Chapter 1012 – Assurance Through Putting His Life on the Line, Possession of the Battle Demon

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Chapter 1012 – Assured With His Life, Possession of the Battle Demon

The Unraging monk did not wait for the Dauntless monk’s reply after that, saying to Li Qingshan, “Let’s go!”

“Master…” Li Qingshan suddenly had no idea what to say.

“What, you really want to be imprisoned here?” The Unraging monk smiled.

“How dare you mess with me!” Li Qingshan was furious. It was no wonder the Unraging monk had seemingly become someone completely different all of a sudden. Every single thing he said was basically an attempt at infuriating him.

“Damned brat, so what if I’m messing with you? You were yammering away, calling me bald ass. We’re basically even now.” The Unraging monk went back to being as casual as before, which left Li Qingshan wondering whether he should feel happy or furious.

The two of them left the Demon Suppression hall together. The Dauntless monk and the One Lamp monk had already vanished.

The Unraging monk sat down heavily on the stone tablet in front of the hall again and began dining with his alcohol and meat.

“He must have been the one who told you to come down!” Li Qingshan took half the alcohol and meat for himself and guessed at what had happened. If it were not for the Dauntless monk stirring up trouble between them, the Unraging monk would have never fought him.

“It’s not.” The Unraging monk gulped down some alcohol.

“You’re afraid that my temperament would change drastically after switching to the Battle Demon Statuary, which was why you intentionally tested me?” Li Qingshan asked.

Judging a person by their cultivation method was not actually simple or crude in the cultivation community. A cultivation method’s influence on a cultivator was extremely profound, especially among those demonic cultivators and demonfolk who practised demon arts. Finding a good person among them was as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.

Even with the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine, he would probably end up entirely different if he did not have the spirit turtle’s suppression and the phoenix’s balancing. Even if he managed to maintain a bit of his true nature, he would definitely be much more violent, stubborn, and uncontrollable.

After converting the Demon Suppression Statuary into the Battle Demon Statuary, his personality had indeed been influenced slightly. He became a little more irritable, and his offensive power had grown much greater. Otherwise, he would not have been infuriated by the Unraging monk so easily.

“Not exactly. I trust you enough, but not everyone understands you like me. Don’t blame the Dauntless abbot either. I only have to be held responsible for you, but he has to be held responsible for the entire monastery!”

Ever since the Unraging monk witnessed Li Qingshan’s battle with Si Qing, especially when he stopped the black dragon directly with a single hand, he knew he was hiding a great power.

As a result, he ventured into the Demon Suppression hall and intentionally provoked Li Qingshan verbally, even using suppressing him as a threat. In the end, he purposefully revealed an opening. He did not do this to test whether he had become a demon, but to prove to the Dauntless monk that he was not an enemy of the monastery.

In order to make others believe the vicious tiger was not dangerous, all they could do was venture into the cage themselves. This was how the Unraging monk took responsibility for his disciple. When he assured him by putting his very life on the line, even the Dauntless monk had nothing else he could say. Even if he could not accept the Demon King Li Qingshan, all he could do was leave Li Qingshan up to the Unraging monk to handle. That was the understanding and trust between them as senior and junior brothers.

“Thank you for ‘trusting me enough’!” Li Qingshan glanced at the plump monk in front of him deeply and felt a little touched, raising his jar of alcohol high into the air.

“That punch of yours sure was vicious. Surely you weren’t actually thinking about killing your own master back then!”

The Unraging monk recalled Li Qingshan’s punch and really felt a little shaken inside. He had guessed Li Qingshan’s true strength to be very great, but only when he experienced it in person did he learn it was actually that great.

“Your ability at mockery doesn’t even live up to eighty percent of mine. There’s nothing strange about wanting to kill my master. Though, if I actually became determined to kill, you definitely wouldn’t have been able to leave the ninth floor!”

Li Qingshan smiled drunkenly as he drank. He was decisive in nature. He either avoided it altogether or went all out. If he actually wanted to kill the Unraging monk, that punch would not have been just that.

In reality, he had not even used a hint of daemon qi, or any innate abilities.

When the Unraging monk heard that, he was taken aback. He studied Li Qingshan carefully. “Just what else are you hiding?”

“A person like me has always been so unfathomable!” Li Qingshan laughed aloud.

“I suddenly feel some regret now. I just feel like you’ll stir up some big trouble for me in the future. Perhaps I really should suppress you in the Demon Suppression hall.” The Unraging monk shook his head.

“Then let me give you another opportunity!”

Li Qingshan smiled and turned around, entering the Demon Suppression hall again. He made his way straight to the ninth floor and sat down below the Demon Suppression statue. He wanted to use it to completely deduce the Battle Demon Statuary.

The Unraging monk let out a great sigh. He really had no idea whether it was a curse or a blessing to have a disciple like him.

Time flew by. Several more months had passed.

“So I’ve still ended up with only eighty to ninety percent in the end!”

Li Qingshan stood up. He did not have the original version after all. The deductions of the spirit turtle were already approaching the limit. If he continued like this, it would only lead to a negligible difference, but he had not ended up with nothing either. He could even describe it as a great surprise.

“Apparition of the Battle Demon!” Li Qingshan bellowed out.

Demon qi surged out, condensing into a battle demon behind him. It was much larger and more consolidated than before.

“Possession of the Battle Demon!”

The battle demon suddenly leaned forwards, falling on Li Qingshan. The wisps of demon qi stretched and curled, completely merging into his body. It turned his skin to a dark red as black demonic markings intertwined together, filled with an aura of violence. The pair of war banners on his back were flagrantly inscribed with the words “Battle Demon”.

His expression became ferocious and ruthless, but his body had not changed much. Only his muscles had become even firmer and stronger, but he could sense the power surging through him. In terms of human cultivation alone, his strength had reached a new peak at this very moment.

Originally, he could not maintain this state for too long. Not only would his demon qi be exhausted rapidly, but it also placed an extremely great burden on his body as well. However, with Li Qingshan’s physique, he could withstand this burden with ease.

Most importantly, the Battle Demon Statuary and the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine truly melded together. It was unlike the Demon Suppression Statuary he practised before, where his demonic armour had been smashed to pieces in just a few attacks. In short, it had not been exceptionally useful before.

If he used it with the Frenzy of the Tiger Demon, his battle prowess would be instantly elevated to a whole new level. That would be the peak in his overall strength.

He could not deduce the complete version of the Battle Demon Statuary, but he had decided to fill in the remaining ten to twenty percent as he wished. It might even end up stronger than the original version.

“Blade of the Battle Demon!”

With a swing of his hand, the demon qi condensed into a long blade. It was somewhat shaped like Tiger’s Fang, except it was much larger. The thick, wide blade was curved too, which made it seem much more dangerous.

The Blade of the Battle Demon was condensed from demon qi, but its nature resembled the Demon Suppression Tower slightly. It definitely was no weaker than any regular demonic treasure, and it could shrink or expand as its master wished. He never had to worry about it being destroyed either.

However, Li Qingshan ended up shaking his head. Condensing a Blade of the Battle Demon would take up demon qi and effort, which was not worth it when he was in the state of the Possession of the Battle Demon. What he required right now definitely was not just a weapon on this level. It had to be even stronger than Tiger’s Fang.

Li Qingshan arrived outside the Demon Suppression hall and waved his hand at the Unraging monk. “Master, my demonic treasure please!”

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