Chapter 990: Reviving the Dead

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Chapter 990: Reviving the Dead

The three soul-controlling techniques were wondrous techniques made for Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters. It could revive the dead; all that was needed was a sliver of Radiant Saint Force origin energy, given that the person’s soul had not been wiped out and that their body was stored under perfect conditions. It would not leave any after effects, allowing the revived person to retain all their memories.

The three techniques were broken up into condensing the soul, nourishing the soul, and fusing the soul. Condensing the soul was gathering the soul scattered throughout the world, while the second technique was to nourish these scattered pieces, and make them join together into a whole soul.

The third technique was to fuse the soul perfectly with the body of the person being revived, bringing them back from the dead.

The three techniques were made especially for reviving the dead, and had no other uses. Only Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters and beyond could learn it.

Although the artifact spirit knew the three techniques and could be considered as a great Radiant Saint Master, he was not human, so he could not practice the techniques. As a result, the artifact spirit did not possess the power to revive the dead.

After learning all three techniques from the artifact spirit, Jian Chen stayed in the artifact space as he practiced them.

Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had already stayed in Mercenary City for three months. During this entire time, he practiced the three techniques within the artifact space, without taking a single step out.

Tian Jian, Ming Dong, and Tie Ta did not disturb Jian Chen. However, Tian Jian left long ago, so only Ming Dong and Tie Ta remained outside the icy-cold room as they waited silently.

After three months, Jian Chen finally began to move in the huge hall of the artifact space. He slowly opened his eyes. Immediately, his eyes flashed with a visible light. His gaze seemed even brighter than before.

Jian Chen finally learned the three techniques after three months of comprehension. Although the techniques could not make him stronger, his soul had grown by a quantitative amount after learning it. As a result, his presence could cover an increased area.

“Artifact spirit, send me out of the artifact space,” Jian Chen said rather patiently. He wanted to revive his parents as soon as possible after learning the three techniques.

With a flash of white light, Jian Chen disappeared from the artifact space. By the time he had reappeared, he had returned to the icy-cold room.

Jian Chen stared emotionally at his parents in the ice casket. He felt rather excited and a little uneasy; he was excited that his parents were about to be revived and would be able to walk the earth again, but he felt uneasy over the possibility of accidents during the process. An accident could potentially destroy any hopes of bringing back his parents. After all, he was inexperienced in this aspect.

“Mother, father, you’ve already slept for so long. It’s about time you woke up. Don’t worry, your child will wake you up immediately.” Jian Chen murmured as he touched the casket gently. Afterward, he directly lifted up the ice casket with his thought, and carried it out of the room.

“Jian Chen, what are you doing?”

Ming Dong and Tie Ta noticed Jian Chen as soon as he exited the room. They immediately cried out when they saw Jian Chen carrying the ice casket.

“I want to revive my parents and let them see the light of day again,” Jian Chen said positively.

Ming Dong and Tie Ta both stared blankly, stunned by these words.

At this moment, Tian Jian walked in from outside. His eyes shone with interest as he looked at Jian Chen. Tian Jian asked, “Have you already become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master, Jian Chen?”

Jian Chen nodded and said, “Senior Tian Jian, the revival of my parents must be performed outside. Only outside can I gather my mother and father’s souls.”

Tian Jian nodded solemnly and said, “Come with me.”

Afterward, Jian Chen followed Tian Jian out of the independent space with the ice casket on his shoulders. Ming Dong and Tie Ta followed behind him as well.

Rui Jin and Hei Yu immediately flew over from afar when Jian Chen reappeared in Mercenary City. However, they both became stunned when they noticed the ice casket on Jian Chen’s shoulder. They became doubtful and just when they wanted to ask him about it, they noticed Jian Chen’s sternness, so they choked back their questions.

Mercenary City possessed a protective barrier, and Jian Chen was worried that the revival would be affected by it. As a result, he walked toward outside the city with the ice casket on his shoulder. Meanwhile Rui Jin, Hei Yu, Ming Dong, and Tie Ta followed closely behind him. Tian Jian followed along as well.

Jian Chen immediately drew everyone’s attention as he walked through the streets of Mercenary City with the ice casket. All of them pointed at him as they discussed; no one had ever dared to stride through Mercenary City with such a huge coffin in all these years. After all, Mercenary City was a consecrated holy land to all the mercenaries.

Many mercenaries struggled to bear with Jian Chen’s actions. A few mercenaries with decent strength immediately wanted to stand forward and lecture him. The grand elder of Mercenary City traveled with Jian Chen, but an ordinary person could not discern his status. Meanwhile, Rui Jin and Hei Yu seemed just like ordinary people to these mercenaries, so they possessed no deterrence.

However, just when they wanted to stand forward, a supreme battle intent suddenly attacked them. It was as if a warhammer had been swung mercilessly at their heads.

The battle intent did not arouse their own desire to battle. Instead, it functioned as an extremely great pressure and deterrence, directly crushing any will to fight within them. Instead, it aroused fear from the bottom of their hearts. It completely frightened them, removing all of their courage to stop Jian Chen.

The one who stopped them was naturally Tie Ta. Tie Ta now had a high degree of proficiency and control over his own battle intent; not only could he affect their spirits and throw them into a mindless state as they fought, but he could also completely crush their desires to fight as well. This allowed him to subdue enemies without even fighting. However, that was only if the opponent was not too strong.

“Big brother, you can’t go too far. If those bad people come bullying you, Xiao Ling will help you chase them away.” Xiao Ling’s voice rang in Jian Chen’s head as soon as he crossed the barrier. She seemed to know what Jian Chen wanted to do next.

Finally, Jian Chen stopped in an empty region ten kilometers away from the city before opening the ice casket. He slowly closed his eyes, as he prepared to cast the three techniques.

Rui Jin, Hei Yu, Tian Jian, Ming Dong, and Tie Ta all stood beside him quietly. They wanted to witness a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master reviving the dead, as well as protect Jian Chen from any interference from others.

Tian Jian looked at Jian Chen’s back with mixed emotions and thought, “The sea goddess is still alive, the war god of the Hundred Races has reappeared and even the Winged Tiger God of the Beast God Continent has appeared as well. In the current world, three of the four great races have their supreme experts. Only my Tian Yuan Continent is without one.”

“Jian Chen’s talent is unprecedented, having reached such a level of cultivation with his age. He also has a mysterious relationship with the barrier spirit of Mercenary City. Looks like he will be the future hope of the continent.”

Similar thoughts like that had bloomed in his heart ever since Jian Chen reached Saint Ruler. However, he was even more certain now.

The other people present had no idea what Tian Jian was thinking. They all stared at Jian Chen unblinkingly.

A milky-white energy slowly began to float out from the top of Jian Chen’s head. This was a sliver of Radiant Saint Force origin energy.

Under Jian Chen’s control, the origin energy split into two and a sliver fused with Bi Yuntian’s body. The other strand remained in the air.

Immediately, Bi Yuntian’s body became covered by a dense layer of milky-white light. Then, Jian Chen gently extended a finger and a forcefully cut open Bi Yutian’s wrist. He removed a droplet of blood.

Under Jian Chen’s mental control, the droplet of blood fused with the other strand of origin energy, dyeing it red. Afterward, Jian Chen chanted, “With the blood as a medium, I search the world for the soul. First technique of the three soul-controlling techniques—gather!”

The origin energy of Radiant Saint Force that had fused with Bi Yuntian’s blood dispersed in the surroundings. It used Bi Yuntian’s blood as a medium to search for the soul fragments scattered across the world.

Jian Chen’s eyes remained closed, as he stood there without moving. In that moment, his soul seemed to have fused with the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force, taking his body with it as he searched for the familiar soul fragments.

A while later, the space before Jian Chen began to twist slightly. The origin energy that had dispersed reappeared before him, this time shining with an even brighter and more dazzling milky-white light. There were a few spots of dark red and a few pieces of a soul in the light.

This was Bi Yuntian’s soul. Jian Chen had gathered all the soul fragments using the condensing technique.

Tian Jian, Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Tie Ta’s eyes all froze. They could feel the existence of Bi Yuntian’s soul as they were all Saint Rulers or above, which made them extremely amazed.

Although they were powerful, some even at the peak of Saint King, gathering the souls like this technique before them far exceeded their capabilities.

“Second technique of the three soul-controlling techniques—condense!” Jian Chen forcefully suppressed his internal excitement and called out once again.

As he said the word ‘condense’, Bi Yuntian’s soul fragments began to condense quickly, forming a faint figure in the end.

“Last technique of the three soul-controlling techniques—fuse!” Jian Chen said quickly as his lip trembled. Under the control of his mind, the nourishment of the Radiant Saint Force origin energy, and a droplet of blood, Bi Yuntian’s soul slowly fused into the body within the ice casket. It was the final part to reviving the dead.

Bi Yuntian’s entire body became enveloped in a bright white light, causing her figure to become blurry.

Jian Chen sighed deeply after completing the process. He looked at Bi Yuntian with excitement and mixed emotions. He was filled with anticipation.

This was the final step to bringing back the deceased—fusing the soul with the body into one once again. Whether the person could return or not would completely depend on this step.

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