Chapter 1103 – Battle Demon

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Chapter 1103 – Battle Demon


Madam Vine shivered inside. Xiao An had once killed then rescued her, so it obviously felt completely different when it was coming from her. She had taken a stroke from her sword as well, so she also knew how terrifying the Buddha Slaying sword was.

“Please back down!” Xiao An repeated without any expression.

“Whatever, whatever. I don’t want to be slashed by your sword again!”

Madam Vine sighed and slowly let go of the Green Province cauldron reluctantly. Due to the Great Banyan Tree King, Li Qingshan could not make an attempt on her life, but if Xiao An insisted on taking action, then it would be merciless.

That was because she was not fighting for herself either.

“Many thanks,” said Xiao An.

The Fierce King of Chu finally let out a sigh of relief and regained control over the Green Province cauldron. He never expected his daughter to be so mighty and influential, being able to force back this madam Vine in just a few words, which filled him with various emotions. He cast aside these random thoughts. “Xuanyue, help me suppress the demon cavern!”

“Yes, father!”

A phoenix’s cry rang out!

Li Qingshan fought until he exhausted his strength, dragging a Demon King with him before turning into a phoenix in the blink of an eye and undergoing Nirvāṇa Rebirth. He said to the utterly dumbstruck Demon Kings, “Everyone is here, so we can formally start the war now. Who’s prepared to die?”

His battle spirit roared. The demons all retreated, gathering right above the demon cavern.

Actually, not a lot of Demon Kings had died since the beginning of the battle. The largest loss had occurred at the very start, when Li Qingshan used the geography to shatter the demon cavern with a single punch, allowing the Dragon King of Ink Sea to kill seven Demon Kings consecutively.

By now, there were still almost thirty Demon Kings present. They possessed an absolute advantage in numbers. If it were not for the fact that both Li Qingshan and the Dragon King of Ink Sea were extremely good at taking a beating, one unkillable and one able to undergo rebirth, combined with the fact that the Demon Kings were selfish and would never want to risk their lives, they would have lost this battle a long time ago. They never would have lasted until now.

However, having fought until now, even when they had a geographic advantage, they had failed to even kill a single enemy, which severely dampened the morale of the army of Demon Kings. They dared not be careless anymore, re-establishing their formation. For once, they discovered the importance of unity, but they also seemed to be waiting for something!

“Nicely done, damned disciple!”

The Unraging monk covered several dozen kilometers and arrived beside Li Qingshan.

“Why have you returned?”

Li Qingshan looked over. The Unraging monk was not the only one that had returned. The three other Monk Kings were present too.

They had led the entire monastery of monks away from the battlefield. After settling them down and spending a moment catching their breaths, they returned to help out.

“This is the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga. Watching the Demon Suppression hall is my duty. I practise the Demon Suppression Statuary exactly for this situation!”

The Unraging monk surged with demon qi, but it did not seem foul at all. Instead, it seemed very righteous and incorruptible. It turned into a Chain of Demon Suppression, wrapping around him like a dragon. He formed a seal with his left hand and held a Demon Suppression Tower in his right. The surging demon qi from the demon cavern dispersed as soon as it arrived near him.

“You sure do look like you’re about to put up a fight.” Li Qingshan smiled.

“You don’t say. When I was out and about, fighting and killing, you weren’t even around yet!” the Unraging monk said.

“Abbot.” Xiao An brought her palms together and bowed towards the Dauntless monk. She was so dignified and harmonious in bearing that they struggled to connect her with the word “buddha nemesis”.

“One Will!” The Dauntless monk’s expression was mixed. He originally tried to ignore her, to pretend that he did not see her. Otherwise, between a buddha nemesis and demonfolk, the buddha nemesis had priority in being eliminated first.

Xiao An said nothing more to him either. She said to Li Qingshan, “The army of the Demon domain is coming.” She could sense the auras of countless beings in the Demon domain, gathering together like a long river. Who knew how many demonfolk were swarming over here.

“You’ve come at the perfect time. It’s a pity that your little skeletons aren’t here, but having the Samādhi Flames of White Bone is enough!” Li Qingshan said.

“The demon qi is too dense, so the Samādhi Flames of White Bone will be affected. These demonfolk aren’t undead after all, or we could go for a great blaze.”

“That would be a little troublesome,” Li Qingshan said.

Quantity could turn into quality. The Soaring Locust King had already demonstrated that. He could put up a fight against several dozen Demon Kings, but if it were a demonfolk army of millions, then it would not be enough even if he had all the daemon qi in the world.

Looking at the sky, the Fierce King of Chu was currently setting up the landscape of the Green province again to stop the surging demon qi. However, they definitely could not suppress the demon cavern in a short moment.

“The Blood Sea Banner should work though, and I’ve forged something new.”

Xiao An blinked her eyes and raised her left arm. She held a bell in her left hand hidden within her sleeve; it was only the size of a palm, dark-blue in colour and half-transparent. As she held it in her hand that resembled a white lotus, it seemed extremely detailed and delicate, but at a closer glance, it was covered in countless, twisted faces.

“Then it’s up to you!” Li Qingshan smiled and brought his arm around her shoulder, pecking her forehead heavily.

Xiao An touched her forehead and smiled resplendently. “Alright!”

The army of demonfolk drew closer and closer. The aura from their gathering merged with the demon qi, almost pushing the Green Province cauldron aside. The Fierce King of Chu only managed to keep it in place after using his full strength, so suppressing the demon cavern was impossible.

The auras of the several dozen Demon Kings from earlier were completely dwarfed in comparison. No matter how pure it was, it was nothing when compared to that.

Li Qingshan let out a sigh inside. It was no wonder those naturally-endowed otherfolk would lose divine kingdom after divine kingdom. Before an army like that, everyone would feel their insignificance. However, he was not worried, and it was not just because he believed in himself, but also because he believed in her.

Xiao An seemed to sense that. She looked back, and they smiled at each other.

At this moment, it did not seem to matter even if they did not have the Fierce King of Chu or the Dragon King of Ink Sea. As long as they worked together, they could face all crises and enemies.

Clop! Clip! Clop!

Suddenly, the sound of horse hooves rang out from within the demon cavern, piercing the deafening roars and battle cries and reaching everyone’s ears clearly as if it was drumming against their heads. It made their hearts sink.

Li Qingshan sensed a powerful aura that surpassed all the Demon Kings present in both quality and quantity. He thought, That’s probably the Fierce King of Chu or the Dragon King of Ink Sea of the Demon domain. Given how vast the Demon domain is, not all of them will be mediocre, but why does this aura feel a little familiar?

Whinny! With a horse’s cry, a knight in black armour emerged from the demon cavern.

With just a man and a horse, they strode ahead of the army and arrived in this world. Behind them was the devastating army of demons, but beside them was absolutely no one else.

“I see!”

Li Qingshan immediately understood where this sense of familiarity came from. The war banners on the black knight’s back, sure enough, were detailed “Battle Demon”.

“What a bunch of trash!”

The black knight bellowed at the Demon Kings, and the war horse beneath him showed contempt as well.

“And how are you any better?” The rebuke did not come from the mouth of the Demon Kings. Li Qingshan stood with his arms crossed, gazing at the knight in interest. “Are you from the Battle Demon clan?”

“Battle Demon Hun!” The black knight stated his name. “You are Li Qingshan?”

“You’ve actually heard of my name. At least you have some knowledge, except it’s a pity that you don’t really use your head, or you would have fled already,” Li Qingshan fired away with his sneers. He pointed at Battle Demon Hun and said, “Leave this ass-rider to me!”

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