Chapter 1058 – Piss Off Back to the Fields

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Chapter 1058 – Piss Off Back to the Fields

The rolling power of tremors were imbued with the slash. A black streak shot by, and the Secret Realm of Fields and Gardens shattered conveniently.

“Master, hear me out. Doing good is rarely rewarded, and punishing the wicked will always result in retribution. All living creatures are not necessarily equal either. There are no gods watching over up above. Justice lies within the blade!” Li Qingshan took a step and said slowly.

Whether it was the vicious plants, the sharp music or the terrifying lightning, he threw it all behind him.

The Unraging monk let out a sigh, feeling powerless at this moment.

“Oh no! Fellow Feng is still outside!” The grandmaster of the school of Names’s expression changed.

“H- how is this possible!?” a wrinkly old man exclaimed. Gazing at Li Qingshan who had suddenly appeared, his face was filled with disbelief. It was impossible for his Secret Realm of Fields and Gardens to be cut apart so easily.

Domains were an extremely powerful and rare type of technique in the cultivation community. Even among great cultivators, a very small number of them had grasped them. They were mostly used for fending off and trapping the enemy.

The master of the Sword Collection palace’s swordsmanship was close to perfection, but even he had yet to get through Gu Yanying’s Hot Wind hell. The great golden buddha possessed the great strength of a god descending from a higher plane, yet Xiao An had still managed to trap it momentarily with the Blood Sea Banner.

Originally, they thought it would take Li Qingshan a good moment before he could break free at the very least—the Fierce King of Chu and the grandmasters would never give him that opportunity—only for him to split apart the Secret Realm of Fields and Gardens in a single slash.

Little did they know that Li Qingshan possessed an extremely powerful innate ability, Tremors of the Ox Demon. He had already punched his way through actual space countless times, even forcefully shattering the Mist Province cauldron, so how could a measly domain stop him?

The Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End was sufficient to withstand the power of tremors. Unleashed through the Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower’s profound bladesmanship, it could basically cut through whatever that was in his way!

“You’re the farmer?”

A colossal shadow loomed over him, rapidly drawing closer. A pair of scarlet-red eyes gazed at the old man from above.

“You- I-”

The grandmaster from the school of Agriculture took a step back as his expression changed drastically. He shivered inside. He swung a glistening plow towards the black figure as hard as he could, but he seemed extremely feeble, without any will to fight.

The agriculturists had never been skilled in battle. Even the arcane treasure was not for fighting. Even a great sword cultivator who wielded a renowned sword like the Light Queen had been killed in a single punch, so where was he supposed to find the confidence to fight Li Qingshan?

But at this very moment, apart from him who still remained in the grand hall, the other grandmasters, including the Fierce King of Chu, had all been sucked into his Secret Realm of Fields and Gardens.

The master of the Sword Collection palace seemed uninterested in providing any assistance, assaulting the Hot Wind hell alone as if he really was doing all that he could to kill Hua Chengzan.

As a result, the grandmaster of the school of Agriculture was forced to confront Li Qingshan alone.

Li Qingshan grabbed the grandmaster by the neck, lifted him up like a baby chick, twirled him around, and threw him at the ground head-first.

“Farmers should piss off back to the fields!”

The grandmaster of the school of Agriculture basically could not respond. He just felt his neck tighten, followed by the world spinning around him. He saw a horrified face reflected in the mirror-like tiles, growing larger and larger—it was his face!

“No…” Thunk!

Half of his body was planted in the tough, golden tiles of the grand hall, only leaving behind a pair of slightly-bowed legs kicking around in the air. Blood seeped out, covering the ground.

Li Qingshan was about to give him another slash when he saw that Zhu Fuzi’s soul nascence had almost flown out of the grand hall, while the Fierce King of Chu and the others had all escaped from the Secret Realm of Fields and Gardens too, rushing over aggressively. A bolt of lightning tore through the air.

With a flap of his wings of wind and fire, Li Qingshan avoided the lightning and lunged towards Zhu Fuzi’s soul nascence. He left behind a threat.

“You old bastard, I’ll spare you today. If you ever come and make trouble again, I’ll claim your life!”

The bowed legs immediately stiffened, sticking up without moving at all like a seedling that had just been planted in the ground.

The grandmasters all found this to be extremely hilarious, but upon remembering the fact that their fates might be exactly the same if they ended up in Li Qingshan’s hands, they could not laugh anymore.

They could not help but recall the great cultivators that had faced Li Qingshan since the beginning till now. The Light Queen had been pulverised, where even her sword nascence directly shattered. The Dauntless monk had been sent flying by a single punch, and he had clearly been holding back with that. Zhu Fuzi’s body had been destroyed, and given the current situation, even his soul nascence would not be able to escape. Only this fellow Feng could be regarded as rather fortunate.

They could not help themselves as their interest in purging daemons faded slightly. They did not have fellow acquaintances that had died at Li Qingshan’s hands, so they did not have the same kind of hatred for him as Zhu Fuzi. The Light Queen and Ji Xuanri’s fates were miserable, but they were not their wife or child after all. Undertaking such great risk simply because he was a daemon did not seem like a particularly appealing idea, just like how no one was foolish enough to go daemon purging in the Ink sea. Northmoon right now did not seem too different compared to the Dragon King of Ink Sea.

However, they were stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. They could not just watch Zhu Fuzi be killed, or where would they find the dignity to remain in the Green province? On top of that, the King of Chu had already issued his order, so they could not just ignore it.

“Northmoon, I swear I will never relent until you’re dead!” the Fierce King of Chu roared furiously and turned into a streak of light, going right after Li Qinshan.

When Zhu Fuzi was cut in half right in his face, that had already caused him great humiliation. In the blink of an eye, another person had fallen, which was basically like two slaps across his face. He was utterly furious inside. He gripped a golden seal in his left hand and a tiny cauldron in his right, both simple in design but heavy in appearance.

But at this very moment, there probably was only a small handful of people that could move faster than Li Qingshan. In the blink of an eye, he had arrived before Zhu Fuzi’s soul nascence, reaching over with his huge hand and grinning viciously. “Let’s see who can save you this time!”

“Wretched daemon, I’m taking you down with me!”

Zhu Fuzi sure had some resolve, detonating his soul nascence without the slightest hesitation.


The Unraging monk had already reverted to his original appearance, but he seemed rather dejected. All of his efforts had still ended up in vain at the end of the day. Suddenly, he looked at the grandmaster from the school of Agriculture planted in the ground with a rather strange expression and asked, “Fellow Feng, do you need me to help you out?”

“No!” A muffled cry rang out from underground. He adjusted his tone slightly. “Unraging… master, you don’t have to worry about me. I can get out by myself. You should be worrying about your wretched daemon of a disciple instead!”

“Sigh, apologies!” the Unraging monk said apologetically.

Gazing at the ruined grand hall, he obviously could not help an outsider as a disciple of the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga, but it was impossible for him to assist the Fierce King of Chu and the others in capturing and killing Li Qingshan either. Suddenly, he shook his head. He made his way back down Great Buddha mountain and arrived before the Demon Suppression hall, collapsing on the grey boulder and snoring away.

In the grand hall, the pair of bowed legs began to squirm once more, but they inched down until they completely vanished into the soil.

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