Chapter 998: Calling on a Helper

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Chapter 998: Calling on a Helper

Rum Guinness glanced at Jian Chen with suspicion, as if she wanted to see through Jian Chen’s strength. However, she could not see through him with her level of cultivation, so Jian Chen seemed like an ordinary person before her.

“The two of us are extremely grateful that the savior could help us, but the king of the Gilligan clan is just too powerful. Also, he has the support of many Class 7 Magical Beast elders. We will definitely not risk thins so easily until we are sure that we can achieve victory,” said Rum Guinness. Although she had learned many of the things Jian Chen had gone through throughout the years from the white tiger, she was still unsure of Jian Chen’s exact strength.

However, Rum Guinness could guess. When she first saw Jian Chen, he was still an Earth Saint Master. He was unworthy of any important in her eyes. To her, it was impossible for him to surpass her in this time no matter how great his talent was.

Rum Guinness credited it all to some protective treasure on Jian Chen as to why she could not perceive his strength. After all, the saint artifact was a very good example of a protective treasure.

Jian Chen could not help but smile when he saw Rum Guinness’s lack of confidence. “Senior is over-worrying. The king of the Gilligan clan may be a Class 8 Magical Beast, something equal to human Saint Kings, but he can still be considered as a weaker Saint King. I naturally have my methods of dealing with him. He cannot threaten us.”

“Really? Do you really have the power to defeat the Gilligan clan?” Rum Guinness said in surprise. She became delighted.

Jian Chen nodded and said, “Senior, recuperate your strength first. Once you’re in peak condition again, we’ll head to the Cross Mountains immediately and kill our way into the Gilligan clan. We’ll take revenge for your husband and Xiao Bai’s father.”

Afterward, Rum Guinness returned to the hall to recuperate. Jian Chen did not disturb Nubis who was comprehending the battle skill, so he strolled around the artifact space at leisure with You Yue.

The artifact space had existed for hundreds of thousands of years. After such a long time, the place had become filled with countless magical beasts. Many Class 7 ones still remained even though all the Class 8 ones had left.

The Class 7 Magical Beasts were born in the artifact space and also died inside there. They knew that there was a world outside the artifact space, but they could not leave at all to their dismay. They were essentially trapped in the artifact space, unless they reached Class 9 and became an existence on par with Saint Emperors. Otherwise, they would never be able to see the outside world.

“There are quite a lot of Class 7 Magical Beasts inside the saint artifact. If I use them correctly, they can be an extremely powerful force,” Jian Chen thought. He began to think of using the Class 7 Magical Beasts, but he dismissed it temporarily after some careful consideration.

If he let out all those Class 7 Magical Beasts, the first people to stop him would probably be the ten protector clans. He knew very well that the protector clans would definitely let so many Class 7 Magical Beasts appear on the Tian Yuan Continent, much less give him control over so many and let the protector Changyang clan’s power increase.

He no longer feared the ten protector clans, but this was all because Rui Jin and Hei Yu were supporting him. If the two of them were not present, it would be very hard to contend with the other protector clans with just the Changyang clan and themselves.

“I’ll subdue those Class 7 Magical Beasts after I become powerful enough to take the protector clans head-on. There’ll be a day where they’ll become useful to me,” thought Jian Chen. He became extremely determined. He was unwilling to waste the huge force inside the artifact space.

He just could not use it right now.

The artifact space also contained many heavenly resources. Jian Chen was able to conduct a harvest properly over the next few days and collected a large amount of heavenly resources. He planned on bringing them to an alchemist and refining them into pills in the future. This would allow the Flame Mercenaries to grow stronger and simultaneously raise the people who were loyal to him.

He had poured all the heavenly resources he had obtained from Tian Jian before into the white tiger with not a single one remaining. Other than the aged Dragon’s Saliva he had kept before, he possessed no other heavenly resources.

Jian Chen met the Class 7 crow king once again during these few days. Jian Chen had once killed many of the crow king’s descendants when he competed within the artifact space as a Radiant Saint Master. This made it hold quite the grudge against him. If it were not for the fact that all the Class 7 Magical Beasts and above were trapped by the artifact spirit before, he probably would have been ripped into pieces long ago by the crow king.

However, it was different from before now. When Jian Chen met the Class 7 Magical Beast once again, it did not dare to show any dissatisfaction toward Jian Chen at all. Instead, it bowed politely to him, while Jian Chen did not make any trouble for it either. After all, it was possible for the crow king to become a general under him in the future.

Several days later, Rum Guinness’ strength fully recovered. She was back at her peak. Then, she left with Jian Chen.

Jian Chen brought You Yue, the white tiger, and Rum Guinness out of the artifact space and returned to the cavern. He noticed Rui Jin and Hei Yu meditating nearby as soon as he emerged. The two of them had always been guarding the area for the past few days.

Rui Jin and Hei Yu opened their eyes slowly and stood up at the same time. They looked at Rum Guinness nonchalantly as a sliver of interest flickered through the depths of their eyes. Although Rum Guinness’ strength was insignificant before the two, her status as the Winged Tiger God’s mother was enough to deserve special respect.

“Senior, now that we’ve found Xiao Bai’s mother, let’s go take revenge at the Cross Mountains. Please help me pave a convenient path there,” Jian Chen said to the two of them.

Rui Jin spoke up after some thought, “In the few days we spent in Mercenary City, we gained a rough understanding of the current situation on the Tian Yuan Continent. The Cross Mountains possesses a force from the Beast God Continent, so if you provoke them so openly, it’s extremely likely that the Beast God Continent will react violently. We’re also almost the enemies of both the Tian Yuan Continent and the Beast God Continent simultaneously now, while the Beast God Continent has three Class 9 Magical Beasts. Two of them have always been trying to get their hands on the Winged Tiger God, while the other is not trustworthy even though it has stood on the side of the Winged Tiger God.”

“There is also the human Saint Emperor from the Tian Yuan Continent. Although his soul attacks cannot do anything to Hei Yu and me, his target is the Winged Tiger God as well. If he works together with the Class 9 Magical Beasts of the Beast God Continent, it’ll be very hard for us to deal with them with just Hei Yu and me. As such, we want to increase our power.”

“Senior Rui Jin, do you want to gather the other Class 8 Magical Beasts that left the artifact space with you?” Jian Chen felt pleasantly surprised.

“I’m not talking about them. They can’t deal with Class 9 Magical Beasts even if they gather together. I was talking about that Scorching Divine Phoenix of the Divine Phoenix clan,” said Rui Jin. Then, he turned to Hei Yu and said, “Hei Yu, go with Jian Chen to the Cross Mountains. I’ll go find Hong Lian. If there’s anything you can’t deal with, contact me through the secret technique.”

Hei Yu nodded silently.

Rui Jin meant it when he said he was going. He immediately ripped open a Space Gate and left. Hei Yu did not tarry either, also ripping open a Space Gate to the Cross Mountains and leaving with Jian Chen and the others.

Jian Chen passed through the Space Gate with You Yue, and they traversed several million kilometers in an instant. Soon, they arrived at the edge of the Cross Mountains. Afterward, they all flew toward the depths of the mountain range.

The high-ranked members of the nine other protector clans were all gathered together right now, excluding the protector Changyang clan. Other than the nonchalant expressions of the people from the Pure Heart Pavilion, everyone else had their brows furrowed and were stern.

This was not the first meeting they had held in the past few year. However, the intent was the same for all of them whenever they held one. If it were not about the Winged Tiger God, it would be about Jian Chen and the Changyang clan.

Jian Chen had returned with the advantage of a divine hall, and even Saint Kings at Great Perfection could not harm him at all. They all felt extremely threatened by him as the Winged Tiger God followed him as well, along with his connection to the Changyang clan. They felt even more uneasy now that Jian Chen had the two supreme experts, Rui Jin and Hei Yu, beside him.

Although the protector clans were the ultimate force that protected the continent, a balance formed between them at the same time. They restrained each other, so even if a certain clan became powerful, they were unable to surpass a certain level. However, the current Changyang clan had already surpassed what they could allow or endure.

If the Changyang clan obtained the help of Rui Jin and Hei Yu, they could not be suppressed even if all nine other clans worked together. They had a lot of hidden power, but this could only be used against invading foreigners or when they came across existences that they could not repel.

Kaiser and the tiger emperor Lankyros gathered on the ninety-eighth floor of the Beast God Hall in the center of the continent. They were both sunken-faced.

“Cangqiong actually hindered me in the most crucial moment. If he had done something on that day, the Winged Tiger God would have fallen into our hands long ago.” Kaiser clenched his fist tightly. He was extremely angry.

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