to ask you,” said uncle Xiu. He was filled with suspicion toward Jian Chen’s divine hall, but chose not to mention the matter at this very moment.

“Yes, uncle Xiu!” Jian Chen replied.

Afterward, Houston left through a space gate, returning to Longevity Valley with a hoe on his shoulder to continue his ploughing.

“Jian Chen, Ming Dong and Tie Ta are cultivating in my Mercenary City. Tie Ta’s identity is rather sensitive, so come visit Mercenary City when you have the time,” said Tian Jian.

Jian Chen could not help but think of his parent’s bodies that he had left at Mercenary City as soon as he heard the city’s name mentioned. His iron heart immediately began to ache slightly.

“Senior Tian Jian, I will head over immediately to Mercenary City after I deal with the matters at hand,” Jian Chen declared.

Originally, the first thing he wanted to do as soon as he returned to the continent was revive his parents. However, he had left for so long and things had happened to the Flame Mercenaries. This made him miss Bi Lian and the others very much, so he wanted to go back and see them.

Tian Jian stared deeply into Jian Chen’s eyes before leaving as well. He returned to Mercenary City.

The only ones that floated in the air now were Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Jian Chen, as well the great elders of the Changyang clan.

The great elders all cast mixed gazes toward Jian Chen from afar. They originally wanted to saw some things to Jian Chen, but then they thought about what they had said and the choices they made when Jian Chen faced up against the other protector clans. These thoughts shut them up at the same time.

Back then, they were indeed afraid of standing with Jian Chen and helping him resist the other protector clans, but they were filled with regret now. If they had known that Jian Chen had the help of Rui Jin and Hei Yu, two experts who could fight Saint Emperors, they would have had no need to fear the other protector clans.

Jian Chen arrived before Rui Jin and Hei Yu, thanking them one more time. Afterward, he said, “Senior Rui Jin, can you create a Space Gate that directly leads to the Gesun Kingdom?”

Rui Jin naturally would not have agreed before because of his status as a dragon king, but it was different now. He agreed without any hesitation, personally ripping open a region of space to form a Space Gate.

Jian Chen left through the Space Gate and directly arrived outside Lore City, while Rui Jin and Hei Yu also followed along. They tailed Jian Chen into the city.

The great elders watched Jian Chen leave but none of them said anything. They all knew that Jian Chen did not want to admit himself as a member of the protector Changyang clan.

A long while later, Changyang Zu Xiao sighed deeply and said, “Kicking out Changyang Zu Yunkong all those years ago was a wrong decision. By the look of things, we seemed to have made a wrong decision yet again just now.”

The great elders all stood silently. Changyang Qing Yun only spoke out after a while, “Let’s go to the Changyang clan of Lore City!”

Jian Chen’s return to the clan resulted in utter joy throughout the entire place. All the elderly and important members came out to welcome him. To no surprise, the people who lead them was Changyang Zu Yeyun and Changyang Zu Yunkong. Changyang Zu Yeyun was deeply grateful toward Jian Chen, so as soon as she met him, she did not try acting superior due to her seniority at all. She grabbed his hands enthusiastically, constantly thanking him. She understood that if it were not for Jian Chen, she probably would not have been able to see her son ever again.

Jian Chen learned the woman’s identity from Changyang Zu Yunkong. She was actually his great grandfather’s mother. He was immediately shocked and bowed toward the woman. Jian Chen did not have any good impressions of the protector clan, but she was still the mother of his great grandfather.

“My great grandson has finally returned. The most outstanding member of my Bi family has finally returned safely,” Bi Hai smiled from afar as he watched on. Tears of joy actually ran down his face.

Jian Chen’s first aunt Ling Long and his second aunt Yu Fengyan also watched on with smiles. They had already began viewing Jian Chen as their own son long ago. Only the third aunt, Bai Yushuang, had mixed emotions as thick envy flooded her eyes. When she saw Jian Chen, she could not help but think of her own son. Jian Chen was now an expert who stood on the apex of the continent and had done great deeds on the continent. Meanwhile, her own son always seemed to be running about without any strength or success. He was now a person in his thirties, yet he had just become a Great Saint Master. He had not even reached Earth Saint Master yet.

Jian Chen conversed with all the people of the clan for a little, before calling You Yue, Bi Lian, and all the members of the upper echelon from the Flame Mercenaries into his temporary residence. After the recent years of development, there were quite a few high-ranking and loyal members. There were more than forty people present, excluding You Yue and Bi Lian. Ever since Flame City had been taken, these people lead a small group of their mercenaries, traveling a hundred thousand kilometers by foot and horse to arrive at Lore City. Then, they finally settled down in the clan.

Jian Chen secretly nodded when he saw all the high-ranking members. He said, “Flame City has been retaken from the Extinguishing Alliance. I wonder how the situation of the Flame Mercenaries are right now.”

The people present immediately became joyful when they heard that Flame City was back in their possession. You Yue said, “Jian Chen, after the recent years of development, our mercenaries have reached into the hundred thousands in terms of numbers. Many Heaven Saint Masters joined us and our strength increased every day. However, ever since the battle with the Extinguishing Alliance, our group has basically collapsed. People left and dispersed. There are only several tens of thousands of people that are hell-bent on following us.” 

“Several tens of thousand.” Jian Chen furrowed his brows. The number was much lower than he had anticipated. It seemed like the Extinguishing Alliance had indeed caused unbelievable damage to the Flame Mercenaries.

Jian Chen stood up from his seat and said, “Since there are still this many people who are loyal and are hell-bent on being a part of the Flame Mercenaries, raise them as elites. Also, lead the remaining members of the Flame Mercenaries back to Flame City tomorrow. We will be reoccupying Flame City and reviving the Flame Mercenaries.”

Just as Jian Chen was discussing the plans for development with them, the great elders from the protector Changyang clan arrived. They immediately called Changyang Zu Yunkong into a room all by himself, discussing some secret things with him. The entire room was enveloped in a powerful barrier, so no one knew what was happening inside.

Jian Chen naturally sensed their arrival, so he could not help but pause the discussion about the Flame Mercenaries. His eyes began to flicker as he became suspicious.

The great elders did not talk for very long with Changyang Zu Yunkong before they emerged from the room. They did not stay, immediately ripping open a Space Gate and returning to the protector clan. Only Changyang Zu Yunxiao stayed behind, his faced filled with helplessness.

Jian Chen discussed with the upper echelon for two whole hours before finally handing over the matters for the future developments of the mercenaries. Then, he exited the room.

Outside, Changyang Zu Yunxiao and Changyang Zu Yeyun had waited for a very long time. As they watched Jian Chen walk out, their gazes became mixed with emotions.

Jian Chen no longer looked toward Changyang Zu Yunxiao as coldly as before. He had learned exactly what had happened all those years ago when the Extinguishing Alliance took Flame City from You Yue and Bi Lian. He knew that it was all because of Changyang Zu Yunxiao that they could arrive back at Lore City safely. If it were not for him, they probably would not have been able to get past Bi Jian.

“Jian Chen, we want to talk about some matters with you in private,” Changyang Zu Yunxiao said softly.

“Is it about my identity? If that’s the case, there’s no need,” replied Jian Chen.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao sighed gently and continued, “Jian Chen, you’ve guessed half of it. This matter doesn’t just affect your identity, it affects your great grandfather as well. It affect his future.”

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