Chapter 1049 – I am Northmoon, I am Xiao An

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Chapter 1049 – I am Northmoon, I am Xiao An

Li Qingshan’s furious roar shook up the entire grand hall, ringing across all of Great Buddha mountain.

A small, white sword flew out from the droplets of blood, also having been blown away by the punch. It spiralled away and was eventually planted into the lotus pedestal beneath the buddha statue.

The tiny sword was half-transparent. There was the figure of a woman that resembled the Light Queen inside. It was the Light Queen’s sword nascence.

Li Qingshan pulled back his fist and did not even glance back a second time.

“Who are you?” Fear filled the Light Queen’s face. She recalled the secret that Hua Chengzan had failed to disclose.

Crack! A black crack appeared on the sword nascence. The sword nascence trembled a few times, but it was unable to stop the spread of the crack. It enveloped the entire sword, and the sword shattered violently!

Brilliant light poured out every door and window in the room. A circular wave of air swept out from Great Buddha mountain, reaching hundreds of kilometers away.

The light was like an ocean, and the sword qi surged violently. All of the great cultivators unleashed their defences to block the terrifying might from the shattered sword nascence.

Suddenly, the sounds of chanting rang out. Golden light enveloped the grand hall; the protective formation of the sect had been activated already.

The repercussions settled.

The sword had shattered, the person had died, and the nascence had been destroyed!

Anyone who stood in his way would die. He said it, and he did it.

The great bell behind the hall droned loudly. All of the great cultivators present felt like they had a bell like that in their heads. They were filled with disbelief. They basically suspected everything that unfolded before their eyes was merely a dream. A renowned great sword cultivator had just been slain with a single punch!?

Jin Fugui widened his eyes as his mouth drooped slightly, but he did not notice it all. Only now did he realise how hilarious and dangerous of a thing it was to say that he would teach Li Qingshan a lesson!

Yue Wuyang was stunned as well. Even though he already knew Li Qingshan was hiding much of his strength, he never expected him to actually be such a colossal existence. Suddenly, he recalled what the Asura King had said to him following that duel with Si Qing, “For some reason, I feel like I’ll be in danger of being finished off if I fought this kid instead! How strange!”

The Dark Queen was stunned too. She utterly hated the Light Queen, but everything had unfolded too quickly, so quickly that she could not relish in the retribution. Instead, she was filled with disbelief.

Gu Yanying smiled and sighed slightly. Had the kid from the mountains beneath the pine tree all those years ago finally reached this step?

The Green province spans fifteen thousand kilometers. The jianghu is only but a corner—this was a saying she had gifted him back then, but to him now, the Green province was only but a corner!

The Dauntless monk shut his eyes painfully. Was it another Golden Cicada Spirit King? No, it was a daemon even more terrifying than the Golden Cicada Spirit King. Even if it were the current Golden Cicada Spirit King, he would never be bold enough to strike valiantly and kill the Light Queen in the grand hall in front of so many great cultivators!

“I am Northmoon!” Li Qingshan said proudly.

He personally announced to the world the secret that Hua Chengzan would rather bite off his tongue to keep hidden!

He felt great delight inside. From this moment onwards, he no longer had to hide carefully. He no longer had to be all secretive. Li Qingshan was Northmoon, and Northmoon was Li Qingshan. If a path to the Nine Heavens really existed, then this would be the starting point!

Daemon King Northmoon!

The same three words filled the minds of all the great cultivators present. As it turned out, the Northmoon who had been hunted down over thousands of kilometers by the Dragon King of Ink Sea had always been hiding his identity! So he was not dead!

The blood that sprayed across the ground was bright and eye-catching, making them shiver inside. Among them, many were not stronger than the Light Queen. Stuck in the grand hall, they were like mortals trapped in the same cage as a vicious tiger. They experienced a sensation of fear, a sensation they had not experienced in a very long time. This was the threat of death!

“Qingshan, you- No wonder! No wonder!”

The Unraging monk gazed at the scarlet-haired, scarlet-eyed figure, and his smile suddenly became very wry. Just like that, everything illogical about Li Qingshan could be explained, but it was the last explanation he could ever want.

“Master, I hope you don’t regret taking me on as your disciple. Whether I’m a Demon King or a Daemon King, I am still me!” Li Qingshan pressed against his chest and said sincerely.

“Is there any point in saying all that now?” The Unraging monk let out a deep sigh. Damned disciple, oh damned disciple! Even if I believe you, what about the others? Perhaps you don’t need anyone else to believe in you anymore.

“Li Qingshan!” The Fierce King of Chu was overcome with fury, launching a palm strike towards Li Qingshan with as much force as he could.

At that moment, the surroundings began to twist and collapse. The great cultivators only experienced the side-effects of his strike, but they all felt like they had lost their footing.

All Li Qingshan felt was the world around him overturning and distorting. The buddha statue and murals in the surroundings became bizarre in appearance; it was as if they were mocking him, as if they were lamenting, as if they were sneering.

He thought, He truly is the lord of the Green province! The power behind that strike is definitely no less than the Dragon King of Ink Sea’s. However, that’s all there is!

His eyes flashed, seeing through the bizarre landscape. He struck back with a palm strike.


The two palms collided, and the twisted world recovered.

The Fierce King of Chu was filled with shock and fury, staring at Li Qingshan in disbelief. The power behind his strike was enough to even crumble a mountain, yet Li Qingshan did not budge at all. He was like a mountain forged from metal, completely immovable. Instead, a great force well beyond what the Fierce King of Chu could withstand flowed over, together with a strange power of tremors.

When it came to struggles of physical strength, Li Qingshan had never lost to anyone before, not even the Dragon King of Ink Sea.

“Your majesty the King of Chu, your woman was far too noisy, and her mouth was as foul as it could get. I have no idea how you put up with her, but I can’t.” Li Qingshan shrugged. “Sorry, Xiao An. I messed up your plan.” Then he smiled at Ji Xuanri. “You too!”


Ji Xuanri let out a furious roar and drew the Spirit Destroying sword, about to avenge the Light Queen. However, right when he took a step, the tip of a white sword poked out from his chest. The three protective arcane treasures on him did not serve any purpose at all. He had not even sensed anything beforehand.

He turned around and ground his teeth. “Ji, Xuan, Yue!”

“That’s fine. As long as you’re happy,” said Xiao An. Her sneak attack was even more fatal than Li Qingshan’s forceful strike.

“I’m afraid you won’t be happy. This guy must be your elder brother!” Li Qingshan said.

“That’s fine. I’ve always hated him since I was young, basically wishing he would die!” Xiao An drew out the Buddha Slaying sword.

Ji Xuanri collapsed on the ground and felt the sensation of death creep up on him. He widened his eyes, which were filled with confusion and fear. What’s going on? I was just stabbed. I don’t want to die…

The Samādhi Flames of White Bone erupted from his wounds, swallowing him immediately. In the moment before his death, he suddenly understood what Hua Chengzan meant with his words back then. Not everything might go as you planned

“Xuanri!” The Fierce King of Chu was utterly enraged. Ji Xuanri was the successor he had placed all of his hopes on.

“One Will!”

The expressions of the four Monk Kings all changed drastically. Their shock was even greater than when Li Qingshan killed the Light Queen. Her ghastly, eerie methods did not seem like they belonged to a buddhist cultivation method at all. Instead, they were filled with a sense of blasphemy, even more than demonfolk.

“Apologies, father, as well as the masters. I’m neither Xuanyue or One Will, but Xiao An.”

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