Chapter 1096 – Working Together

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Chapter 1096 – Working Together

Within the inky, sea-like clouds, the Dragon King of Ink Sea dove and swam, fading in and out of sight. He ushered the clouds towards the Sword Collection peak.

Li Qingshan strode through the air, making his way to the front at a steady pace. With each step, he swelled to ten times his original size. Space would shake, letting out a hollow echo that grew louder and louder like war drums!

The four Monk Kings were all at peace. With such powerful reinforcements, what else could they still fear? They also found this to be absolutely ridiculous. The Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga had always discriminated against daemons, yet they actually needed two great Daemon Kings to rescue them in the end.

The Dauntless monk’s expression changed slightly. The world was now turbulent. The Demon domain could launch a large-scale invasion at any moment. Everything that happened right now was only a prelude. By then, the conflict between humans and daemons would become secondary. If they could not unite the strength of the entire world as much as possible, then they would probably follow the footsteps of the otherfolk. Perhaps the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga needed to change its principles as well.

Li Qingshan could not help but sigh over the fact that the matters of the world would always be able to take people by surprise. He never expected his greatest enemy to actually become his most powerful support. The Dragon King of Ink Sea was truly one of the best helpers he could ever have.

Elder Tian was fearless. He smacked his lips. “What a pity. You still can’t break free from that old guy’s will. You look like a dragon, but you’re actually just a dog. No, even less than a dog. Dogs at least can still bark out as they wish. Everything you possess is just a shoddy imitation.”

“Whether I’m a dragon or a dog is not for you to decide! Is your warped sword intent not from another’s will?” the Dragon King of Ink Sea answered with a question. His voice was vast and dignified as if it was no different from a true dragon’s.

“What a joke. Do you know how the person who forged me died? Even now, I can still remember the taste of his blood. Why don’t you kill that old guy and show me instead? Even he could not twist my sword intent!” elder Tian said proudly.

“You have to betray yourself, and that’s the only way you can prove your existence? What a pitiful guy! So what if you killed the person who forged you? Does that prove you weren’t forged by him? How much stronger than a dog can you be?” If a dog doesn’t admit it’s a dog, then it’ll only become a mad dog in the end!” Li Qingshan shook his head in disagreement.

“You… I will make you regret this!” Elder Tian seemed like Li Qingshan had just hit his sore spot. His expression became even more twisted, and the Sword Domain of Heaven and Earth experienced some disarray, shrinking back and receding in the surge of the inky clouds.

The Dragon King of Ink Sea sank into his thoughts. With every single thought he had, he had to consider whether it came from himself or not, which was indeed an extremely painful process. When “inanimate objects” like them developed intelligence, how they were supposed to coexist with these “innate” wills did become their greatest problem. Both complying and resisting would come with great conflict.

.As a “living being” that did not seem particularly clever, it truly was unexpected that Li Qingshan could spot and state the crux of the issue and cause conflict for the Sword Spirit of Immortal Relinquished. As it seemed, it was not entirely through a fortuitous encounter that he could reach his current cultivation given his age.

“Cut the nonsense!”

Li Qingshan had already swelled up to over two thousand meters tall. He swung the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End that was just as giant and vicious as him towards the Sword Collection peak. The blade aura contained the power of tremors, leaving behind a black trail. Even space seemed to blacken and rip apart.


Elder Tian’s face became even more vicious. Suddenly, he spread his arms, and beams of light poured out of his ears, eyes, mouth, and nose before uniting into a single streak again. It immediately penetrated Li Qingshan’s chest, and only afterwards did the inky clouds it pierce disperse, basically leaving Li Qingshan with no time to react. He easily ate through his skin and flesh, revealing his jagged bones that also shook and melted away in the beam.

Li Qingshan ignored it. He gripped his blade’s hilt firmly and swung the blade heavily into the Sword Formation of Heaven and Earth. Countless swords received his blade, all shattering upon making contact. His blade did become much slower as a result, but it continued along its path, hurling toward elder Tian viciously.

Boom! With a great rumble, the mad blade landed on the Sword Collection peak, leaving behind a deep slash. Cracks rapidly began to spread, and the earth split open.

Elder Tian avoided the attack, but Li Qingshan’s target had never been him. He had noticed a long time ago that elder Tian was just a puppet, or perhaps better described as a slave to the sword. The true enemy was the Sword Collection peak.

The flames of the phoenix lit up in Li Qingshan’s chest, doing its best to fill in the huge hole. Sure enough, the strange Sword Collection peak was just as tough as he expected it to be. If it were not for the Dragon King of Ink Sea who held off the Sword Formation of Heaven and Earth and the Sword Domain of Heaven and Earth, a full-powered swing from him would not have been able to pose any threat at all. This power had far surpassed what regular great cultivators were capable of, reaching a higher realm. He basically had no chance at victory if he was fighting alone. Sure enough, having a powerful teammate was very important!

“Is that it?” Li Qingshan laughed madly before swinging the blade at the Sword Collection peak again!

A speck of light lit up between his eyebrows. He experienced a great sense of danger, drawing back his blade in a hurry to block.


A streak of light landed on the blade, erupting with thousands of beams like a resplendent flower. Every single beam basically possessed the power of a great sword cultivator’s attack.

Li Qingshan retreated as a result with his colossal size, and he left behind two deep trails in the ground with his feet. Extending his right foot backwards to support himself, he crushed a small mountain before halting himself. However, before he could even catch his breath, the beams of light twisted back, attacking all the vital points on his body. The swordsmanship was so profound that it was unavoidable.

“Last Reflection of the Setting Sun!” Li Qingshan said with composure.

Pieces of the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell rose up, assembling a perfect sphere and reflecting all of the beams back towards elder Tian.

The Dragon King of Ink Sea could not help but glance over, clearly sensing that he had grown much stronger yet again compared to when they clashed back then. This rate of growth was simply unbelievable! However, he did not let such a great opportunity slip by either. He advanced further with his inky clouds, further contaminating the Sword Domain of Heaven and Earth and shrinking the Sword Formation of Heaven and Earth. He understood very well that he did not have to serve as the main offence in this battle.

Elder Tian’s expression changed slightly. As a daemon, this Li Qingshan possessed a little far too many innate abilities. He pushed his hands forward and gathered all of the light in his hands. Bringing his hands together, the light condensed into a ball. Then he swung out with it as hard as he could, producing a ring of light that shook away the heavy, inky clouds.

He fought two people at the same time, all the while maintaining pressure on the four Monk Kings, and he actually did not lose the upper hand.

“Kid, this sword is very powerful! If it weren’t for the fact that it doesn’t have a fitting master, we wouldn’t be its opponent at all.” Even the Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower that rarely ever spoke during battle could not help but tell Li Qingshan.

“It’ll have a master very soon. Watch as I suppress and subdue it!”

“You have the balls to? I’ll cut it apart!”

“That’ll be up to how you perform then. Come, A Madman at Path’s End!”

Li Qingshan laughed and became one with the blade. He swung the blade in a frenzy, shaking off all of the incoming sword qi and drawing closer to the Sword Collection peak step by step. The clashing between the blade aura and sword qi was like thunder.

At this moment, there was a flash of red light on the horizon, and a scarlet streak of light whistled over, slamming into the Sword Collection peak.

.From the corner of his eye, Li Qingshan saw a scarlet battleship that bore extremely close resemblance to the Silver Dragon King flying over. The Fierce King of Chu stood on the deck, and beneath his feet was the strongest mechanical weapon the Green province had to offer, the Scarlet Dragon King!

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