Chapter 986: Rui Jin’s Assistance

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Chapter 986: Rui Jin’s Assistance

Yi Yangzi was extremely powerful. He was the most powerful member of the Yiyuan sect, having reached the Great Perfection of Saint King long ago. The space personally frozen by him was extremely tough, trapping Jian Chen tightly in place.

Yi Yangzi’s finger drew extremely close to Jian Chen. In this moment of life and death, Jian Chen roared out angrily and Chaotic Force trembled within his body. In the end, it flowed out like a flood, surrounding his body with black flames.

Immediately, an energy of destruction filled the surroundings, causing the clouds to churn. The terrifying energy ripples expanded in all directions, causing even the surrounding space to shake.

Crack! Crack!

Under Jian Chen’s full-powered resistance, Yi Yangzi’s frozen space immediately shattered, causing the space around him to tremble constantly.

However, since Yi Yangzi was brave enough to attack Jian Chen, he had naturally timed himself extremely accurately. He did not give Jian Chen any time to bring out the divine hall. Just as Jian Chen broke free, the finger from Yi Yangzi was already less than three inches from Jian Chen’s forehead. It continued toward his soul with an incomparable speed.

Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed. He was completely unprepared, making him fall into the jaws of danger. He had been thinking about his parents earlier and did not expect someone as honorable as a member of the protector Yiyuan sect would attack him while he was off-guard. Although he had the divine hall that could protect him, he had no time to bring it out this time.

In this moment of life and death, a golden streak of light shot out from the center of his eyebrows with a flash. It formed a fist-sized golden tower, blocking Jian Chen’s forehead.


Yi Yangzi’s attack struck the golden tower viciously, immediately producing a deafening boom. It echoed in the surroundings, spreading far and wide while the residual energy swept out in all directions as a terrifying storm. The surrounding space constantly shook due to it.

Jian Chen’s clothes were immediately reduced to shreds by the violent energy storm, revealing the golden silkmail. At the same time, he was knocked backward.

Jian Chen shot backward like a cannonball as Chaotic Force constantly circulated within his body. He pushed his Chaotic Body to the absolute limit in an attempt to resist the energy storm, while the golden tower remained floating before him. It was ready to block Yi Yangzi’s attacks at any time.

Yi Yangzi stared at Jian Chen throughout the whole process. His face could not help but sink as he watched the golden tower block his attack. He growled, “I didn’t think you’d have the saint artifact of the Radiant Saint Master Union protecting you as well other than the divine hall. I really have miscalculated.” He took a step out as soon as he finished speaking, crossing through the region of violent energy and arriving behind Jian Chen in an instant. He pointed toward the back of Jian Chen’s head this time.

Jian Chen’s presence had flooded the region long ago, so he clearly sensed Yi Yangzi’s movement. Under the control of his mind, the golden tower immediately moved to protect the back of his head. At the same time, he grabbed the Octoterra Divine Hall with his right hand.

“Jian Chen, you’re dead now.” Suddenly, Yi Yangzi’s sneer rang through Jian Chen’s ears. He had appeared silently to Jian Chen’s left, pointing toward his head in a flash. However, there was still a Yi Yangzi behind him.

Jian Chen’s face changed. He could feel the Yi Yangzi behind him, but the Yi Yangzi to his left of him was real as well. Two Yi Yangzis had suddenly appeared, shocking him greatly.

Jian Chen had still yet to completely expand the divine hall. He used the saint artifact to block the attack from the Yi Yangzi behind him, but he was powerless against the second Yi Yangzi’s attack. In this crucial moment, all he could do was turn his head as hard as he could in an attempt to dodge the life-threatening attack from the second Yi Yangzi.

Jian Chen failed to dodge the attack completely even after using all he had. However, since he moved his head, Yi Yangzi’s attack missed his soul and struck his face instead. It cut through his Chaotic Body easily.

Jian Chen’s heart immediately shuddered coldly when he sensed Yi Yangzi’s attack enter his body. The attack possessed great energy. If it erupted, it was enough to blow his head into pieces. At that time, he would be heavily injured even if he managed to survive.

Without any hesitation, Jian Chen basically threw his head backward, breaking away from Yi Yangzi’s attack. Afterward, he backpedaled quickly and the Octoterra Divine Hall flew out of his hand at the same time. It quickly enlarged above his head.

The second Yi Yangzi slowly disappeared. The remaining Yi Yangzi looked at Jian Chen’s injuries with regret. He thought, “It’s a pity that my control over the clone isn’t great, or that attack would’ve taken his life.”

Jian Chen immediately tried to enter the divine hall as he paid no heed to his wound.

Yi Yangzi’s eyes immediately turned cold as he sensed Jian Chen’s intentions. He called out loudly, “Don’t you dare enter the divine hall.”

The distance between them was nothing to Yi Yangzi. He took a step out and immediately traveled several dozen meters, arriving in between Jian Chen and the divine hall. He swung downward with a palm strike, wanting to prevent Jian Chen from entering the divine hall.

Jian Chen understood Yi Yangzi’s strength, so he did not want to take him on forcefully at all.  The saint artifact blocked the attack.

Although Jian Chen could hide inside the saint artifact, he would lose the ability to flee. This was because Yi Yangzi could take the artifact back to his protector clan and then use the clan’s Emperor Armament to crack it open.

As a result, Jian Chen could only use the saint artifact to block things. He could not hide in it like the divine hall.

Yi Yangzi’s palm strike was so powerful that Jian Chen was knocked far away along with the saint artifact. It widened his distance from the divine hall.

Jian Chen became extremely grim as he saw how he got further from the divine hall. With a thought, he quickly pulled it toward him.

“Jian Chen, with me present, I’d like to see how you enter the divine hall,” sneered Yi Yangzi. He stepped out and arrived before Jian Chen again, striking out with his palm. The great force knocked both Jian Chen and the saint artifact backward once more. He remained a certain distance from the divine hall in the end.

An extremely great killing intent appeared in the surroundings in that moment, making Yi Yangzi’s expression change. Following this presence, a voice boomed out loudly, “I never thought that an esteemed great elder of a protector clan would ambush a junior here. Is this how the protector clans do things? I’ve finally witnessed it today.”

As the voice boomed out, the space a hundred meters away began to ripple. Energy filled the empty space and a Space Gate opened with difficulty as it resisted the messy collisions of energy in the region. Two tremendous presences began to radiate from within it.

Yi Yangzi’s expression changed drastically. He was extremely familiar with these two presences, as they belonged to the two experts who could fight even-handedly with the path lord of carnal desires and the tiger emperor. They were Rui Jin and Hei Yu.

Yi Yangzi was confident, but he did not believe that he was their opponent. Without any hesitations, he struck toward the forming Space Gate with a palm and shattered it.

“Do you think you can stop me from coming just because you destroyed my Space Gate?” An angry roar boomed from afar. The voice constantly grew louder and by the time it reached Jian Chen’s location, it had become thunderous.

Rui Jin used a secret technique as he flew over from Lore City with incredible speed. From afar, a dazzling streak of golden light quickly approached the region, and a tremendous presence arrived with it.

Yi Yangzi became unprecedentedly stern as he watched Rui Jin rapidly draw closer. His eyes became filled with deep fear. He knew that he had to leave now or he would be stuck here.

Yi Yangzi looked at Jian Chen sternly and gnashed his teeth. “Jian Chen, I’ll let you off today and let you live for a few more days.” Yi Yangzi immediately ripped open a Space Gate after saying that. He wanted to leave.

Jian Chen drew his Emperor Armament from his Space Ring and chopped out toward the Space Gate with a sword Qi. He wanted to stop Yi Yangzi from fleeing.

Yi Yangzi smiled disdainfully. He gently extended a finger and a force shot out, shattering Jian Chen’s sword Qi. He said coldly, “You truly overestimate yourself by trying to stop me from leaving with just yourself.” With that, Yi Yangzi directly disappeared through the Space Gate.

Rui Jin arrived very quickly. He looked toward the bloody-faced Jian Chen and immediately became furious. He asked with concern, “Brother Jian Chen, are you fine?”

Jian Chen’s gaze was cold. He put away the Octoterra Divine Hall and the saint artifact. Then, he shook his head gently. “I’m fine. I thank senior for arriving in time and thus scaring away Yi Yangzi. Otherwise, there would’ve only been death for me today.”

Rui Jin looked in the direction that Yi Yangzi had fled and growled, “The protector clans have gone too far. Even people of such status are trying to ambush you here. Let’s go, brother Jian Chen. Hei Yu and I’ll kill our ways into the protector clan with you and get you the justice you deserve,” Rui Jin said righteously. He was extremely angry, as if he would not be satisfied if he did not throw the protector clan into turmoil.

“Senior, I am extremely grateful for your help, but I will be personally taking revenge for this,” Jian Chen said with a dark face as blood continued to flow.

Afterward, Hei Yu hurried over as well. He stood angrily beside Rui Jin and also swore to take revenge for Jian Chen, to turn the Yiyuan sect into a mess. However, he was declined by Jian Chen tactfully.

This was because Jian Chen had already learned from Changyang Zu Yunxiao just what power the protector clans were hiding. Their Emperor Armaments possessed the power of Saint Emperors. Jian Chen did not want the two of them to take the risk even though they were powerful and had the origin energy armors.

Also, Rui Jin and Hei Yu had helped him many times already along the way. He did not want to always be indebted to them.

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