Chapter 1031 – Much Suspicion

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Chapter 1031 – Much Suspicion

“Answer me!”

Li Qingshan clenched his first firmly as killing intent built up in his heart.

The Dark Queen did not possess the ability to kill the Light Queen, but he did! As long as the Light Queen was bold enough to admit it, then he was bold enough to kill her immediately. Fuck the King of Chu’s Estate and the Sword Collection palace. This was a line they should have never crossed with him!

“It’s got nothing to do with me!” the Light Queen said proudly.

“Liar!” the Dark Queen said. The Ghost Kings howled out and lunged towards the Light Queen.

“Die, bitch!” The Light Queen swung her sword to receive them. She became wrapped in light as she became caught among the Ghost Kings, but she held her ground firmly.

At this moment, two majestic streaks of light rushed over from the horizon as if they were proving what Li Qingshan had said.

The Dark Queen furrowed her brows and wanted to retreat, but the Light Queen stuck close to her. She was determined to kill this mortal enemy here and then.

Li Qingshan stood in the centre of the battlefield. The fierce winds swept up his long hair as he released his fist, lowering his head in thought. He took out an item from within his clothes, a curved horn.

It was the exact same xiezhi’s point that had almost pushed him into dire straits several decades ago, possessing the wondrous ability to detect lies. He had found it in Fu Qingjin’s sumeru ring, and it had not responded to what the Light Queen said.

Of course, perhaps the Light Queen possessed ways to fool the xiezhi’s horn, but Li Qingshan’s gut feeling told him that the Light Queen did not seem to be lying.

The Dark Queen was so certain that the Light Queen was the murderer, except she was more like a stubborn mother who had lost her child. She did not have any convincing evidence. If she actually did possess evidence, then the Fierce King of Chu probably would not have ignored this and treated it as a cold case.

There were many details involved that invoked suspicion, such as how the witch in Crouching Ox village practised the Umbral Yin Ghost Control technique and not the sword control techniques of the Sword Collection palace. Looking at it now, the witch could not be much stronger than a regular mortal, so how was she able to refine Xiao An’s soul into a ghost slave?

Many questions flooded his mind. Li Qingshan shook his head and stowed the xiezhi’s horn away again. Since even Xiao An was uncertain about who the murderer was, he did not want to do anything recklessly like a ruffian. He would take his time and investigate!

However, no matter who the murderer was, Li Qingshan was prepared to butcher their entire family!

Looking up again, he saw the Dark Queen stuck with the Light Queen, unable to break away from her any time soon. The two streaks of light on the horizon pincered the Dark Queen from left and right. The combined efforts of three great sword cultivators was enough to kill the Dark Queen here.

“Possession of the Battle Demon!”

Li Qingshan growled, and his demon heart flashed. The image of the battle demon imprinted on his back swelled and blurred, flowing until it covered him completely. It merged with him, turning him into a battle demon!

Immediately, demon qi flooded out into the surroundings, and Li Qingshan leapt up, wielding his fingers like a blade and clashing it against the Light Queen’s sword. He was using the bladesmanship he had learnt from the Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower, which was perfect for disrupting the Light Queen’s attack.

The Dark Queen used this opportunity to escape into the distance. She stared at Li Qingshan and felt rather perplexed. This man claimed to be an elder of the Sword Collection palace and had just saved the disciples of the Sword Collection palace, yet he was helping her now. His actions really were puzzling!

“You’re asking to die, brat!”

The Light Queen became even more furious. Her sword moved violently, as sharp as lightning.

Li Qingshan swung his hands with ease and dismantled the moves as they came at him. He did not lose the upper hand at all. He said to the Dark Queen, “You can go!”

He did not exactly respect her or have any good impression of her, but she was Xiao An’s mother after all. Li Qingshan would never allow himself to watch her die here.

The Dark Queen turned around and drifted away. The two streaks of light pursued her for a good distance, but they still ended up giving up and turning around.

One of them was a tall and upright middle-aged man. With his sword in hand, he stood like a lone mountain. His aura even surpassed the Light Queen’s, making him the strongest sword cultivator Li Qingshan had seen in his life. The other one was much younger and his appearance bore some resemblance to the Light Queen’s. He was dressed in the faint-yellow clothes befitting of a swordsman and gave off a bearing of brilliant splendour like someone chosen by heaven.

Together with the Light Queen, they sealed off Li Qingshan’s path of retreat.

“You can die in her place!”

With a flash, the Light Queen pulled back and stared at Li Qingshan coldly.

The three great sword cultivators assembled a sword formation and surrounded Li Qingshan. Killing intent filled the air!

“I saved your disciples for heaven’s sake. Do you have to treat me like an enemy?”

Li Qingshan laid out his hands and smiled. In the current world, people who could force him into dire straits basically no longer existed anymore. Even the Dragon King of Ink Sea could not do that. It just seemed like he could not get his freebie from the Sword Collection palace anymore.

“Are you from the Demon domain?”

The master of the Sword Collection palace gazed at Li Qingshan. He radiated with surging demon qi, clearly a Demon King, and one that was even stronger than regular Demon Kings. Unless it was during an age where the Demon domain launched a large-scale invasion, Demon Kings like him would all be stationed in demon caverns. They would not be rampaging through the world.

“No, I’m a buddhist disciple, as well as a guest elder of the Sword Collection palace.” Li Qingshan shrugged.

“Nonsense!” The Light Queen rebuked. It was already funny enough when he said he was a buddhist disciple. The Sword Collection palace had no elder like him!

However, the master of the Sword Collection palace thought of something, and his eyes shone. “You’re Li Qingshan!”

“Someone knows my name for once,” said Li Qingshan.

“So you’re Li Qingshan!” the young man said in surprise.

“Do you have any evidence?”

“Palace master, he really is Li Qingshan. He saved us just now!” Yu Zijian arrived nearby with the unconscious Fu Qingjin.

“Don’t come over here, Zijian!” The Light Queen called out.

“Yes, but he has no ill intentions. First senior brother, please save senior brother Fu quickly!” Yu Zijian stopped where she was and pleaded with the young man.

Li Qingshan thought, Another first senior brother, and he’s the first senior brother of the Sword Collection palace.

“Don’t panic, Zijian. Palace master, mother, Qingjin’s life is more important right now!” Ji Xuanri said.

Not only was he the first senior brother of the Sword Collection palace, but he was even the first one to undergo the third heavenly tribulation among the younger generation, as well as the son of the Fierce King of Chu and the Light Queen, the crown prince of the Green province humans. If nothing went wrong, he was the next king of Chu, truly someone chosen by the heavens.

“The Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga can actually allow the existence of a disciple like you?” The palace master swung his hand, and a streak of light shot out, entering Fu Qingjin’s body. The gloomy ghost qi was immediately forced out.

“The Dauntless abbot has said that I possess a great buddha nature,” said Li Qingshan.

“Why exactly have you come here?”

“I’m a guest elder of the Sword Collection palace. The Sword Collection palace still owes me a sword!” Li Qingshan said.

“Since you’re a guest elder, why did you assist the Umbral Yin sect?” the palace master asked.

“I’ve always loathed unfair embarrassment in my life, so I couldn’t help myself but help out and uphold justice. As for the exact sect or palace involved, I didn’t really consider that.”

“Oh! You’re a Demon King, but you know what helping out and upholding justice is,” said the palace master.

“That, my friend, has nothing to do with you. If you’re not going to do anything, then I’m leaving.” Li Qingshan flew off.

“Hold on!” The palace master blocked his path in a flash, and the Light Queen and Ji Xuanri cooperated. The sword formation continued to seal Li Qingshan in, preventing him from setting even a foot out.

“You actually want to kill me?” Li Qingshan said.

“You’re a guest elder of the Sword Collection palace. Since we promised you a sword, come and collect it in the Sword Collection palace!”

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