Chapter 1019 – Xiao An Emerges

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Chapter 1019 – Xiao An Emerges

Oh no, it’ll be troublesome if the Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower actually cuts down Yue Wuyang!

Li Qingshan was just about to stop them when Yue Wuyang let out a bellow. A circular wave of air swept out from him, reaching several dozen kilometers away and blasting the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End away.

Yue Wuyang’s eyes were blood-red, and he rippled with muscles. His wounds rapidly recovered, just like a true Asura King. He entered an explosive state similar to the Frenzy of the Tiger Demon and rushed towards the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End. He was several times faster than earlier as he swung out with his halberd.

A streak of sharp light moved like lightning, tearing through everything in its path like it was unstoppable.

“It’s finally getting a little interesting.” The Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower smiled and swung the blade to receive the attack, only to suddenly vanish.

“Fellow Yue, I think we should stop here!”

Li Qingshan reached in and scooped the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End out of the Asura Field.

The Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower roared furiously, “Li Qingshan, I warned you! Don’t stick your nose in this!”

“You can’t kill him,” Li Qingshan said with certainty.

“Who said!” The Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End shook violently.

“Don’t underestimate him so much. If he can’t beat you, that doesn’t mean he can’t run away,” said Li Qingshan.

“Shut up. Where can he run off to in the Asura Field?”

“I never said I would trap him for you.”

“You traitorous son of a bitch!”

“Shut your mouth, bitch! This is your battle, not mine!”

The man and the blade cussed away at each other, such that even the Unraging monk became embarrassed as he listened to them. He was also shocked by the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End’s might. With that sword in hand, even a mortal could kill a great cultivator, so just what kind of power would it possess in Li Qingshan’s hand?

Yue Wuyang’s chest heaved a few times violently, and only then did his eyes turn back to normal. The battle had caused him quite the impact. He had actually almost lost to a blade, but it also roused his desires. If he could obtain a weapon like that, then his strength would undergo an overwhelming change. With a flash, he arrived before the Asura Altar of Armaments and gazed at the mottled stone disc. His eyes shone.

Before long, Yue Wuyang emerged from the Asura Field, having tidied up his clothes already. He said seriously, “Fellow, please lend the Asura Altar of Armaments to me!”

He completely recognised Li Qingshan’s strength now, no longer treating him as a junior.


In the Chain mountains, in the Qing Xiao dwelling.

Thirty-three Skull Prayer Beads spun through the air, constantly shifting position and maintaining the Skeleton Demon Formation the entire time. They kicked up a fierce wind in the centre of the mountain, ruffling Xiao An’s bluish-white monk robes.

With a wave of her hand, the skulls turned back into prayer beads and strung together, returning to her pale wrist.

She sank into a moment of thought. Suddenly, she began to radiate with a faint, golden glow, which made her seem solemn. Anyone who saw her would be filled with a deep sense of reverence.

She raised her hand with the Sull Prayer Beads, and the light all gathered on it, gilding the shiny, white prayer beads with a layer of gold. They no longer seemed wicked at all, instead seeming like supreme treasures of buddhism.

Only then did she step out of the dwelling. Mist flowed through the mountains, and the rain formed a continuous chain. The mountains had become lush and verdant again.

“You’ve hidden yourself for all this time, which hasn’t been easy on you. You can come out now!” Xiao An’s clear voice echoed through the mountains.

A hoarse, brutal voice rang out, “I heard you’re Li Qingshan’s cultivation partner, as well as the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga’s most outstanding disciple?”

Xiao An leapt onto the peak of a mountain and drew the Affliction Severing blade in the process, raising it high into the air.

“The Affliction Severing blade!” the voice said in surprise.

“The Affliction Severing blade,” Xiao An repeated calmly.

“Where did you get this blade from?”

The clouds and mist suddenly parted, and a locust the size of a ship rushed down. The buzzing wings were deafening, producing the shrill whistling of wind.


The mountain beneath Xiao An’s feet collapsed, and boulders shot off in all directions. She had already arrived on another mountain.

The locust Daemon Commander’s colossal compound eyes reflected countless figures of Xiao An. He was filled with surprise. Her strength far surpassed his expectations, but he stopped caring about all this with what Xiao An said next.

“Do you want to know the Golden Cicada Spirit King’s whereabouts?”

“The Golden Cicada Spirit King!” The Soaring Locust King ground his teeth. During the countless days and nights beneath the Demon Suppression hall, he had been thinking about how he would get his revenge, but there was no hatred that ran deeper and cut deeper than this one.

“The Golden Cicada Spirit King,” Xiao An repeated calmly again.

“Tell me where he is exactly! I can spare your life!” the Soaring Locust King said.

“He’s right in the Ruyi commandery, and he’ll be ascending soon. If you want to stop him, then prepare yourself!” Xiao An said emotionlessly.

“Where in the Ruyi commandery?” The Soaring Locust King pressed further. The Ruyi commander spanned several thousand kilometers. Finding a great Daemon King hidden there was as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.

“You will know when the heavenly tribulation descends,” said Xiao An.

“You’ll tell me right now!” The Soaring Locust King roared and rushed towards Xiao An again.

Xiao An stood on the top of the mountain and opened her mouth slightly. The mountains suddenly became dyed with a holy light as the cries of a dragon filled the surroundings.

“Monk King!”

The locust Daemon Commander exclaimed. His colossal body disintegrated in the dragon’s cry, and a single strand of Samādhi Flames of White Bone swept out in the dazzling light, collecting the resources.

The light gradually dimmed. Clouds and mist coiled through the mountains.

“I don’t need you to spare my life.” Xiao An sheathed the blade before turning around and taking off.

Several mountains away, Ru Xin emerged from her dwelling with a vicious plague ghost beside her. She touched her chin and thought for a moment before smiling and tailing behind her closely, flying off into the clouds.


In the Lake of Dragons and Snakes, there was an uninhabited island so small that basically no one recognised it to be an island. The bustling disciples of the Academy of the Hundred Schools all avoided this island from afar, not only because this was where the White Wolf commander cultivated in peace, but also because terrifying screams would regularly ring out from there.

Regardless of day or night, the freezing winters or scorching summers, the screams that seemed to originate from the depths of hell lingered in everyone’s minds.

A few months ago, a disciple from the school of Legalism wanted to approach the island and obtain a fortuitous opportunity from this senior of the school of Legalism, but before he could even set foot on the island, he returned to his residence without a single shred of blood on his face. He died from madness very soon, and as a result, no one dared to approach this place again.

At this moment, the screams rang out once more. In the centre of the lush island, a naked woman knelt on the ground as gorgeous tiny snakes wrapped around her body, slithering around on her skin. They would sometimes raise their heads from her skin and taste the air with their green tongues. Her appearance, which could be regarded as quite beautiful, was now twisted because of the pain. Her eyes were filled with hatred, which made her seem even more ugly, like a fiend that had fallen into the very depths of hell.

Suddenly, the hell snakes became restless, all raising their heads and gazing in the same direction. They were filled with hostility.

Qian Rongzhi raised her head and saw a figure approach her. Her steps were light and silent, like she trod on the wind, while her clothes drifted through the air. Qian Rongzhi could not help but hold her breath. As the figure approached her, the hell snakes settled back down again, diving into her skin and linking together to form eerily-beautiful tattoos.

Xiao An said, “You wanted to see me?”

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