Chapter 997: Recovery

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Chapter 997: Recovery

Rum Guinness lied on the floor in the very center of the huge hall within the artifact space. She was at the edge of death, and her breathing was extremely weak.

In the form of a middle-aged man, the white-robed artifact spirit had already received Jian Chen’s orders. It appeared out of nowhere beside her and extended a finger. Then, a strand of extremely pure Radiant Saint Force origin energy entered Rum Guinness’ body. Immediately, a thick layer of white light enveloped her entire body. It was impossible to tell what was happening inside.

Jian Chen, You Yue, and the white tiger appeared out in the hall. Jian Chen and the white tiger stared unblinkingly at Rum Guinness, who was covered by the white light. At the same time, You Yue constantly looked around in curiosity, as this was the first time she had come to this place. She observed everything present.

Rum Guinness’ body was in an extremely horrible condition. The dark energy left behind by the king from the Gilligan clan ravaged her body constantly, and it slowly extended toward her soul. If Jian Chen had not arrived in time and used a stand of origin energy to guard Rum Guinness’ soul, she would have faced grim possibilities. It would make it very difficult to say that she could survive.

Although Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters could revive the dead, that only applied when the soul still existed. If the soul was killed off as well, even the one and only Class 8 Radiant Saint Master from the ancient times would have been unable to revive them, let alone Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters.

The hall fell into an awkward silence. Jian Chen and the white tiger stared unblinkingly at Rum Guinness and made no sounds at all.

After she looked around a few times out of curiosity, You Yue gradually lost interest as well. She also focused her gaze on Rum Guinness and thought, “Is that Xiao Bai’s mother? She can speak human tongue. It also looks like she’s at least a Class 7 Magical Beast.”

The origin energy under the artifact spirit’s control was much more powerful and pure than Jian Chen’s. Rum Guinness’ condition took a good turn very quickly under the personal treatment of the artifact spirit. Her body, originally riddled with injuries, slowly began to return to its previous condition. Even the dark energy within her was completely purged.

Four hours later, the white light around Rum Guinness finally disappeared. Her fur was no longer bloody. Instead, she now had a layer of beautiful, snow-white fur. Her dull, weak eyes also shone with spirit once again and became bright once more.

The artifact spirit’s origin energy was far beyond anything that Jian Chen could match up to. Not only did it completely heal a Class 7 Magical Beast at the edge of death in such a short time, it had even recovered her soul to its peak condition.

Rum Guinness slowly rose up from the ground. Although her injuries had been completely healed, her energy had not been replenished at all. As a result, she was still drained and very weak, which made it rather difficult even when she just tried to stand up.

Rum Guinness’ body changed, and she turned into her human form very quickly. She became an extremely sturdy middle-aged woman.

“I thank you for saving my life. Not only would I have failed to see my child ever again if you hadn’t made it on time, I would not even be able to survive any longer. The kindness you have shown the two of us is so great that I cannot return it even with my life,” Rum Guinness thanked Jian Chen.

Jian Chen smiled calmly and replied, “Senior, you don’t need to be so polite. I sure have made you suffer though, making you wait so long before I could heal your injuries completely.” Jian Chen looked at the white tiger when he reached this point, before he continued, “Senior, you have not seen your son in so many years. You must have a lot to say, so I won’t disturb you any longer. The two of you should catch up properly.”

With that, Jian Chen and You Yue directly left the hall. They gave the two of them plenty of space.

After Jian Chen and You Yue had left, Rum Guinness looked at the impressive white tiger. She could naturally tell at first glance that her son was a Class 7 Magical Beast already. 

When the white tiger had first left her side, it was still a cub that could not even open its eyes. Now, it had become a powerful Class 7 Magical Beast. Its growth speed was so great that even Rum Guinness felt extremely shocked. She also felt great excitement and happiness.

Jian Chen and You Yue walked beside each other and arrived on a nearby slope. Jian Chen looked into the distance. Then, he sighed deeply. Jian Chen had finally completed a task that had burdened his mind for many years. Rum Guinness was finally healed, and Xiao Bai had reunited with her.

You Yue stood silently beside him. She hugged Jian Chen’s arm as the light in her eyes flickered. She constantly observed the weird world inside the saint artifact. It was clearly different in some aspects compared to the world outside.

“Jian Chen, where is this place?” You Yue asked. Her voice was as pleasant as a lark’s call.

“This is the space within the saint artifact,” Jian Chen explained the matter of the artifact space to You Yue. It immediately allowed her to come to an understanding and widened her horizons. She was amazed.

At this moment, a powerful ripple of energy surged through the entire artifact space from the hall. All the Class 7 Magical Beast sensed this and looked toward the palace in suspicion immediately.

Jian Chen also looked toward the direction where the energy ripples came from. He could feel a vague pressure of the world hidden within. Only the use of Heaven or Saint Tier Battle Skills would cause this phenomenon.

“It’s Nubis. Looks like he’s already achieved some success with his research of the Saint Tier Battle Skill,” murmured Jian Chen. However, he also knew just how profound Saint Tier Battle Skills were. They could not be learned so easily. Not to mention that Nubis was changing the battle skill to suit himself, which made it even more difficult. Although he had achieved some success, there would still be quite some time before he completely succeeded.

Not long afterward, a white figure shot over. It was the white tiger, pulling his mother to Jian Chen’s side. As soon as they arrived before Jian Chen, Rum Guinness knelt down toward Jian Chen and bowed her head. “Savior, thank you for protecting my child. I have already learned what the savior has experienced from my child. Not only did the savior face the pursuit of the king from the Gilligan clan to protect my child, the ten protector clans even forced you to leave the continent. Savior’s kindness is so great that I, Rum Guinness, will use my life to return to the favor. I am willing to work like a slave for savior…”

“Senior, please get up.” Jian Chen quickly helped Rum Guinness off her knees. Although he was stronger than her now, Jian Chen still felt some respect toward Rum Guinness, which was why he still referred to her as senior.

Rum Guinness was a great mother. Just that was enough for Jian Chen to respect her.

Afterward, Jian Chen said a few polite words to Rum Guinness, before getting her to recuperate properly. She would leave after she had completely recovered.

Growl! The white tiger produced a deep growl as he looked at Rum Guinness. Hatred filled his eyes.

Rum Guinness rubbed the white tiger’s head and said, “Child, of course, you need to take revenge for your father, but the king of the Gilligan clan is powerful. He’s a Class 8 Magical Beast, and we are not his opponent with our current strength. Child, once you become a Class 8 Magical Beast, we’ll kill our way into the Gilligan clan together and avenge your father.” Rum Guinness’ voice also became filled with hatred as she reached the end of these words.

Years ago, her husband had died at the hands of the king from the Gilligan clan to protect her and her child. His soul had been wiped out.

Jian Chen’s eyes turned cold when he heard this. He said with a deep voice, “Senior, the tiger king from the Gilligan clan almost killed me years ago. I have an absolutely irreconcilable enmity with him. Once you recover, we’ll kill our way into the Gilligan clan together.”

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