Chapter 1093 – Sword Peak

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Chapter 1093 – Sword Peak

“Old bastard, you wanted to use a Sword Tomb to keep me buried, but why don’t you take a look at who’s the master of the Sword Tomb now?”

“Elder Tian” spread his arms and laughed wildly. There were no irises in his eyes, only eye whites.

The almost-intangible Sword Domain of Heaven and Earth around the Sword Collection peak twisted and changed, turning into a sinister, terrifying Demon domain. It enveloped the Sword Collection palace, dyeing the white sun blood-red.

Under everyone’s terrified gazes, the Sword Collection peak rose up slowly. Elder Tian suddenly lowered his head and smiled viciously. “I almost forgot about you crawling ants. I’ve spent several thousand years waiting for this day!” His old face became even more hideous as his body twisted and arched. He roared furiously, “Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill…”


All of the swords on the Sword Collection palace basically shot out of the rock at the same time, turning into thousands of streaks that spiraled around before falling down. As they whistled around, human heads dropped to the ground. The swordsmanship was unmatched, such that not even the swordmasters and elders could block any of the swords. Some of them even lost control over the swords in their hands and were stabbed by them instead.

In the blink of an eye, blood flowed through the Sword Collection palace as streams. Even the wild beasts between the mountains had all been slaughtered, truly leaving none alive!

“That’s too quick. I don’t feel any satisfaction!” Elder Tian looked back at the south. “It’s time to help out that little damned insect and make his foolish wish come true!”

The bloody swords flew back, assembling into a formation around the Sword Collection peak. The Sword Formation of Heaven and Earth was reactivated, not only possessing a “core” again, but also becoming more powerful than it had ever been before after merging with the Sword Domain of Heaven and Earth.

The Sword Collection peak tilted slowly, pointing towards Great Buddha mountain with its tip before suddenly vanishing from where it was, leaving behind a trail of light. No one could imagine that a mountain could actually fly at such speed. If it were not for the fact that it was only a sword and not a regular creature, the heavenly tribulation of ascension would have begun raining down a long time ago.

Now, it had appeared in the world with strength that surpassed the third heavenly tribulation. Just what could still oppose it?

“I will turn this entire world into my sword domain!”

Hundreds of kilometers away, the Soaring Locust King maintained a safe distance and watched from afar, letting out an extremely delighted laughter.

“Hahahaha, Golden Cicada, are you seeing this? Don’t worry, I’ll make you see it!”


“What… is that?”

The Dauntless monk made his way out of the new grand hall currently under construction and gazed into the north. The sky was blue and the sun was white, except there was also a star that shone brighter and brighter, giving off a cold, demonic light, which filled him with an ominous feeling.

A figure leapt out up behind the mountain, landing behind the Dauntless monk. “Senior brother, it’s an enemy!” The two other Monk Kings sensed it as well and gathered over.

“Should we scatter the disciples?”

“No, it’s already too late. Activate the formation and prepare to receive the enemy!”

“So fast. What is that exactly?”

A Monk King formed a seal with both hands, pointing at his temples at the same time. His eyes shone with golden light, unleashing the Heavenly Eye knowledge of the six types of knowledge. He made out the star, but it stunned him. “That… seems to be… the Sword Collection peak!”


The Dauntless monk was in disbelief. Just a few days ago when Li Qingshan carried a mountain on his shoulders, he had already left everyone extremely shocked. The Sword Collection peak was not exactly small, so how could it fly through the air at such speed?

“Elder Tian of the Sword Collection palace is on there…”

“That’s impossible! He doesn’t possess such power!”

“So be it. The Guardian Kings Subdue the Demon!”

The four guardian kings assembled a formation together, and a guardian king of fury rose up from the ground, standing on Great Buddha mountain. It swung its vajra club, receiving the incoming demonic star!

The Sword Collection peak whistled through the air. Right when everyone thought it was going to collide against Great Buddha mountain, it came to a halt without any sign, which made everything seem even stranger.

“Finally, there are some people worth killing!”

Elder Tian tilted his head, staring at the guardian king with a smile. His posture was all over the place, like a wooden puppet on strings.

“You’re not elder Tian. Who are you exactly?” the Dauntless monk asked in surprise.

The Dauntless monk could directly sense the enemy’s strength from both the sinister, changing Sword Domain of Heaven and Earth and the thousands of swords.

“Who am I. Who am I? Who am I!” Elder Tian’s face changed again and again, twisting around in an exaggerated manner. Suddenly, he smiled viciously. “Dead people have no need to know!”


Among the vast Ink sea, there was a single, tiny island. The island had mountains, rivers, and trees, flowers, birds, fish, and insects, except they were all ink-coloured. They were almost like imitations, even twisting and converting between them from time to time.

In a small hut on the island, Chu Danqing faced the space before him and painted away diligently. Beside him stood the Dragon King of Ink Sea with his arms behind his back. When Chu Danqing finished painting, a few birds sprang alive from the tip of his brush, flying out of the window. They were all composed of just a few strokes, making them extremely simple, but also extremely vivid.

The Dragon King of Ink Sea nodded. “Not bad.”

“Thank you for your praise, master!” Chu Danqing said.

A pair of dragon pupils suddenly condensed in the Dragon King of Ink Sea’s empty eyes. He looked up and gazed into the distance, frowning heavily.

“Master, what’s wrong?” Chu Danqing asked.

“It’s broken free!” the Dragon King of Ink Sea said.


“A demonic sword…”

The Ink sea suddenly began to surge. Huge mountainous waves rose and fell. Among the dragon’s cry, an ink dragon rose up into the clouds.


The world rumbled and flashed. Under the tribulation lightning, the Golden Cicada Spirit King gradually broke free from his shell, turning back into the form of an infant. His eyes were gently closed, and his expression was peaceful. Sanskrit flowed across his body.

Li Qingshan held his breath. He had finally reached the final moments. Whether he could ascend successfully or not would all be up to now.

“Golden Cicada, are you leaving?” The Soaring Locust King’s voice rang out from the underground caves as if it was produced by the buzzing of countless locusts. “Golden Cicada, oh Golden Cicada. I once trusted you so much. Just what did you get out of the betrayal? The position of abbott at the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga? Hahahaha!”

“Attacking by force isn’t working, so he’s trying to assault him verbally?” Gu Yanying said.

“He just never gives up!” Li Qingshan disagreed. With the Golden Cicada Spirit King’s willpower, how could he waver over just a few words.

The Golden Cicada Spirit King did not budge at all. He kept his palms together solemnly, facing the bombardment of lightning with composure.

“Everything you did ended up in failure. You wanted to protect the common people, yet I’ve devoured several dozen times as many this time! You wanted to save the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga, but very soon, not a single person will be left alive on Great Buddha mountain. The Demon domain will invade the nine provinces once more, and this time, no one will be able to stop them! The world will sink into depravity. All living beings will either demonify or die. Where is your benevolence now!?”

“What the hell is he on about?”

Li Qingshan’s rational side told him that the Soaring Locust King was merely spouting nonsense in order to disturb the Golden Cicada Spirit King, but his instincts told him the Soaring Locust King was serious.

“Qingshan, there’s something a little wrong with this!” Gu Yanying clutched a bronze coin, divining in a hurry.

Li Qingshan shut his eyes and used the spirit turtle to divine. Suddenly, he felt that someone close to him would be facing great danger soon.

“Open your eyes and take a look! This is Great Buddha mountain right now!” the Soaring Locust King said.

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