Chaotic Sword God Chapters 2001 – 2100

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Chaotic Sword God Chapters 2001 – 2100

Chapter 2001: Abnormal Movements of the Bloodline

Chapter 2002: Suppressing the Bloodline

Chapter 2003: Breakthroughs of the Soul

Chapter 2004: Both a Blessing and a Curse

Chapter 2005: The Convention

Chapter 2006: Trading the God Artifact Armor

Chapter 2007: The Old Woman’s Hatred

Chapter 2008: Three Years of Comprehension

Chapter 2009: A Sense of Danger

Chapter 2010: The Three-eyed Demon King

Chapter 2011: The Vicious Beasts of Space

Chapter 2012: Nebula Beast Emperor

Chapter 2013: Killing a Way Out

Chapter 2014: The Might of a Howl

Chapter 2015: Swept into a Crack

Chapter 2016: Surviving in the Tower

Chapter 2017: Continued Refinement

Chapter 2018: Chasing Away Huai An

Chapter 2019: Refining the Fifth Floor

Chapter 2020: Another Brush with the Primordial Realm

Chapter 2021: A Soul-devouring Beast Herd

Chapter 2022: The Beast King Appears

Chapter 2023: The Neptunean Divine Palace (One)

Chapter 2024: The Neptunean Divine Palace (Two)

Chapter 2025: Obtaining Spots

Chapter 2026: Chanlong Breaks Through

Chapter 2027: The Divine Palace Opens (One)

Chapter 2028: The Divine Palace Opens (Two)

Chapter 2029: Zi Yun and Xiao Man

Chapter 2030: Within the Divine Palace

Chapter 2031: The Seventh Floor

Chapter 2032: A Legacy of the Primordial Realm

Chapter 2033: Impossibly Powerful Overgods

Chapter 2034: A Volcanic World

Chapter 2035: Fire Divine Crystals

Chapter 2036: Jian Chen’s Wild Ambition

Chapter 2037: The Neptunean Sun and Moon

Chapter 2038: A Land Littered with Heavenly Resources

Chapter 2039: First on the Overgods’ Plaque

Chapter 2040: Jian Chen Steps Forward

Chapter 2041: Fighting Mo Cheng (One)

Chapter 2042: Fighting Mo Cheng (Two)

Chapter 2043: Who’s Number One?

Chapter 2044: The Fight for the Spiritual Root

Chapter 2045: The Major Achievement of Sword Spirit

Chapter 2046: Fending off with a Formation

Chapter 2047: The Fifth Prince of the Sky Empire

Chapter 2048: Consuming the Spiritual Root

Chapter 2049: The Fifth Prince’s Arrival

Chapter 2050: A Difficult Situation

Chapter 2051: The Prince’s Wife

Chapter 2052: Entering Seclusion in the Neptunean Mountains

Chapter 2053: A Grand Exalt’s Formations

Chapter 2054: Two Grand Exalts

Chapter 2055: Jian Chen Emerges

Chapter 2056: Overwhelming Bai Qi

Chapter 2057: Subduing Hei Ya

Chapter 2058: The Immortal Devouring Orchid

Chapter 2059: Cleaning out the Divine Medicinal Garden (One)

Chapter 2060: Cleaning out the Divine Medicinal Garden (Two)

Chapter 2061: Movements Exposed

Chapter 2062: Identity Exposed

Chapter 2063: Greedy Human Nature

Chapter 2064: Four Dead, One Escaped

Chapter 2065: The Neptunean Moon (One)

Chapter 2066: The Neptunean Moon (Two)

Chapter 2067: The Neptunean Moon (Three)

Chapter 2068: Changes of the Divine Palace

Chapter 2069: Another Encounter

Chapter 2070: Taking a Saint Artifact

Chapter 2071: Protected by the World (One)

Chapter 2072: Protected by the World (Two)

Chapter 2073: Surrounded

Chapter 2074: The Fifth Prince’s Killing Intent

Chapter 2075: Against Mister Shu

Chapter 2076: Against a God Artifact (One)

Chapter 2077: Against a God Artifact (Two)

Chapter 2078: Everyone’s Target

Chapter 2079: A Supreme Godking

Chapter 2080: The Young Man in Gold

Chapter 2081: The Might of the Profound Sword Qi

Chapter 2082: Returning to the Eighth Floor

Chapter 2083: A Battle to the Last Drop of Blood

Chapter 2084: Falling into the Lava

Chapter 2085: The Twelfth Floor

Chapter 2086: The Mysterious Woman

Chapter 2087: Tie Ta of the God Clan

Chapter 2088: The Daoist Sect of Divine Sound

Chapter 2089: The Ancestors’ Summoning

Chapter 2090: The Ninth Disciple (One)

Chapter 2091: The Ninth Disciple (Two)

Chapter 2092: Below the Lava

Chapter 2093: Littered with Fire Divine Crystals

Chapter 2094: Jian Chen’s Death (One)

Chapter 2095: Jian Chen’s Death (Two)

Chapter 2096: An Astronomical Bounty

Chapter 2097: Ming Dong Arrives

Chapter 2098: Striking Fear in the Hearts of All

Chapter 2099: A Grand Prime’s Disciple

Chapter 2100: Fatesight

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