Chaotic Sword God Chapters 2601 – 2700

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Chaotic Sword God Chapters 2601 – 2700

Chapter 2601: A Bloodbath in the Three Organisations

Chapter 2602: A Cunning Scheme

Chapter 2603: Reduced to Food

Chapter 2604: Nurturing with Painstaking Effort

Chapter 2605: The Orchid Breaks Through

Chapter 2606: Right Behind You

Chapter 2607: A Lifebound Plume

Chapter 2608: Taking Action

Chapter 2609: Attacking Martial Soul Mountain

Chapter 2610: Killing Luo Mantian (One)

Chapter 2611: Killing Luo Mantian (Two)

Chapter 2612: Before the Final Battle

Chapter 2613: The Two Emperors

Chapter 2614: Gongsun Zhi’s Arrival

Chapter 2615: Encounter

Chapter 2616: Gongsun Zhi Takes Part

Chapter 2617: Xu Zhiping Takes Part

Chapter 2618: Hun Zang Injured

Chapter 2619: The Might of the Array

Chapter 2620: The Tides Turn Again

Chapter 2621: The Decisions of the Empires

Chapter 2622: Assaulting the Martial Soul Mountain

Chapter 2623: The Power of Eight

Chapter 2624: Hun Zang Heavily Injured

Chapter 2625: The Rain in Outer Space

Chapter 2626: A Turnaround

Chapter 2627: The Strength of the Rain Abbess (One)

Chapter 2628: The Strength of the Rain Abbess (Two)

Chapter 2629: The Strength of the Rain Abbess (Three)

Chapter 2630: Nine Brilliance Schemes

Chapter 2631: Planet Wandou

Chapter 2632: Inciting a Rebellion

Chapter 2633: The Betrayal of the Heavenly Moon Empire

Chapter 2634: The Fall of the Provincial City

Chapter 2635: The Blue Sky Venerable

Chapter 2636: The Rain Abbess’ Killing Intent

Chapter 2637: True Strength

Chapter 2638: Instant Death for Sha Yun

Chapter 2639: Hope

Chapter 2640: Death to the Traitors

Chapter 2641: Hanging by a Thread

Chapter 2642: Killing Lin Fei Instantly

Chapter 2643: The Fate of Traitors (One)

Chapter 2644: The Fate of Traitors (Two)

Chapter 2645: Heartless Interferes

Chapter 2646: The Young Star Lord’s Death

Chapter 2647: Dao Jiu

Chapter 2648: Advice

Chapter 2649: The War Ends

Chapter 2650: The Lord of Heaven’s Link Peak’s Fate

Chapter 2651: Internal Division

Chapter 2652: Domination in the Southern Region

Chapter 2653: Xi Yu’s Assassination Attempt

Chapter 2654: The Shadow Prince

Chapter 2655: Influence

Chapter 2656: Sovereign Fruit of the Dragon God

Chapter 2657: News about Sacredfeather

Chapter 2658: The Darkstar Race

Chapter 2659: Two Matters

Chapter 2660: Setting Off

Chapter 2661: The Planet Lord’s Death

Chapter 2662: The Six Worlds

Chapter 2663: The Jiang Family and Fang Jing

Chapter 2664: The Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy

Chapter 2665: A Ruined World

Chapter 2666: A Message from the Protector Swords

Chapter 2667: Condescension

Chapter 2668: Unworthy

Chapter 2669: The Starsource Continent

Chapter 2670: A Single Move

Chapter 2671: The Group of Four

Chapter 2672: A Terrifying Sword Formation

Chapter 2673: Past Acquaintances

Chapter 2674: Slain

Chapter 2675: Threat

Chapter 2676: Surrounded by Admirers

Chapter 2677: The Hundred Tribulations Godking Pill

Chapter 2678: A Grand Exalt’s Successor Appears

Chapter 2679: The Heavenly Crane Clan

Chapter 2680: Attracting Attention

Chapter 2681: He Qianqian’s Attempt

Chapter 2682: An Enormous Group

Chapter 2683: Within the World of the Fallen Beast

Chapter 2684: The Two World Mountains

Chapter 2685: Setting Off

Chapter 2686: At a Complete Advantage

Chapter 2687: An Initial Clash

Chapter 2688: Difficult Progress

Chapter 2689: Hidden Issues

Chapter 2690: Teaching a Lesson

Chapter 2691: Exposure of Ability

Chapter 2692: Catching Jin Hong’s Attention

Chapter 2693: Settling Down

Chapter 2694: Secret Thoughts

Chapter 2695: Life-devouring Beast Herd

Chapter 2696: A Grand Exalt’s Secret Technique

Chapter 2697: The Beast King

Chapter 2698: Leaving the Group

Chapter 2699: Harvesting En Masse

Chapter 2700: A Strange Sight

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