Chapter 1087 – Grand Wedding

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Chapter 1087 – Grand Wedding

The Han estate was decorated with lanterns and streamers everywhere. The lively, tumultuous atmosphere even seemed to disperse some of the gloom and sorrow that had lingered for several days. It seemed like they had returned to several decades ago, when the world was still at peace.

The school of the Military did not have many unnecessary and overelaborate formalities. Li Qingshan changed into a set of new clothes and stood at the entrance of the hall with Han Tieyi, welcoming the guests. Among them, there were both many familiar faces, as well as figures that had become blurred to him or he found to be completely unfamiliar. When they arrived before him, they all became a little more careful, saying cautiously, “Congratulations!”

Li Qingshan received them all with a smile. His smile was not fake at all, but filled with joy from the bottom of his heart, which instead made him a little more approachable than Han Tieyi on the side.

The people who once had contact with him could not help but stop worrying after seeing that. They immediately warmed up to him. As for the people who never had any contact with him before, they all struggled to believe that he was the shrewd Daemon King Northmoon who had fooled everyone in the world.

During this time, the reason for why the battle on Great Buddha mountain had occurred had been publicised. The violent, bloodthirsty Daemon King had become the hero that had saved the Green province in the blink of an eye, which only made people feel that the matters of the world sure were unpredictable. They also felt slightly dubious about this news. After all, that was the Sword Collection palace.

However, the Sword Collection palace never made a response to this, so they basically admitted to the truth of colluding with the Demon domain through their silence, which amazed everyone even more. It was all thanks to this as well, or probably only a very small number of guests would have shown up. It would basically be even more terrifying than facing the Soaring Locust King’s main body. The damage of the locust plague was widespread, but it primarily killed mortals. Even if a few cultivators died in battle, there had been no great cultivators that had been eaten by the insects. On the other hand, all of the great cultivators that died on Great Buddha mountain had renown to their names.

Hua Chengzan and Hua Chenglu arrived together, clasping their hands. “Congratulations, Qingshan!”

“Chengzan, I heard that the Hua family is migrating the entire clan. I’d thought you wouldn’t be coming!”

“How can I miss out on your grand wedding? Speaking of which, there’s probably no place safer than here across the entire Green province!” Hua Chengzan smiled. His cultivation had not recovered, but his bearing seemed even more fleeting and composed. However, Hua Chenglu’s expression was rather mixed.

Li Qingshan blinked his eyes at her. “What, you don’t recognise me anymore?”

Hua Chenglu felt a sense of familiarity. He was still the same him, just even more uplifting in spirit and aspiration than before, such that she could not make direct eye contact with him. She smiled wryly. “Big brother Li, y- you sure know how to fool people! And elder brother, so much for calling you elder brother. You’ve actually kept me in the dark for so many years!”

Li Qingshan and Hua Chengzan smiled at each other. Li Qingshan feigned seriousness. “How can you say I’ve been fooling you? I’ve always been sincere towards you!”

“How dare you still say that!” Hua Chenglu called out. Han Tieyi on the side coughed heavily.

Li Qingshan grinned. “Alright, alright. Go in. There are more people coming.”

Hua Chenglu stepped through the entrance before looking back. “Big brother Li, I’m really happy for you and elder sister Han!”

Li Qingshan nodded. Hua Chenglu gazed at the side of his chiseled face and recalled how he had used his body to shield her when they first met. Suddenly, she felt a little despondent, but that was it. She was no longer the little girl of the past anymore.

Two streaks of light descended from above. Yue Wuyang and Jin Fugui arrived at the entrance, gazing at the jubilant Li Qingshan with varying expressions. They were much better informed than any regular cultivator. It was basically confirmed that the Sword Collection palace had been colluding with the Demon domain and had tried to destroy the Demon Suppression hall. However, it also made them feel even more overwhelmed than any regular cultivator.

Originally, it would become a case of irresolvable grievance, but now, they no longer had any right to criticise Li Qingshan’s slaughter. Instead, they had to blame themselves for not realising things earlier.

“Fellows, I didn’t think we’d meet again so quickly!” Li Qingshan said.

“Yeah, I really didn’t think so either!” Jin Fugui sighed, while Yue Wuyang furrowed his brows, remaining silent the entire time like he was contemplating an extremely complicated question.

“Great General Yue, we’ll be completely relying on you for the ceremony today.” Li Qingshan smiled.

Yue Wuyang was Han Qiongzhi’s master, as well as the Great General King, so he was most suited to officiate this wedding. He did not say much, only agreeing with what he said, except he had already expressed his stance on this entire event by arriving.

After all, Li Qingshan had once held back against him on Great Buddha mountain. That was something he could not deny.

The sun reached its zenith, and the guests all gathered in the hall, gradually relaxing and temporarily emerging from the shadow of the Soaring Locust King, seeking protection from an even stronger Daemon King. Just like what Hua Chengzan had said, there was no place safer than here in the Green province. For a moment, the place actually bustled with activity.

Li Qingshan’s gaze swept past many familiar faces. Gu Yanying, Liu Changqing, Liu Chuanfeng, Sun Fubai, Hao Pingyang… The various incidents that occurred in the Clear River prefecture filled his mind, making his emotions fluctuate a little as well. He simply smiled.

Suddenly, he sensed a familiar aura approach him, making him raise an eyebrow.

A woman walked in. Her long dress dragged on the ground; she was dressed in splendid attire. Apart from her alluring face, she gave off a unique, exquisite charm, looking around in unmatched glory and drawing everyone’s gazes over. She stood in the centre of the hall, saying nothing at all and staring straight at Li Qingshan. The hall quietened down.

Everyone in the Clear River prefecture knew her name. Apart from her cultivation and charms, she also had an ambiguous relationship in the past with Northmoon, who also happened to be the lead of today’s wedding, Li Qingshan.

Everyone’s gazes swayed between the two of them. Han Anjun shut his eyes and sat without budging. Gu Yanying touched her lips and smiled silently. Hua Chengzan sighed. “Karma.” before glancing at Hua Chenglu.

There was no one else in Qiu Haitang’s eyes, only Li Qingshan. She stared straight at him.

“Haitang…” Faced with that sad gaze, he felt even more troubled than when a group of great cultivators encircled him.

“The Aspect of Peach Blossom Beauty, a prophecy comes true, unfortunately. If this is the will of the heavens, what else can I say?”

Qiu Haitang’s sorrowful voice echoed through the quiet hall, except she neither criticised him nor asked him for anything. She turned around and left.

“The will of the heavens?” Li Qingshan suddenly began to laugh. He did not agree with what she said.

Qiu Haitang shuddered and looked back, only to see him smile firmly and with composure, without a hint of regret. It made her grind her teeth.

This guy, even now he’s still… A scorching feeling rose up within her. She was unable to describe whether it was irritation or something else. A smear of red appeared on her pale face, and her sadness completely vanished. She made up her mind and flew away. Hmph, Northmoon, just you wait. I’ll make you witness my power soon enough!

“Everyone is here!” Li Qingshan shrugged and said to Gu Yanying in the crowd, “Commander Gu, seeing how wide your smile is, would you like to say something?”

“You really want me to say something?” Gu Yanying contemplated, except her smile was a little evil. “Then I’ll actually say it.”

“Alright, maybe not then!”

At this moment, Yue Wuyang bellowed out like he was issuing a military order, “The chosen hour is here!”

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