Chapter 1095 – Friend or Foe

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Chapter 1095 – Friend or Foe

Bang! Boom! Rumble!

The four Monk Kings collided into the ceiling of the grand hall that was currently being constructed and landed on the ground heavily. Their faces changed, all recovering their solemnity and sitting up within the dust and tiles.

“Buddha Hymn Purifies the World!”

The Dauntless monk sat towards the south. Raising both arms, the three other Monk Kings sat with their backs to him such that they faced the four directions. They sat in different poses as they chanted away softly.

An indomitable saṃgharāma god appeared, guarding the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga. The hymns that had almost been drowned out by the thrumming of swords suddenly rose up again, bearing some resemblance to the Chant of Deva-Nāga. The four Monk Kings poured their strength together to power the World Purifying Formation of Buddha Hymn.

From that clash, they knew they were not “elder Tian’s” opponent, let alone protecting the Demon Suppression hall. All they could rely on was the protective formation now.

“All but a feeble attempt!”

Elder Tian snickered viciously. He pressed down with both hands, and the Sword Collection peak descended slowly. The shadow began to expand as the Sword Domain of Heaven and Earth blotted out the sky, just a repeat of when the Sword Collection palace had been destroyed.

As soon as the saṃgharāma god came into contact with the Sword Domain of Heaven and Earth, it began to surge like a shadow in water encountering a ripple. All it could do was drag out a miserable existence.

Originally, it should not have been so feeble, but the recent battle had virtually destroyed the foundations of the entire protective formation. The master of the Sword Collection palace never revealed his true intentions, but he had cleared the greatest obstacle to the Sword Collection peak’s attack.

The hymns faded away again, and Great Buddha mountain shook violently. Countless halls and pavilions collapsed silently.

A monk watched this unfold in fright before suddenly noticing that his face was rather moist. He touched it, and his hand was covered in blood. Looking around, he discovered that everyone began to ooze blood from their pores, which drenched their robes apart from the monks that had undergone heavenly tribulations. They became covered in blood in the blink of an eye. Only now did they vaguely make out the sharp sword thrum.

The great battle that occurred recently had left the monks extremely shocked, but the impression it gave them was grounded. It was a mighty force well beyond what they could withstand, and the harm had not been widespread. However, everything occurring before their eyes right now was like a nightmare come true. The familiar faces around them became covered with blood as they could not help themselves but be stricken with fear. Immediately, someone screamed out hysterically, setting off a string of cries like a chain reaction that rose and fell. It turned a holy land of buddhism into a grim hell.

The hymns rose up again, but it seemed to be corrupted and twisted by the screams, no longer a wondrous blessing, but more like a sinister curse. Even the monks that had undergone heavenly tribulations and possessed extraordinary cultivation began to waver mentally. Their eyes were completely bloodshot.

“Senior brother, this is a demonic sound. If this continues, all of the disciples will die from madness!” the Unraging monk said sternly.

He had witnessed the abilities of countless demonfolk and heard many eerie demonic sounds, but none of them could match this. It could actually penetrate the World Purifying Formation of Buddha Hymn, even twisting the hymns. Something like this was basically unheard of.

“Hold our ground. We need to last until the King of Chu arrives!” The Dauntless monk’s face had darkened, but he did not waver.


However, they all had a worry that they never mentioned. Could the Fierce King of Chu really stave off such a terrifyingly powerful enemy?

At this moment, a black streak suddenly appeared on the horizon, twisting and curling about as it pulled a blanket of dark clouds with it, enveloping the skies. Scales and claws faded in and out as a dignified dragon’s head protruded out. The dragon’s cry immediately drowned out the faint, sharp thrums.

Clouds followed dragons, and the wind followed tigers.

But at a closer glance, the dark clouds were not actual clouds. Instead, they seemed like ink that had been diluted in water, making them a little wispy and intangible.

The Dauntless monk was extremely shocked. The Dragon King of Ink Sea had always been a recluse, ignoring everything that happened around him. He never thought he would actually leave the Ink sea, but was he a friend or a foe? If he were a friend, then he would be the most unexpected support, but if he were a foe, then probably no one would be able to save the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga anymore.

As a result, he said, “Your majesty the dragon king, this demon desires to destroy the Demon Suppression hall and open the world to the incursions of the Demon domain, so please lend us a hand. All living beings of the world will be grateful for your kindness.”

“What do the living beings of the world have to do with me?” the Dragon King of Ink Sea said.

The Dauntless monk’s heart sank.

“Hehe, and I was wondering who it was. So it’s you, you blindy. You broke free from the Painting Tomb all those years ago, yet you actually refused to help out this old acquaintance of yours. How unbrotherly of you. Though, it’s still not too late. Let’s work together and make a mess. Let’s show all the living beings what we ‘inanimate objects’ are capable of,” said elder Tian.

“Inanimate objects?” the Dragon King of Ink Sea said, and the inky clouds weighed down. They were like strands and wisps, yet also like whole mountains and cities, constantly changing and surging. They possessed both airiness and weight.

“What, you’re angry? Don’t tell me you still pretend to be a living being? We both know that not only are you an inanimate object, you’re an incomplete inanimate object at that, as that old guy didn’t even give you the most basic form of completion, which is why you’re so weak. If you don’t want to work with me, then just wait and see!”

A scarlet streak of light shot through the skies. Li Qingshan rushed over as quickly as he could, covering several thousand kilometers in just a short while. He saw Great Buddha mountain before him; then he suddenly frowned. The Dragon King of Ink Sea! After that, he took out the transmission talisman again. “Xiao An, come to Great Buddha mountain for help!”

Even though he had only caught a glimpse of the image that the Soaring Locust King had produced, he had already confirmed that the Sword Collection peak would be an unprecedentedly powerful enemy. If his old rival, the Dragon King of Ink Sea, was thrown into the mix as well, then it would definitely be a great battle.

However, Xiao An did not give him a reply this time either. He temporarily set this matter aside and arrived before Great Buddha mountain, calling out, “You still haven’t died, have you?”

“Haha, if I don’t see my damned disciple one last time, how can I bring myself to die?”

The Unraging monk became reinvigorated, letting out a great laugh. Now this was the powerful support he trusted the most.

“Just you wait. I’ll come and rescue you right now!”

Li Qingshan stopped worrying inside. Right when he was about to fly over, a dragon tail sliced through the sea of clouds and swept over, blocking his path. The Dragon King of Ink Sea turned his head and stared at him.

“Dragon king, this is not the place for our decisive battle that we decided on!”

Li Qingshan experienced tremendous pressure. He had already become even stronger, but the Dragon King of Ink Sea was still a powerful opponent he could not underestimate. If it had been any other time, then he would welcome a battle where he could try out his new techniques, but the Unraging monk’s life took priority right now.

The Dragon King of Ink Sea said nothing. His inky-black whiskers rose and fell. Within the silence, the sea of clouds froze as well.

“Nicely done. Keep the kid busy. Once I butcher the bald asses, I’ll come and help you kill him!”

Elder Tian snickered viciously and powered the Sword Formation of Heaven and Earth. The swords spun about, gathering greater and greater power. They were about to completely destroy the World Purifying Formation of Buddha Hymn.

“Shut your mouth!” the Dragon King of Ink Sea roared furiously, and the sea of clouds began to surge, rushing into the Sword Formation of Heaven and Earth and dyeing the domain an inky-black. The sword formation immediately became sluggish too. “Do not mention me with the likes of you again!”

Li Qingshan was rather surprised. He never expected the Dragon King of Ink Sea to actually stand on his side.

The Dragon King of Ink Sea seemed to read his thoughts. He said without even looking back, “Li Qingshan, I am not doing this to assist you!”

“Whatever you say!” Li Qingshan grinned and stepped forward. The two great Daemon Kings met the Sword Collection peak head-on.

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