Chapter 1102 – Please Back Down

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Chapter 1102 – Please Back Down

Madam Vine obviously would not oblige to Li Qingshan’s order, but she could not help but take it seriously as well. She called out, “Li Qingshan, don’t forget what you promised to a certain ‘person’!”

“You’re stealing the cauldron for the Great Banyan Tree King?” Li Qingshan asked.

“I… of course not!”

Madam Vine twisted her words quickly and denied it vehemently. Making her admit she had travelled thousands of kilometers to the Green province for the sake of that heartless old tree daemon was impossible. She had already thought it through too. Once she obtained the Green Province cauldron, she would definitely make him beg and plead with her before she gave it to him.

“Then there’s no so-called ‘person’.” Li Qingshan smiled before becoming solemn again. “Alright. I will give the nine cauldrons to the Great Banyan Tree King in the future, but now is still not the time, so you better put the cauldron down obediently, or…”

Demon qi gushed out from behind him. A Demon King swam out of the demon cavern first. After demonifying, it had become something akin to a tadpole, except it was countless times larger. It was sticky and snow-white, without ears, eyes, a mouth, or a nose. It gave off a vicious stench.

A tiny tail riddled with spikes swung around behind it, producing ripples in the air and allowing it to move with startling speed. A crimson-red gash that resembled a mouth suddenly split open on its huge, round head, swallowing Li Qingshan in a single gulp. The gash immediately closed up again.

“Or what?” Madam Vine smiled, wrapping around the Green Province cauldron firmly and tugging at it with her full strength.

The Fierce King of Chu was no weakling. As the lord of the Green province, he was the natural possessor of the Green Province cauldron, and that kind of connection could not be severed so easily. He continued to hold onto the Green Province cauldron as hard as he could, and after hearing the conversation between Li Qingshan and madam Vine, he became even more afraid to relax.

“The Great Banyan Tree King sent you?”

No matter how peaceful and neutral the Great Banyan Tree King was, he still represented the Mist province at the end of the day, and he had close connections with the King of Southern Yue. There were signs indicating that they were working together.

The balance in strength between the Green province and the Mist province had been completely lost now. If he lost the Green Province cauldron as well and allowed the Great Banyan Tree King to become the god of the Green province, then the fate of the Kingdom of Chu would be completely at his whim.

Madam Vine said, “I wasn’t sent by anyone. Fierce King of Chu, I’d advise you to just let go! You can’t suppress this demon cavern anyway. Perhaps there might be someone who would be willing to help you out with this.”

“I don’t need an outsider helping out with the matters of my Green province!”

That was what the Fierce King of Chu said, but he could not help but feel like he was already past his prime.

At this moment, a sharp howl rang out from below. The tadpole Demon King squirmed around violently, rampaging through the air. Its body swelled up like a balloon. Countless tears appeared, every single one howling out.

With a boom, flesh and sticky liquid exploded across the entire place. A group of Demon Kings had just charged out the demon cavern, and they all tried to dodge upon seeing this. Some of them could not dodge, so they were drenched in the liquid, leading to a hiss of white smoke. Large pieces of their flesh were eaten away. Even their protective demon qi was useless.

Swallowing was the tadpole Demon King’s most terrifying ability. Its body was basically entirely composed of a corrosive, sticky liquid. It could not only corrode physical objects, but various kinds of energy as well. Entering its belly was equivalent to passing through the gates of death. Even Demon Kings would be reduced to a puddle.

However, Li Qingshan was no ordinary Demon King. If you’re bold enough to swallow me, then swallow me! As soon as he entered the tadpole Demon King’s belly, he immediately used the Force Field of the Earth to push the liquid away from him.

Force fields were different from regular techniques and abilities. They were immune to corrosion. As a result, the tadpole Demon King was forcefully burst open by the invisible force, dying on the spot.

No one was surprised by this result. Instead, it would be unbelievable if Li Qingshan actually died here.

Li Qingshan gripped a demon heart in his hand and said to madam Vine, “Or this will be your… whatever, just you wait!”

In consideration of his relationship with the Great Banyan Tree King, killing his wife did not seem particularly appropriate, so he said something vicious that street thugs regularly used but bore no threat at all. Li Qingshan tossed the demon heart into his mouth and chewed it violently. A streak of demonic light erupted from his mouth as he swung his head around madly. The demonic light swept around randomly, forcing back the group of Demon Kings.

In the end, he said to the Fierce King of Chu with his burnt mouth, “Fellow Chu, just hold on. Your daughter will be here very soon!”

“Xuanyue!” The Fierce King of Chu was reinvigorated. If Ji Xuanyue were here, then there was no need for him to worry about this vine daemon, and it would give them a better chance at suppressing the demon cavern. He responded coldly, “My surname is not Chu!”

Hearing that Xiao An would be here soon, madam Vine tightened her grip and pulled against the Fierce King of Chu even harder in a hurry. Meanwhile, the Fierce King of Chu downright decided to fend her off even if he had to give up on the demon cavern. He controlled the Scarlet Dragon King at the same time to fire away at the demon cavern at full power. Puppet Kings flew down from the battleship, entering the battle. He was wagering everything on this now!

Li Qingshan let out a laugh and swung the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End to receive the demons. The blade danced wildly. He turned into a battle demon and swept through the surging demon qi, completely unaffected by the environment. Instead, it strengthened him mentally, allowing him to push the Possession of the Battle Demon to an even higher realm.

With a punch, the Demon Kings flew back in retreat. With a twist of his blade, the demons all evaded!

On Great Buddha mountain, demon qi gushed into the clouds, forceful attacks crisscrossed the place, and the figure of a dragon soared!

Li Qingshan and the Dragon King of Ink Sea worked together to fight the demons. The Dragon King of Ink Sea could expand and shrink at will, making him almost intangible. Even if he was cut to pieces, he was not particularly affected. He was basically unkillable.

Li Qingshan’s body was tough, so he could also put up a fight. Moreover, he could undergo Nirvāṇa Rebirth, so there was even less to fear. Even if he took on a few blows, he simply shrugged it off. Instead, he became bolder the more he fought, exchanging wounds for wounds, lives for lives.

A Demon King shaped like an avian pierced his chest with a single claw. He did not try to dodge or block, extending his hand and ripping off the Demon King’s head. He turned around and took a blast to the face. As his head was thrown back, his blade left his hand, slashing the Demon King in half before circling back into his hand.

His vicious, intense attacks made even the Demon Kings shiver. They had been ordered to attack the nine provinces, and they would derive great benefit from it. Once everything ended in victory, they would receive the graces of the Demon domain, receiving the “blessings of heaven”. However, nothing was more important than their lives. If they fell here, then there would be no benefits awaiting them.

Even the Battle Demon clan was not as great as that!

Half of Li Qingshan’s tiger bones were exposed, the war banners on his back had been ripped apart long ago, and he had taken a blast to the face, so he was completely disfigured, but flames roared within his eyes as his battle spirit scorched.

With his damaged body, he actually gained the upper hand momentarily, leaving everyone amazed once again. Without anything to worry about, he had already decided to fight to the very end, to fight to his heart’s content. As for the Golden Cicada Spirit King’s side, he had come up with an idea too!

A while later, a white figure strode over through the air. Xiao An swung the Buddha Slaying sword gently, and a Demon King was immediately converted from life to death, reverting to his original form in fright. She said to Li Qingshan apologetically, “I’ve made you wait.”

“You can never be too late for something as great as this. Send your little skeletons to help out in the Clear River prefecture. Golden Cicada can’t hold on for much longer!”

“Alright!” Xiao An swung her arm, and the Skull Prayer Beads flew out. Then she turned towards madam Vine and bowed. “Please back down!”

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