Chapter 1104 – Army

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Chapter 1104 – Army


Battle Demon Hun’s eyes shone coldly. He drew a huge sword from the side of his saddle. The war horse that had been called an “ass” was even more furious. Veins bulged from its body as two jets of hot air sprayed out from its nostrils. It leapt about restlessly and uttered in broken sentences, “Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!”

Battle Demon Hun swung his sword forward, pointing it at Li Qingshan. “You better not run!”

“Don’t worry. I don’t have an ass to ride, so I won’t be able to get away quickly even if I try to!”

Li Qingshan laughed aloud and clenched his fists firmly. He crossed his arms and shuddered, assuming the form of a battle demon.

With his blade in hand and his wings unfurled, he turned into a scarlet streak of light, rushing towards Battle Demon Hun and the demonfolk army alone.



Battle Demon Hung roared and became one with the horse, charging towards Li Qingshan with a string of blurs.


The demonfolk army yelled at the same time. The might was like a tsunami, rushing into the clouds on the surging demon qi.


A wave of air rushed out.

The blade and the sword collided, making their edges cross. Two powerful forces clashed violently.

Their eyes met, only inches away from one another. One pair was scarlet-red, while the other was a bloody-red. Sparks flew. Both were surprised by their enemy’s strength, which only led to even greater killing intent!

Li Qingshan felt his shoulder ache, having been bitten by the war horse. At that moment, it no longer seemed like a horse, but a venomous snake, springing up to cause harm. Its mouth was filled with long, sharp teeth.

Having gained a thorough understanding of the Ox Demon Transformation, he could use the various innate abilities of the ox demon with even greater ease. The skin on his shoulder immediately turned into the black hide of an ox, fending off the sharp teeth. He grinned. “Your ass is pretty impressive, but my blade is a little better!”

The blade cut into the edge of the sword slowly. The figure of the Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower seemed to overlap with Li Qingshan’s, gripping the hilt firmly. A forceful clash like this demonstrated the quality of weapons the most. Clearly, the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End was still better.

Battle Demon Hun let out a mad roar. With a twist of his sword, he swung it over Li Qingshan’s head with enough strength to cut through mountains.

Li Qingshan dared not treat him like a regular Demon King. He twisted his blade, producing a profound arc and intercepting the sword. “You can’t hit me!”


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Like claps of thunder, the blade and sword clashed a hundred times in a single instant. The world shook, and the waves of air turned into storms.

In the centre of the storm, Li Qingshan’s scarlet air danced in the air as he used both A Madman at Path’s End and Possession of the Battle Demon at the same time, attaining a delicate balance between strength and technique. He met every single attack from Battle Demon Hun fiercely and calmly, savouring the battle to his heart’s content.

Among all the people here, the person who was most geographically advantaged by the battlefield in the demon cavern would definitely be him!

The Green Province cauldron was like a mountain, hanging in the sky and unleashing the illusion of the Green province. The demon cavern was like a huge, black mouth, constantly spouting with demon qi and corrupting this world with the laws of the Demon domain.

This was where the two worlds met, while he was both a child of the nine provinces and a king among demons, so not only was he uninhibited by any of the laws, he obtained the support of the two worlds too, easily gaining the upper hand.

“I’ll crush a sham like you very soon. Even if you try to flee now, it’s already too late!”

Battle Demon Hun growled. His voice was icy-cold and steady. To be able to speak in such an intense battle, he clearly had not used his full strength yet. A colossal army pushed forward right behind him. The military formation a million strong advanced quickly and boldly, their final targets the Green Province cauldron.

Li Qingshan was just a slightly larger obstacle to them.

With the advance of the army, Battle Demon Hun’s demon qi became thicker and thicker, and the force behind his blade became stronger and stronger too. Even with his strength of the ox demon, Li Qingshan actually began feeling like he could not hold him off anymore.

At the same time, through the Demon Suppression Statuary’s effectiveness against the demonfolk, the Unraging monk became the strongest among the four Monk Kings. They assembled the Demon Subduing Formation of the Guardian Kings and poured all of their strength into him, condensing a furious guardian king. It swung black chains around in one hand and wielded a Demon Suppression Tower in the other, smashing it about as a weapon.

Despite that, they were constantly under attack under the encirclement of almost thirty Demon Kings, only able to shrug off the attacks through the power of demon suppression. And that was with the Demon Kings constantly guarding against any sneak attacks from the Dragon King of Ink Sea, which prevented them from using their full strength. They were like a wild bull caught between a pack of wolves. Collapsing was just a matter of time.

And when the demonfolk army surged over, all they could do was retreat step by step. Once they were swallowed by it, it would probably only take an instant before they were ripped to pieces.

The Scarlet Dragon King fired away at full power, blasting out with hundreds of streams of scarlet light that barraged the demonfolk army. As a weapon of war, it did indeed suit the current situation, except this was not an internal strife of the nine provinces. Whenever each stream of light illuminated the dim surroundings enveloped in demon qi, it was also weakened and nullified, limiting its killing power. The number of demonfolk it killed was completely negligible compared to the size of the entire army.

Meanwhile, the Puppet Kings released from the Scarlet Dragon King had been dismantled by the Demon Kings long ago. One of them had even been controlled by a Demon King through some kind of method.

The Fierce King of Chu was tense. Not only was he severely exhausted having fought until now, but it would have been impossible for him to stop an army like this even if he was in prime condition. It was impossible for the Green Province cauldron to suppress such a great army either.

He could not help but look at his long-lost daughter. Her bluish-white monk robes fluttered in the air, but she had not done anything the entire time. She enveloped the delicate bell in her hand and seemed to be chanting something.

The four Monk Kings fought as they retreated.

“Sure enough, the buddha nemesis is unreliable! She’s evading the battle!”

“We should have never thought about relying on some buddha nemesis in the first place!”

“Gather your focus! Say no more!” the Dauntless monk said.

Xiao An’s identity as a buddha nemesis was already indisputable, but those words still made him feel rather uncomfortable. He continued to believe in her for some reason, believing that she would play a vital role in this battle, even determining the overall outcome!

And if she could truly learn what fear and dread was, then that would be good too.

Demonfolk were warped and twisted, but most of them had no right to be called “buddha nemesis”. Anyone with some wits about them knew the buddha could not be opposed.

Even now, he still felt pained. One Will, oh One Will. When you cultivated as a buddhist, you clearly possessed limitless potential, so why must you choose to be a buddha nemesis?

At this moment, a colossal shadow rose up, enveloping the guardian king that the four Monk Kings assembled together.

Battle Demon Hun’s demon qi rose to the very limit before turning into a vicious battle demon standing over three thousand meters tall behind him.

These methods of gathering and combining the power of many was not surprising. Li Qingshan had once witnessed the disciples of the school of the Military use it, as well as the undead from the Hungry Ghost realm. However, when Battle Demon Hun used it, it bore terrifying might that was worlds apart from anything he had seen before. He was unstoppable, enough to crush anything in his path.

“This world will become a part of the Demon domain. That is a shift of events that cannot be stopped. Do even the likes of you think you can put up a futile struggle?”

Battle Demon Hun and the colossal battle demon spoke at the same time. Their voices overlapped, echoing through the surroundings.

Towards the very end, he suddenly swung his huge sword, and the battle demon behind him swung its colossal demon sword as well. A ring of sword qi swept several dozen kilometers away, actually slashing the Scarlet Dragon King in half.

Everyone watched helplessly as the greatest weapon of war the nine provinces had to offer fell out of the sky.

A sight like that was basically enough for people to despair.

At this moment, the sound of a bell rang out!

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