Chapter 1091 – A Chaos of Swords

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Chapter 1091 – A Chaos of Swords


A consecutive chain of lightning shot across the sky. Rain poured down over the Sword Collection palace, wetting the empty, stone ground. People practised the sword arduously day and night here, regardless of the seasons and weather.

At this moment, apart from the thunder and rain, all else was quiet. Under the dark clouds, the mountainous forests seemed even dimmer. Clouds and mist wandered between the mountains.

The Sword Collection palace had already shut up the sect from the outside world for many days. Under the watch of the various swordmasters, all of the disciples returned to their respective peaks. They were forbidden from leaving the palace without permission, and they forbid the entry of any outsiders.

On the Heaven Leaning peak, the swordmasters and elders all gathered in the main hall. The discussion had already lasted for several days now.

The demonic seed had already been planted within their sword embryos, but it was not enough to completely demonify them, so they had no right to collude with the Demon domain. As a result, some of them suggested going to the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga and finding a way to purge the demonic seed from the sword embryos, but they were immediately met with great resistance. Not only would they be placing their lives in the hands of others, but their cultivation would be completely ruined even if it succeeded. That was even more terrifying than death to a sword cultivator.

The group of people split into two factions and called each other various things—cowardly and useless, embracing depravity willingly, shameless and despicable… Prompted by their past and current grievances, their fury and demonic natures, they drew their swords very quickly. If it were not for a few guest elders that stood up to mediate the situation, it basically would have devolved to a battle to the death already.

There were many sword slashes littered on the walls and pillars in the main hall. This was something that had never occurred in the several thousand years of the Sword Collection palace.

The discussion did not end. They all sank into silence in the end. The lamps had been extinguished long ago, but no one cared. Only the flashes of lightning illuminated the hall from time to time, but it was unable to illuminate their sunken faces.

A slovenly doaist priest in unkempt clothes arrived under the eaves outside. He took out a gourd of alcohol and drank away. As he gazed at the dancing lightning in the air, he sighed. “Sigh, it’s been many years since I’ve last seen such restless lightning. It’s not a good sign! I wonder how Zijian is doing.” He touched the Lightning Slaughter sword on his waist and thought, Thankfully!

A few other guest elders also emerged from the main hall, exchanging glances with one another. They all felt rather fortunate. None of them had drawn their swords from the Sword Collection peak. Some of them could not even be considered as sword cultivators, so they did not have to worry about any demonic seeds.

The Sword Collection peak was swallowed by the surging dark clouds. Only the dozen or so huge chains that emerged from the clouds served as evidence of its existence. From time to time, bolts of lightning would strike the chains, making them light up, before dimming again.

“Everyone, I think it’s time. I think we’ve already lived up to our duty by staying until now. They’re waiting for the Elders of Heaven and Earth to make a decision. If the Elders of Heaven and Earth really decide to work with the Demon domain, we don’t have any demonic seeds. They don’t even have any leverage over us, so we probably won’t have it easy,” Zhou Tong said before flying off on his sword.

“You’re completely correct, fellow Zhou. Let’s leave as well!”

He had spoken their minds. The Sword Collection palace had provided them with many benefits, but it was not their sect after all. There was no loyalty to speak of. Since the tree was already swaying, then they obviously had to leave first as the macaques that did not belong here.

Just when Zhou Tong flew half way into the air, a mighty voice suddenly fell down from above the clouds. “Without my order, no one is permitted to leave!”

“Elder Tian!” The swordmasters and elders arrived outside the hall and looked up. Peering through the dark clouds, they saw elder Tian standing on the Sword Collection peak, his eyes shining with a brightness they had never seen before.

Zhou Tong experienced a sharp, tremendous pressure and suddenly fell out of the sky, landing heavily on the stone terrace. He could not help but grip the Lightning Slaughter sword tightly as he ground his teeth. “Looks like the rumors are true! The Sword Collection palace really has sided with the bastards from the Demon domain.”

“Whether it’s the Demon domain or the nine provinces, people like us only pursue strength! Only with strength can we be free and unhindered. Without strength, you’re just an ant no matter how much good you do. You’ll be lucky even if you can live to the age of a hundred.”

Elder Tian’s voice seemed to ring out from the Sword Collection peak itself, even louder than the thunder. The chains trembled with it. The great jangles mixed with the claps of thunder, making it difficult to distinguish between the two.

Many of the swordmasters and elders expressed agreement. The concept of good and bad was far too vague. Only strength was truly tangible. Even the faction that vehemently disagreed in the beginning began to waver slightly under elder Tian’s stern announcement.

Zhou Tong began laughing aloud. He called out through the rain, “Those who dominate others are strong, but those who overcome themselves have strength! Elder Tian, so much for your millennium-long cultivation. You don’t even understand such a simple principle? If you lose yourself, what’s the point even if you’ve obtained all that power?”

Elder Tian said, “Zhou Tong, is this your school of Daoism’s values again? I will let you witness the point of possessing this power right now. You’re a guest elder of the Sword Collection palace, yet you refuse to follow the Sword Collection palace’s path, so you can go and die!”

Bang! Under a tremendous force, Zhou Tong was pressed heavily against the stone terrace.

“Elder Zhou!” “Fellow Zhou!” The guest elders paled in fright.

“Go! I don’t know what he’s doing on the Sword Collection peak, but he can’t use his full strength right now! Once he frees himself up, it’ll be too late,” Zhou Tong said with difficulty.

“Killing you is a piece of cake, except the Sword Collection palace is currently welcoming the age of greatest prosperity throughout all of history. I hope you can witness this with me!” elder Tian said.

After several days of effort, he was only a single step away from refining the Immortal Relinquished sword. Very soon, he would become the swordmaster of Immortal Relinquished, as well as the master of the Sword Collection palace.

He urged the Sword Spirit of Immortal Relinquished inside, “Hurry up. Help me refine the Immortal Relinquished sword, and then I’ll free you!”

“You sure know how to dream. Do you really think you’re worthy of being my master? No, I have no master!” the Sword Spirit of Immortal Relinquished said.

“What did you say!? You want to be shackled here forever? If you don’t help me refine the Immortal Relinquished sword, I’ll never release you!” Elder Tian threatened sternly as he was overcome with surprise and fury.

“Hehe, you’re just the final obstacle… Now, my slaves, sever all the chains, and I will give you even greater strength!”

The Sword Spirit of Immortal Relinquished’s twisted, warped voice rang out in the heads of all the swordmaster and elders. It was filled with a strange, deluding power as if their own hearts were speaking to them. The demonic seeds erupted instantly, and the demonic natures spread rapidly.

“You…” Elder Tian heard this voice as well. It was as if the Sword Spirit of Immortal Relinquished was mocking his foolishness. Having reached the critical moment of the refinement process, pulling out now could not be done in a short moment.

Clang! Yin Xiaochou immediately drew the Water Breaking sword and swung it towards the closest chain. The swordmasters and elders all did the same as if they were possessed.

Sparks flew, resonating with the thunder and lightning.

Zhou Tong stood up and saw this terrifying sight together with the other guest elders. Without any hesitation, they immediately flew away as quickly as they could.

However, elder Tian was immobilised. He could only watch helplessly as they left. Once it was free from the bounds of the Sword Formation of Heaven and Earth, the Sword Spirit of Immortal Relinquished could kill him with just the backlash from the sword intent.

Had he really lost the gamble this time?

At this moment, a streak of light rose up from the ground. With a wave of his hand, elder Di swept aside all the swordmasters and elders.

“Junior brother!” Elder Tian beamed with joy. With a great sword cultivator present, none of the Sword Spirit of Immortal Relinquished’s tricks would be of any use. “Immortal Relinquished, you’ve already used up your trump card, but I can still give you an opportunity. Let me refine you!”

“Used up my trump card? Give me an opportunity? Hehehehe!”

The moment a guest elder rushed out of the sea of clouds, he was swallowed whole and chewed to a pulp.

Zhou Tong suddenly looked back. A locust the size of a mountain tore through the sea of clouds at an unbelievable speed.

“The Soaring Locust King!”

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