Chapter 1042 – Do You Know Your Crimes?

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Chapter 1042 – Do You Know Your Crimes?

Li Qingshan looked around, only to see the confused Li Xiaoyao. He had decided a long time ago to end this tie, but the feeling of their connected bloodline could not be severed. He recalled how the name “Xiaoyao” came from his horrible tastes, so he said, “Come with me!”

“Me? To where?” Li Xiaoyao pointed at himself.

“What’re you asking so many questions for? I saw that you possess a bit of talent, so I want to take you out for training!”

Li Qingshan grabbed Li Xiaoyao by the shoulder and flew off. The protective sword formation no longer obstructed him, so they vanished into the horizon in the blink of an eye.

The group of disciples were dumbfounded. They had no idea what had just happened. The short, plump man sighed. “Sigh, Xiaoyao is really in luck. He’s actually caught the honoured guest elder’s eye. Sigh, why don’t I have that kind of luck?”

“Honoured guest elder, where are we going for training?”

Li Xiaoyao had arrived at such a high altitude for the first time in his life. He only saw the landscape on the ground rapidly changing beneath him. Apart from an instinctive sensation of fear, he also felt an irrepressible sense of excitement inside.

“We’re here!” With a twist, Li Qingshan descended rapidly.

At first, Li Xiaoyao felt the world spin around him before the ground flew right into his face. He could not help but pale in fright. He felt like his heart was about to beat out of his chest.

With a thud, Li Qingshan landed on the ground, only kicking up some dust.

Li Xiaoyao threw himself onto the ground, still feeling like the world was spinning around him. It took him quite a moment to recover. He looked around at the surroundings, but all he discovered was they were at the foot of a barren mountain. It did not even seem as precipitous as the mountains in the Sword Collection palace.

“Honoured guest elder, where are we right now?”

“Don’t call me honoured guest elder!” Li Qingshan called out. He had basically grown completely sick of that term of reference now.

“Then… s- senior!” Li Xiaoyao shivered inside and felt his knees buckle slightly. It was basically even more terrifying than flying through the sky.

“Why’re you so afraid? Am I supposed to eat you?” Li Qingshan said with displeasure.

However, Li Qingshan had forgotten about the fact that he was furious right now. He was surrounded in the fierceness and ruthlessness of a Daemon King and Demon King unknowingly, which was truly enough to frighten people to death.

If it were not for the fact that Li Xiaoyao believed this uncle of his would not harm him, he probably would have turned around and fled a long time ago. He gritted his teeth and said with a trembling voice, “No, you won’t!”

Li Qingshan sighed. “You know who I am to you. Maintaining your distance from me is not a bad thing for you. You’ll understand in the future. Anyways, the Sword Collection palace is not a good place. Don’t go back.”

“Ah!” Li Xiaoyao cried out.

All Li Xiaoyao ever wanted to be was a swordsman. He had joined the Sword Collection palace after so much difficulty and lasted for all these decades. He was just about to pull out a sword from the Sword Collection peak, yet he had been asked to never return. That was basically like killing him.

Before he could object or plead with him, a huge hand that resembled a dark cloud loomed over him, grabbing him by the head.

“Let’s just say you’re lucky today! Originally, you might not even be able to come into contact with this Sword Collection Manual of Heaven and Earth even in a thousand years’ time, but I’m passing it onto you now. How much you can comprehend will depend on your own ability.”

The various combinations and changes in the Sword Domain of Heaven and Earth were reflected in Li Qingshan’s sea of consciousness, which he directly imprinted onto Li Xiaoyao’s mind.

Li Xiaoyao convulsed like he was being electrocuted. Unimaginable pain shot right through his body as if an entire world had been squeezed in against his will, making his body and soul swell up to a thousand times their original size. He felt like his head was about to explode. He wanted to faint, but it was also terrifyingly clear, allowing him to closely sense every single shred of pain.

In reality, if Li Qingshan had not suppressed him with the spirit turtle, he would have directly blown up on the spot.

As for whether Li Xiaoyao would directly go insane, that was not within Li Qingshan’s considerations. Such a great fortune had fallen into his lap. If he could not even withstand this little bit of suffering, then he could go and die!

It hurts! Let me die! Li Xiaoyao wailed out inside.

Li Xiaoyao truly wanted to die. Suddenly, a gentle breeze swept past his face. He was like a person coming across a droplet of dew when they were about to die from thirst in the desert. It was not enough to save his life, but it did bring him great comfort.

He tried gathering his focus on it, and in a daze, he saw the flow of sword qi. His mind shuddered.

Even without talent, even without an affinity for comprehension, this was what he loved the most, the sword!

Like the rainbow light refracted by a droplet of dew, his mind gradually absorbed the endless wonders within, allowing him to withstand this pain.

The first move of the Sword Collection Manual of Heaven and Earth!

The three thousand sword moves appeared one by one. Li Qingshan used a method of absolute crudeness to directly imprint the Sword Collection Manual of Heaven and Earth onto Li Xiaoyao’s mind.

Li Xiaoyao felt like ten thousand years had just passed, except the sun continued to shine in the sky, only shifting by a tiny amount.

Li Qingshan removed his hand, and Li Xiaoyao immediately collapsed on the ground like a wooden puppet with its strings severed. Before he fainted, he heard Li Qingshan’s deep voice. “At least you have a bit of endurance. You haven’t let down your name, Li Xiaoyao. Don’t forget about what I said. Stay away from the Sword Collection palace!”

“Yes, uncle,” Li Xiaoyao murmured in reply.

Li Qingshan smiled, but the smile immediately vanished soon after. He looked up in the direction of Great Buddha mountain. He had a feeling that the conferment ceremony this time would be anything but peaceful.

Of course, something had happened every single time he returned to Great Buddha mountain, but what exactly was waiting for him this time?

The Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga.

Because it was a peaceful land of buddhist cultivation, there were no splendid decorations. It had just been cleaned carefully. However, the monks and disciples were all filled with joy. Ever since the Soaring Locust King escaped from the Demon Suppression hall, the entire mountain had been shrouded in dark clouds.

Under the Soaring Locust King’s vengeful attacks, the news of fallen colleagues constantly rang through their ears. Countless lives had died in the mouths of the insects too. The One Lamp monk was not the only one who felt sinful. Every single disciple of the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga felt like they were responsible, unable to face their fellow monks and followers.

But with the birth of a new Monk King, an opening seemed to appear in these dark clouds, finally giving them some relief. The Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga would never be defeated by any danger!

Three streaks of light shot across the air, landing at the entrance. They turned into the master of the Sword Collection palace, the Light Queen and Ji Xuanri. The monk for reception came up to receive them in a hurry.

The palace master said loudly, “The Sword Collection palace has come to visit!”

“Welcome, palace master. Please forgive me for failing to welcome you at the entrance. Please come on up!” The Dauntless monk’s voice drifted down from the top of the mountain.

The three of them climbed up the stairs and passed through numerous gates, arriving before the grand hall. All they saw were the four guardian kings gathered together. Even the Unraging monk had changed into a new kasaya, standing there in a jolly mood.

After greeting one another, the palace master asked, “Where is fellow One Will?”

The Dauntless monk said, “One Will is still preparing herself behind the hall. Please spend a moment in the side hall first. The ceremony will begin very soon. She’ll come out to see you all by then.”

The Unraging monk personally led the way for the three of them, bringing them to the eastern side hall. Only then did he bid farewell and take his leave.

The Light Queen drew her sword, and with a gentle tremble, the blade of the sword vanished. The space there rippled, and Hua Chengzan rolled out.

The palace master stared at him from above. “Elder Hua, do you know your crimes?”

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