Chapter 1030 – Battle Between Light and Dark

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Chapter 1030 – Battle Between Light and Dark

The Dark Queen’s eyes narrowed suddenly, but there was not the slightest hint of fear or hesitance. There was only bone-deep hatred. “Light Queen!”

The streak of light was like a moonbeam, piercing the layer of clouds in the sky and arriving above the city. Suddenly, it came to a halt, revealing the figure of a woman. The woman wore a simple palace dress, bright and noble in appearance, but she did have a pair of firm, straight eyebrows.

She called out coldly, “Dark Queen, how dare you come to the north and act so wildly. I’m not sparing you today! One Sword as a Myriad!” With a casual swing of her hand, she emitted a streak of glorious light that suddenly split into thousands in the middle of the air, raining down like a storm.

“Umbral Ghost Domain!”

The Dark Queen took a step forward, and her large sleeves drifted in the air. Gloomy ghost qi immediately rose up from the ruins, forming a dense ghost domain. Twisting faces of ghosts received the downpour of swords.

Li Qingshan darted about, grabbing Ru Xin and Yu Zijian by the shoulder and taking them away from this battlefield. They arrived on a tall building in the distance, only to see the streaks of light land on the ghost domain and produce ripples.

The streaks of light were devoured and absorbed by the ghost qi, while the ghost qi was agitated and dispersed by the streaks of light. They were yin and yang, one forceful and one flexible, just like natural, sworn enemies.

There were no violent booms from the collisions, only deep explosions of air that immediately sucked the entire city into the storm. Countless pieces of rubble swept through the air before being ground to pieces.

All of the dark clouds in the sky dispersed, and the half-moon shone dimly like a half-closed eye that observed the two women’s crazed hatred for one another.

“Why didn’t you save senior brother Fu?” Yu Zijian asked.

“Because I only have a pair of hands.”

Li Qingshan raised both arms, expressing his powerlessness. He was not a good person who always took the high road. Fu Qingjin had made quite a lot of trouble for him in the past, so it would only be best if he died here. Most importantly, his interference could restrain the Light Queen and give the Dark Queen the opportunity to retreat with ease.

However, the developments took him by surprise. The Dark Queen had no intentions of retreating. Instead, she summoned a few more vicious Ghost Kings that rushed towards the Light Queen with gloomy ghost flames. She wanted a battle to the death!

Fu Qingjin powered the Green Ruins sword as hard as he could. He merged with his sword and turned into a streak of green light, charging out of the battlefield. The Dark Queen suddenly appeared before him and extended a beautiful, pale hand, grabbing the streak of light.


Fu Qingjin felt like he was about to suffocate to death, even though it had already been many years since he last needed to breathe to sustain his life. The slender hand was even more terrifying than the Ghost King’s claws. A wisp of bone-chilling coldness spread through him, even freezing his soul. He could not maintain his current state with the sword anymore.

“You bitch, don’t you dare harm the disciples of our Sword Collection palace!”

The sky suddenly lit up. The sword erupted with white light, forcing back the Ghost Kings. The Light Queen charged into the gloomy ghost domain with just her sword, heading straight for the Dark Queen. Her sword thrummed in an overwhelming display of might.

The Dark Queen turned around with composure, and her lips curled into a slight sneer. “Sure enough, she’s come!”

She held a tiny banner in her hand, which she gently waved at the Light Queen.

Immediately, the howls of a thousand ghosts filled the surroundings.

“The Myriad Ghost Banner!” The Light Queen raised an eyebrow, and the sword in her hand trembled violently, but it had already lost its original rhythm as if it was about to escape from her hand.

The Myriad Ghost Banner was the treasure of the Umbral Yin sect. The ghosts that went into it were much more than just ten thousand. Instead, it ranged into the hundreds of thousand, the millions. It gathered countless vicious ghosts and vengeful spirits. The vengefulness and ghost qi was so heavy that it could even make the world pale.

The Dark Queen had gently released Fu Qingjin, but his mind continued to rumble. He felt like his sea of consciousness had exploded. Immediately, he parted from his sword and blood sprayed from his mouth, which rapidly darkened in the air. He flew off into the distance.

“Senior brother!”

Yu Zijian cried out and wanted to fly towards Fu Qingjin, but the ghost howls filled her with weakness and disgust, making her collapse on one knee. Her cultivation was far too weak. Even under the second-hand effects from so far away, she still found it rather difficult to withstand.

Li Qingshan released a ring of demon qi and blocked out the ghost howls. However, the building under his feet collapsed too.

Fu Qingjin fell to the ground unconscious, but his body continued to jerk around violently. The gloomy ghost qi rapidly invaded his body. Death was close.

“This sure is quite a sight!”

Li Qingshan shielded the moonlight from his eyes and watched leisurely. He did not have any good impressions towards either of the combatants. The only one he cared about was Xuanyue, but who knew where the Dark Queen had shoved her. She was nowhere to be seen, which made him wonder if she was in any danger or not.

Suddenly, he felt his wrist tighten. Yu Zijian grabbed his arm firmly and lowered her head. “Niu Juxia, I know my senior brother has treated you horribly, but please save him!”

Li Qingshan originally wanted to decline, but upon hearing “Niu Juxia”, he could not help but waver. He thought, Even if kiddo Fu survives, he’s basically crippled, and I’ll basically have my revenge, so saving him really makes no difference. It’s about time for me to separate these two women too.

“Take care of her!”

He instructed Ru Xin before leaping out, arriving at the edge of the battlefield. He picked up the unconscious Fu Qingjin with one hand as he fiddled around with the Green Ruins sword in the other. Sure enough, the sword was dim, while Fu Qingjin’s vitality was as feeble as it could get.

Li Qingshan dug his ear with a little finger, as he found the ghost howls to be a little noisy. However, he suddenly heard something, and his eyes flashed coldly. He looked up.


The others felt no different, while the Light Queen at the forefront of the battle experienced tremendous pressure too. She ground her teeth secretly, This ghost bitch has actually obtained the Myriad Ghost Banner, and she’s targeting me! She assumed a defensive stance with a swing of her sword. The snowy-white light blocked out the howls.

The Dark Queen stabbed the Myriad Ghost Banner into the ground conveniently, and the Umbral Ghost Domain that was on the brink of collapse immediately consolidated again, sealing up the region. Several Ghost Kings descended from above, surrounding the Light Queen.

“You bitch! Give me back my child’s life!” The Dark Queen’s soft voice pierced through the howls like a golden thread on white cloth. It was clear and memorable.

“Who knows how your child died! Speaking of which, I always thought you liked dead ghosts!” The Light Queen sneered.

Before the Dark Queen could say anything, a voice as cold as steel interrupted them, asking the Light Queen, “What did you say?”

“Who are you?”

The Light Queen was slightly surprised as she found it rather difficult to make out Li Qingshan’s origins. He could be regarded as a friend for saving Yu Zijian, but he also intentionally neglected Fu Qingjin, only appearing when he was almost about to die. Now, he had come to question her.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. I’m only asking you a single question. Were you responsible for her child’s death?” Li Qingshan arrived right before the two of them and clenched his fist tightly as he asked.

“Go away. This has nothing to do with you!”

The Dark Queen was worried that Li Qingshan had come to interfere again. The strength he displayed earlier was enough to ruin her plans.

“You foolish woman, do you really think you can kill her? She’s clearly treating herself as bait! Do you really want to die here?”

Li Qingshan turned around and scolded. He had realised a long time ago that the Light Queen’s cultivation surpassed the Dark Queen’s. Even with the Myriad Ghost Banner, she could not kill her easily. The reason why she behaved like she had been so overwhelmed, even intentionally provoking the Dark Queen, was to keep her here.

The Dark Queen and Light Queen’s faces changed.

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