Chapter 1056 – The Raging Monk, Three Questions

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Chapter 1056 – The Raging Monk, Three Questions

Li Qingshan heated up inside. As he gazed at the scarlet-red face, he was suddenly at a loss over what to say.

The grand hall collapsed slowly. The sonorous hymns echoed endlessly, traceless and weightless, but it weighed down on him like a mountain, slamming and shaking up his soul endlessly like a surging river. It was to the extent that only the spirit turtle could keep it suppressed.

His body was scarlet-red like fire too. His blood surged and boiled under his thin layer of skin, like magma flowing beneath the surface of the earth, ready to surge out and swallow him at any time.

Limits were to be broken, but breaking the limit came at a cost. He could not sustain this state for too long.

However, this pain from both inside and outside paled in comparison to the guilt he felt inside. Just recently, the owner of this face had used his own life to assure him, allowing him to leave the Demon Suppression hall with ease, allowing him to summon the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End.

He had never forgotten about his debts, but he owed him far too much.

“Demon suppression!” The Unraging monk bellowed.

A huge shadow blotted out the sunlight. The pitch-black Demon Suppression Tower descended from above, towering like a mountain.

Li Qingshan raised his head. This was the largest Demon Suppression Tower he had seen in his life. It was not only because the Unraging monk’s cultivation of the Demon Suppression Statuary was extremely high, but also because his demonic nature was extremely powerful.

Li Qingshan did not dodge. In the moment the Demon Suppression Tower descended on him, he looked at the Unraging monk and said, “Master, I might be a daemon, a demon, but I’m not a bad person!”


Great Buddha mountain shook, and Li Qingshan’s figure vanished under the Demon Suppression Tower.

The Unraging monk shuddered inside and clenched his fist, I know!

The Demon Suppression Tower brought peace to Li Qingshan’s ears.

The vast hymns were blocked outside, allowing his surging soul to settle down. He understood that the Unraging monk had done this intentionally. He shut his eyes, but he raised the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End—he could not stop here just yet!

“Qingshan, give me some time,” the Unraging monk’s voice rang out.

“Master, it’s useless.” Li Qingshan seemed to be able to guess what the Unraging monk was trying to do, which made him shake his head. He gripped the hilt firmly, but he did not swing down with the blade.

“Unraging, this is the fantastic disciple you’ve accepted!” the grandmaster from the school of Confucianism yelled furiously.

“Zhu Fuzi!” The Unraging monk looked back.

“Stop with the nonsense. Lift up the tower now and let us kill him!” Zhu Fuzi lifted up his sword, radiating with murderousness.

The Unraging monk said, “I can imprison him in the Demon Suppression hall-”

“What a Demon Suppression hall. You want to create another Soaring Locust King?” Zhu Fuzi interrupted him with a sneer.

“Northmoon is not the Soaring Locust King!” the Unraging monk said firmly.

He knew that Northmoon had many disputes with the cultivators of the Green province, but he definitely did not simply believe it was all one side’s fault.

“Unraging monk, I know you’ve always been sympathetic towards daemons, but there is no other outcome with this matter today.” “Yeah, don’t destroy the glorious, ten-millennia-long reputation of Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga over a momentary slip!”

The grandmaster gathered over and spoke up.

Li Qingshan was originally trapped in the Demon Subduing Formation of the Guardian Kings, so apart from the grandmasters of the school of Names and Music, the others could not help out with the battle. Afterwards, the great buddha slammed down with its palm strike, so they did not see the need to fight anymore.

Only when Li Qingshan sliced apart the Demon Subduing Formation of the Guardian Kings and sent the Dauntless monk flying with a punch, coupled with Xiao An turning the tables in a single stroke, did the grandmasters return to their senses. They were just about to purge him, but they were stopped by the Demon Suppression Tower now.

Various gazes gathered on the Unraging monk, filled with disdain, sneers, and blame.

The Unraging monk met the gazes coldly. He was unfazed.

Zhu Fuzi said, “Unraging monk, you were deceived by daemons, opening the door to disaster such that the Light Queen died. That’s a large enough crime already, yet now, you refuse to cooperate with us to kill this daemon swiftly and redeem your mistakes. Don’t tell me you’re still thinking about sheltering this daemon?”

“You old bastard, if you hate daemons so much, why don’t you go dragon-slaying in the Ink sea instead of making noise here?” the Unraging monk said, rebuking him.

“You-” Zhu Fuzi was taken aback. He never expected him to still be bold enough to talk back.

“Unraging, stop being stubborn. Even if he’s not a daemon, the crime he’s committed warrants death. Where did the Raging monk of the past who feuded against evil go?” the Fierce King of Chu stepped forward slowly and said in a dignified manner.

“How can I tolerate evil? However, there is something extremely suspicious about this. Otherwise, why would he have to do it here? It’s not like he’s gone crazy. Even if you want to kill him, let’s iron out the truths behind this first!”

The Unraging monk did not blindly trust Li Qingshan. Instead, he found this to be very illogical. Li Qingshan was violent-tempered, but he was not foolhardy. There must have been a very important reason why he would go as far as to expose his identity and put himself in dire straits just to kill the Light Queen at a time and location like this.

None of the grandmasters were fools. They obviously have their own speculation as well, but that did not affect their determination to kill Li Qingshan.

No matter what the truths behind this matter were, none of it was important. Just the incident of a Daemon King killing a great cultivator publicly was enough to incite their bitter hatred for a common enemy.

“Don’t forget about your identity!” the Fierce King of Chu said harshly.

No matter how many arguments and evidence pointed to the fact that the Light Queen deserved to die, he had to kill Li Qingshan.

This was not even his personal grievance anymore, but a conflict between humans and daemons. Even if Li Qingshan had not killed the Light Queen, but some other unrelated great cultivator, he would still have to lead everyone to execute Li Qingshan as the leader of the Green province cultivation community.

“Is my identity even more important than what is correct?” the Unraging monk roared furiously. His scarlet face became rather vicious as if the Raging monk had been reborn.

In the past, the Raging monk had paid no regard to any so-called identity. Regardless of who or what they were, whether it be mortals or cultivators, humans or daemons, he killed them if they were wicked and saved them if they were good, trekking down a path of his own. The end result was enemies everywhere and being condemned by all. He had almost been forced into dire straits. He had only managed to survive through the protection of his sect. He was unable to pacify the fury within him such that he had almost suffered from cultivation deviation.

“It’s been so many years, yet you still haven’t thought it through?” the Fierce King of Chu said.

“Yes, I haven’t thought it through. Is it wrong to show compassion and leniency? Is it wrong to punish the wicked and embrace the good? Is it wrong to treat all living creatures as equal?” The Unraging monk stood with a furious, widened gaze.

“Junior brother!”

The Dauntless monk climbed up Great Buddha mountain again. The great, golden buddha had stabilised itself halfway through the air, while he had activated the guardian king avatar to shield himself too, so the impact had not been too severe on him. His face had become even more disfigured. He stared at the Unraging monk in shock.

Like a repeat of the past, the Raging monk had once again put forth those three exact questions in the grand hall!

Perhaps the Raging monk had never died, just lurking beneath Great Buddha mountain and refusing to ignite its fury again.

The Fierce King of Chu frowned heavily. Zhu Fuzi said, “Your majesty, even back then, this bastard had associated with daemons, something that our cultivation community could not tolerate. Now, he’s even become contaminated with demon qi, completely falling into the demonic path. The Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga really doesn’t know how to pick their disciples.”

With a clang, he drew his sword and pointed it at the Unraging monk. “Bald ass, if you still refuse to open the tower, you better not blame my sword for showing no mercy!”

Before he could even finish what he was saying, he suddenly flew up and rushed towards the Demon Suppression Tower. The others even thought he was eager to face Northmoon in a battle to the death, so he had leapt up to cut through the Demon Suppression Tower. They all praised his courage inside!

Zhu Fuzi, however, had a face full of fear. He had been seized by an invisible force.

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