Chapter 1065 – The King of Chu’s Seal Shatters, a Palm Strike to the Knee

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Chapter 1065 – The King of Chu’s Seal Shatters, a Palm Strike to the Knee

The waves of air whistled out, and the shockwaves rippled and emanated, twisting the surrounding landscape. Even space shook.

A tremendous force passed through the golden seal with powerful tremors. The Fierce King of Chu’s hand trembled, actually feeling like he was losing control. His arm suddenly bent, and he was pushed upwards, which left him widening his eyes in disbelief.

The King of Chu’s Seal was a symbol of the king’s authority. It had existed since the founding of the Kingdom of Chu, having gathered the power of belief from a population of billions. There was actually someone in the world who could contend against it alone!?

Moo! The bellow of an ox was so deep that it sounded like it came from the depths of the earth. Li Qingshan leapt up and hurled another punch at the golden seal.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The space tremored constantly as layers upon layers of golden light shattered, dispersing in the air like a snowstorm.

Li Qingshan barraged the King of Chu’s Seal again and again, like a frenzied bull that had locked onto the opponent right before him. Retreating was not a concept. There was only advance. Even if it sank into the mud, it would never change its ways!

The Unraging monk gazed at the clouds and had no idea whether he should smile or sigh. When he accepted him as his disciple back then, perhaps it was exactly because he sensed that his deep stubbornness was even firmer than his. No matter how flexible they seemed on the surface, both of their natures never changed.

I don’t know what kind of path you want to take, but if you want to, then go on ahead!

The Fierce King of Chu was pushed upwards and backwards again and again, basically unable to contend against this terrifying persistence. With the booms, the golden seal was lifted up again and again. Its glow dimmed to a minimum, and there was a sudden crack. The “Chu” word on the seal fractured.

“How dare you, wretched daemon!” The Fierce King of Chu’s heart ached, and his face changed drastically. The King of Chu’s Seal was basically even more important than his ancestral shrine, and it was a lifebound item, so he would also suffer when it was damaged.

“How wouldn’t I dare? Why can’t I dare? Shatter!”

Li Qingshan clenched both fists and lifted his arms, punching the “Chu” word with all the ox demon’s strength within him.


The mountainous King of Chu’s Seal was knocked three hundred meters in the air. It shook violently, actually vibrating now.

The rebounding force of the attack knocked Li Qingshan downwards as he smiled in delight. The crack spread right before his eyes, covering the entire seal very soon.


Countless fragments scattered in all directions as thousands of streaks of light like a meteor shower. The indestructible King of Chu’s Seal that had been passed down for ten thousand years and had once crushed Li Qingshan to death had just been forcefully shattered like this.

The Fierce King of Chu felt like he had been punched in the chest. He saw black and almost coughed up blood. He glared at Li Qingshan.

“That’s called retribution!” Li Qingshan landed on the ground loudly and pointed at the sky.

Spurt! Blood sprayed from the Fierce King of Chu’s mouth.

Li Qingshan turned his head and glared at the palace master with his round, moist ox eyes. “Have you had enough?”

Blood trickled from his back. When he attacked the King of Chu’s Seal with all of his might, the palace master had used the opportunity to attack him desperately. By concentrating all of his attacks on a single point, he managed to pierce the Ox Demon Forges its Hide and cause some harm to him, but it was nowhere close to any lethal damage.

“Wretched daemon, I’ll spare you life for today!” The palace master no longer hesitated, merging with the sword and turning into a resplendent streak of light as he tried to fly off.

“You’re sparing me, but I’m not sparing you!” Li Qingshan opened his hands and reached towards the streak of light. “Gravity of the Earth!”

The streak of light halted as if an invisible rope had reined it in. It was tugged back inch by inch.

The palace master was shocked. He immediately understood Zhu Fuzi’s predicament. Originally, he thought he could overcome the pull of this strange ability because he was confident he was much stronger than Zhu Fuzi, but he never expected all of Li Qingshan’s ox demon abilities to become even greater after assuming the Ox Demon Transformation. He was unable to break free from this invisible force either.

“Come, blade!” Li Qingshan reached down with his right hand, and the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End flew up, rapidly expanding until it turned into a huge blade several hundred meters long. Gripped in the huge, black hand, it shone brilliantly under the sunlight. There was no violent murderousness, there was no profound bladesmanship, and there was not even a sharp edge. There was only immensity, heaviness, and vastness. Just as simple as that, he swung down with the blade.

The blade left behind a black trajectory where it passed, but all the palace master could see was the arrival of a world of darkness.

“Assist me, fellow!” The palace master communicated, but he received no reply. A hint of fury flashed through his eyes, and he lifted up the Heaven Leaning sword resolutely.

“Hehe, let me send you off. Finger of Nether!” The master of the Umbral Yin sect suddenly took action, extending his thin finger towards the palace master.

“You!” The palace master shuddered all over, and the ghastly face of a ghost appeared on his face. Normally, he would not fear an attack like this at all, but at a time like this, it was like the straw that broke the camel’s back. The Heaven Leaning sword rapidly collapsed. “My great plan…” He used his final strength to roar out, “Li Qingshan, you won’t meet a good end!”

“Something like that is of no concern!” Li Qingshan gripped the hilt with both hands and pressed down hard, annihilating the palace master with the black power of tremors.

At this moment, the Fierce King of Chu lifted a cauldron high into the air. The cauldron flowed with a dazzling array of lights, and the various landscapes of the Green province unfurled across the sky endlessly, enveloping everything and giving off a non-human sense of prestige and dignity. This was a condensation of the laws of the world. It was one of the nine cauldrons, the Green Province cauldron. It possessed even greater power than the King of Chu’s Seal that had gathered the power of belief from billions, but he would rather let the Green Province cauldron be destroyed than the King of Chu’s Seal.

The reason behind that was not only because the Green Province cauldron was a symbol of authority, but also because it was a manifestation of subservience, so the Fierce King of Chu would never use it unless he had no other choice. Normally, the golden seal alone was enough to suppress and overwhelm all. His eyes were wide open, and his long hair was messy. He did not have a single expression on his face, but it only demonstrated his indescribable fury.

No one could ignore a threat like that, not even the kings of the eight provinces or the Ten Daemon Kings. However, Li Qingshan only glanced upwards. “You don’t want that anymore either?”

With that, he made his way down Great Buddha mountain, heading towards the great buddha that had been chasing after Xiao An the entire time.

A hint of struggle appeared on the Fierce King of Chu’s face. He was not free to wander the world and do as he pleased like Li Qingshan. As the lord of the Green province, the king of the Kingdom of Chu, his great authority also came with great responsibility. It was the will and inheritance of several dozen past kings and countless wars and battles that had shaped the Kingdom of Chu’s ten-millennia legacy. If he continued like this, how was he supposed to fend off the Kingdom of Southern Yue’s attacks?

He did not want to become the lord of a fallen kingdom, so he hesitated.

The great buddha was focused on chasing down Xiao An when a huge shadow suddenly enveloped it. A huge hand slammed down, grabbing the buddha by the head and lifting it up.

The buddha turned around and launched a vicious palm strike at Li Qingshan’s knee.

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