Chapter 1052 – Bald Ass, I’ve Put Up With You For a Long Time Now

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Chapter 1052 – Bald Ass, I’ve Put Up With You For a Long Time Now

“Mother!” Xiao An called out

“Don’t worry, Yue’er. This time, I’ll definitely ensure your safety. No matter what you do, I’ll give you my full support. Li Qingshan, you killed that bitch and avenged me, so I have to thank you too.”

The Dark Queen looked back at the Fierce King of Chu. “Xuanyue is your daughter. Do you really want to force her to her death?”

“My Ji clan has many roots and branches with countless descendants. We don’t lack an unfilial daughter like her! Dauntless abbot, I’ve failed when it comes to managing my household, and I’ve brought shame to my ancestors. Please do not hold back and kill these two wretched beings immediately!” The Fierce King of Chu recovered his dignified bearing and orderly resolutely.

“You- Alright! Then from today onwards, I have nothing to do with your Ji clan. You might as well kill me too!”

The Dark Queen summoned several Ghost Kings with a wave of her hand as she yelled out furiously. At the same time, the howls of a myriad ghosts filled the air, which turned the golden hall a little more gloomy.

The Dauntless monk bellowed furiously, “You even have the audacity to use these devilish tricks in a sacred place of buddhism? Protection of the Saṃgharāma Gods, Buddha Hymn Purges the World!”

A temple god faded into existence over Great Buddha mountain and spouted with the obscure, sacred sounds of the buddha. It was even vaster and mightier than the Chant of Deva-Nāga.

The saṃgharāma gods were protector gods of buddhism, gods that protected all temples. They amounted to eighteen, including Pleasant Hymn, Buddha Hymn, Heavenly Drum, Wondrous Sigh, Buddha Servant, and so on. Saṃgharāma god Buddha Hymn was one of them, and the protective formation of the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga was known as the World Purifying Formation of Buddha Hymn.

TL: If you’re wondering why I didn’t use the sanskrit names for the eighteen saṃgharāma gods, it’s because that doesn’t exist. The scripture they were first mentioned in appears to be first written in Chinese, so this is exclusive to Chinese buddhism.

Across Great Buddha mountain, all the bells and drums were struck at the same time like accompaniment to the hymn. It formed a great, golden river, pouring into the grand hall.

The howls of the ghosts were immediately washed away by the river, while the roars of the Ghost Kings immediately turned into shrieks. They began to smoke as they shrank rapidly. Demons, ghosts, and the undead had always been particularly vulnerable to buddhist techniques.

The Dark Queen’s expression changed, also experiencing a tremendous pressure descending around her. She held on barely and gritted her teeth. “Yue’er!”

The Hot Wind hell that Gu Yanying had unleashed was affected to a certain degree too. She thought, Sure enough, fighting on Great Buddha mountain wasn’t a smart choice.

The two grandmasters from the school of Music and school of Names instead felt their bodies lighten up. They bathed in the golden river, and their wounds rapidly healed. They sneered at the Dark Queen.

Her presence today made absolutely no difference. If she wanted to die, then she could come!

“Don’t worry, mother. Qingshan and I will deal with this ourselves.”

Xiao An was calm, unaffected by the hymn, which puzzled even the Monk Kings. Had she really fallen into the demonic path?

At this moment, Li Qingshan said to Xiao An without even looking back, “Have you learnt it?”

“I have.” Xiao An nodded and let go of Li Qingshan’s hand.

From the moment she arrived by Li Qingshan’s side, they had been holding hands. It was not just to comfort one another and cheer each other on, but also because Li Qingshan was passing on the three thousand sword moves of the Sword Collection Manual of Heaven and Earth to her. Sure enough, she had not disappointed him.

“Then come!” Li Qingshan laughed and mentally communicated to the Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower. “What are you waiting for?”

“You really want to use that move?” The Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower was surprised and uncertain.

“Why do you suddenly care about me now?”

“I’m afraid you’ll give way before you’ve even launched a strike, blowing up on the spot and embarrassing me. I don’t want to end up in the hands of these bald asses…”

“Shut your trap, bitch!” Li Qingshan bellowed.

“Alright, let’s see how you die! One with the blade!” The Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower was furious.

“Thank you for your blessing. A Madman at Path’s End!” Li Qingshan laughed.

Abruptly, the blade bloomed furiously. The huge, magnificent petals wrapped around Li Qingshan’s hands, and the patterning spread across his arms, covering his body in the blink of an eye. They shone with a metallic lustre, adding some devilishness and ferocity to his flawlessly handsome face.

The figure of the Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower faded into existence, overlapping with his body and merging with him.

Li Qingshan’s body shuddered violently, and he dropped down to one knee. The Frenzy of the Tiger Demon had already unleashed the limit of his potential. Coupled with A Madman at Path’s End, he had broken the limit, leading to an extremely great burden.

The vajra club used this opportunity to press down heavily in an attempt to grind him to dust.

“Though, the limit has always existed to be broken!”

Li Qingshan laughed madly. A vicious light flashed through his eyes, and his scarlet hair danced like fire. His phoenix wings suddenly unfurled and fierce winds swept towards him, exhibiting a battle stance of absolute power.

“Split in half!” With a flash of his blade, the vajra club split in half with his bellow. The surface of the cut was as smooth as a mirror.

What is this blade? The Dauntless monk was alarmed. The vajra club had been condensed through the Demon Subduing Formation of the Guardian Kings by gathering the strength from all four of them. It was far tougher than any regular arcane treasure. Even the renowned swords from the Sword Collection palace could not cut through it easily.


Li Qingshan spun around rapidly, and the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End danced chaotically. There was a profound blade intent within the chaos. Streaks of black emanated from the edge of the blade, containing the power of tremors.

In that instant, thousands of slashes erupted from the Demon Subduing Formation of the Guardian Kings like the furious bloom of a flower.

The Demon Subduing Formation of the Guardian Kings had fallen!

The four guardian kings all retreated. They had to retreat. Their impervious avatars were as fragile as paper before the slashes.

The slashes were like a tornado, rushing up to the ceiling of the hall. The layer of golden light could not stop it.

Li Qingshan rushed out of the hall. The boundless, blue sky filled his eyes, He raised his head and gazed at the distant Nine Heavens, smiling away resplendently.

His blood was not the only part that boiled. His soul boiled too!

“You can’t escape, wretched daemon!” The Dauntless monk was overcome with alarm and rage. The cage he originally believed to be impregnable could not even withstand a slash from his blade. In a daze, he realised he had still underestimated Li Qingshan’s strength after all. He was powerful enough to contend against the Ten Daemon Kings.

Li Qingshan looked down and turned around. He gripped the hilt firmly with both hands as he flapped the wings of fire and wind violently.

Having become one with the blade, he slashed down!”

“Great Palm of the Guardian King!” The dauntless guardian king launched a palm strike at the air, erupting with blinding, golden light. It possessed the paramount power of demon suppression.

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! With three collisions of metal, the three guardian kings pressed their hands against him, pouring all of their strength into him.

The golden light suddenly pulsed brighter, scorching away like the sun. The Great Palm of the Guardian King became several times larger and rumbled as it received the falling slash.

There was a boom, but it was not as loud as they imagined it would be. The blade passed through the Great Palm of the Guardian King, slicing into the avatar of the guardian king. It was unstoppable, cutting through all obstacles, heading straight for the Dauntless monk himself in the very centre.

“Great Wheel of the Guardian King!”

The Dauntless monk brought his hands together and caught the blade. He gazed at Li Qingshan in disbelief. “You wretched daemon…”

“Bald ass! You’ve been going and on, wretched daemon this, wretched daemon that! Have you had enough? I’ve put up with you for a very long time now!” Li Qingshan cast aside the blade and punched the Dauntless monk’s face.

The dauntless guardian king dispersed violently, and the Dauntless monk flew out, smashing through two pillars, followed by a wall of the grand hall.

The grand hall fell silent. The abbot of the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga, a great cultivator at the apex of the Green province, had just been sent flying by a single punch in his own sect, and this had happened when he had the assistance of three Monk Kings!?

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