Chapter 1085 – Immortal Relinquished

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Chapter 1085 – Immortal Relinquished

Li Qingshan looked up slightly, and his nostrils twitched gently. The familiar fragrance filled his lungs and figures appeared before his eyes, composed of smells. His own figure was among them, except it was extremely faint.

Vaguely, he “saw” her waver a few times before the table; she wrote down that message before making her way out and vanishing from the dwelling. However, a long ribbon of smells tailed behind her. As a result, he smiled and went after her.


Han Qiongzhi stood on the pavilion, gripping the railing with both hands and overlooking the entire Han estate. Her clansmen were gathering all the items. Even the calmest of members were rather frantic now. Every single person who had personally witnessed the swarm of insects pass by felt fear. Perhaps she was an exception, but not because she was courageous, but because her mind was occupied by various other thoughts.

The warm wind ruffled her red clothes. Time had already left behind some marks on her face, making her seem much more mature. Her eyes shone with an intelligent light, such that her overall bearing changed in a subtle manner.

“Qiongzhi, it’s time to set off,” Han Anjun’s voice rang out from behind.

“We sure are puny!” Han Qiongzhi sighed.

The Soaring Locust King amassed his swarms, but he did not launch an attack. Instead, he scattered most of his insects within the network of underground caves. In her knowledge, he was searching for traces of the Golden Cicada Spirit King. However, the various clans were all preparing for a great migration, in a hurry to leave the Clear River prefecture like children who had been frightened by mere shadows.

“If the enemy is powerful, then we should proactively retreat and conserve our strength.” Han Anjun paused for a moment before he said, “We’ll still return here. We’ll become even more powerful.”

“I must have come off as a fool back then. I knew we’re not from the same path, but I never imagined the difference between our paths would be so great. However, I don’t regret it.”

Han Qiongzhi leapt down from the pavilion, her long hair drifting behind her as she landed on the ground gently. She thought, “Even if we return stronger, times will have changed already, and certain people will be gone.”

The clansmen all gathered on the drilling grounds. A Soaring Dragon ship was parked there. Han Tieyi currently organised them to board the ship.

Han Anjun and Han Qiongzhi arrived on the drilling grounds together. The clansmen all halted and saluted. Even the children that had only recently learnt how to walk saluted in a similar manner.

Han Qiongzhi patted Han Tieyi on the shoulder and smiled. “Kid, you sure are looking a little like a patriarch now.”

“You’re prepared now as well?” Han Tieyi was just as cold as before, but his eyes were filled with concern.

“Of course… not!” Han Qiongzhi smiled. “I don’t need you to be concerned about my matters. Keep going. Let’s set off as soon as possible, just in case undue delays lead to unnecessary trouble.”

“Could you take me with you?”

A voice rang out from above, making Han Qiongzhi’s heart shudder. Looking up, a black speck rapidly drew closer, piercing through the air.

In the blink of an eye, the figure that had once made her yearn for day and night had arrived before her. Gazing at the familiar smile, she was actually unable to say anything for a moment.

“Li Qingshan!”

The name did not only appear from Han Anjun’s mouth, but also in the heads of the various clansmen. This unrivalled genius from the Clear River prefecture, first young miss Han’s fiancé, had recently demonstrated a shocking identity and strength on Great Buddha mountain. They could not help but discuss him among themselves.

Li Qingshan grabbed Han Qiongzhi’s hand and said to Han Anjun, “General Han, are you seeking refuge?”

“What’s it got to do with you? Li Qingshan, from today onwards, our Han family will be drawing a clear line with a wretched daemon like you. Let go of my hand!” Han Qiongzhi returned to her senses and called out.

“I read your letter, except I object!” Li Qingshan took out Han Qiongzhi’s letter. With a gentle wave, it was reduced to dust.

“Li Qingshan, what else do you want?” Han Qiongzhi fumed.

Li Qingshan suddenly let go of her and clasped his hands towards Han Anjun seriously. “General Han, I’ve specially come to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage!”

It was powerful and resonating, like a great gust of wind had blown across the drilling grounds. All the clansmen fell silent.

Han Anjun and Han Tieyi exchanged glances, both rather surprised. Then they looked towards Han Qiongzhi.

Han Qiongzhi was taken aback. “What did you say?”

“Qiongzhi, I’ve come to marry you!”

“I know everything about what you’ve done!” Han Qiongzhi stared right into Li Qingshan’s hands.

“So?” Li Qingshan smiled resplendently, feeling no shame at all.

“So? So I decline!”

“That’ll be troublesome. If you don’t agree, then I’ll have to take you for marriage by force!”

“How is that any different from abduction?”

“Who cares about the difference? I’m a powerful, wretched daemon. The Soaring Locust King has killed millions of people, so can’t I even abduct a woman I love?”

“Qingshan, oh Qingshan!” Han Qiongzhi lowered her head and sighed. “Let’s talk elsewhere! Don’t get in the way of the migration.”

“We won’t get in the way of anything.” Li Qingshan said to Han Anjun, “Father-in-law Han, please prepare a grand wedding for us!” Then he said to the clansmen below, “Please stay behind to serve as witnesses and attend the wedding feast.”

“I refuse. Who’s getting married to you!?” Han Qiongzhi said.

However, before Li Qingshan could speak up, Han Anjun said to Han Tieyi, “Cancel the plans and help everyone settle back down. Prepare the wedding.”

“Yes, father!” Han Tieyi accepted the orders.

“You…” Han Qiongzhi was surprised. In the past, Han Anjun had been so bent on rejecting them, and it was even less likely for him to yield to martial prowess now.

“Since you regret nothing, then what’re you afraid of?” Han Anjun said.

Han Qiongzhi was unable to say anything. She had always been the person who anticipated the wedding the most during the entire time. Even now, it was no different.


Thousands of kilometers away, elder Tian stood on the Sword Collection peak, overlooking the sea of mountains. He felt a sense of delight as if the world was within his grasp. He smiled. The negotiation that had lasted several days had finally led to a conclusion.

The complete Sword Collection Manual of Heaven and Earth filled his head. This was something that none of the past palace masters could achieve, forced to comprehend it for themselves from the Sword Collection pavilion, or more accurately, the Sword Tomb. However, he had obtained it from the Sword Collection peak.

At the end of the day, it was merely a sword. No matter how powerful it was, it still needed to be wielded by a person.

With a wave of his arm, he spread his fingers, enveloping the Sword Collection peak. “Now, tell me your name!”

“My name is Immortal Relinquished!”

An icy-cold voice rang out from the Sword Collection palace, but it gave off a deep sense of being warped. If Li Qingshan heard it, he would have identified it immediately. That was the voice he had once heard through the Soul Cycling sword.

“Immortal Relinquished. What a good name. Sure enough, you were sealed within the Sword Tomb by the Five Absolutes Immortal.” Elder Tian smiled as his heart scorched with desire. This was the greatest treasure within the Sword Tomb, the Five Absolutes Immortal’s personal sword. Even the Ten Renowned Swords combined were not as great as a single Immortal Relinquished.

“If it weren’t for the restrictions placed down by that old bastard, did you really think you could trap me? Cut the nonsense and sever the Chains of Heaven and Earth!”

“There’s no hurry. We’ve agreed already. Once I become the master of the Immortal Relinquished sword, I’ll naturally let you out. Roaming the world in my hand will always be better than being trapped in here!” elder Tian said. He liked to take risks, but that did not mean he did not know how to avoid risks.

“Then come, my master!”

A chill suddenly ran through elder Tian’s heart. Even someone as resolute as him felt a hint of hesitation. He reviewed his plan again, but he found no flaws. Only then did he consolidate his thoughts and begin refining the sword!

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