Chapter 1110 – Sea of Blood

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Chapter 1110 – Sea of Blood

How could Li Qingshan let such a great opportunity slip by? The stripes of a tiger spread across his face, forming a special pattern on his forehead. Malice gushed from his body as he used the Frenzy of the Tiger Demon. He maintained his state of the Possession of the Battle Demon and A Madman at Path’s End, so he erupted with all three at the same time. He bellowed out, “Obliterate!”

Battle Demon Hun felt like he had just been punched in the face. He flew backwards with an expression of disbelief.

In a daze, Li Qingshan’s figure had vanished. He turned into a tiger demon with a blade in its mouth, producing a bounding streak of scarlet light. Then he turned back into human form in the next moment, having stopped the ability already. His bones were covered in cracks, and his body was on the brink of collapse. He looked back and grinned. “You’ve lost!”

Several Demon Kings were smashed to pieces, killed instantly in a single strike!


Battle Demon Hun roared furiously. They possessed such a great force on their side, so how could they have lost to a measly handful of people? However, in the cultivation community, all might belonged to the individual. “Quantity” could never contend with “quality”.

Li Qingshan ignored Battle Demon Hun’s defeated howl. He said to Gu Yanying in the distance, “Have you come to watch?”

“I thought I didn’t have to do anything seeing how you’ve pulled together and overcome the enemy, but fine!”

After arriving on Great Buddha mountain, Gu Yanying had been standing in the distance the entire time, watching the Dragon King of Ink Sea and Li Qingshan work together to fend off the enemy. She could not help but sigh slightly and feel delighted.

At this moment, she casually unfurled her folding fan and swung it downwards, drawing down the atmospheric winds from above before sweeping it back up, raising the hot winds of hell. They blew towards the demons together.

The Golden Cicada Spirit King stood on the Green Province cauldron. His face was devoid of any emotions as the invisible cry moved through the demons like a golden streak of light. Wherever it reached, even the Demon Kings shuddered. Only a powerful battle demon like Battle Demon Hun could withstand the disturbance of the cries to a certain degree.

The winds whistled, the cicadas sang, and the situation gradually reversed.

Li Qingshan felt the scorching flames of the phoenix in his body as they rapidly healed his wounds.

In the past, if he unleashed all three explosive states at the same time, his body would immediately collapse even if he managed to launch a single strike.

But now, after a bitter battle, he could still exit that state with ease, so he truly had grown stronger. In particular, the Phoenix’s Scripture of Nirvāṇa was only an inch away from the fifth layer.

Once he broke through to the fifth layer of the Phoenix’s Scripture of Nirvāṇa, it did not just represent another opportunity for Nirvāṇa Rebirth or being able to last a little longer in his explosive state. Instead, he would achieve complete balance between the four transformations of the demonic and divine. His strength would reach a whole new realm!

This battle was critical for the breakthrough.

Before he knew it, the ringing gradually subsided.

The demon army of a million had almost completely fallen into madness. Their losses had already surpassed half of the army, while the remaining demons continued to tear away at one another. Rivers of blood flowed everywhere. Without the introduction of any external forces, it was already impossible for them to return to their senses.

Xiao An exhaled and stowed the Soul Stirring Bell away. With a wave of her left hand, the Skull Prayer Beads flew out and assembled the Skeleton Demon Formation, revolving around the Green Province cauldron and blocking the attacks from the Demon Kings and the invasion of the demon qi. They guarded the unstable Green Province cauldron.

With a wave of her right hand, a flow gushed out of the Blood Sea Banner, and the river of blood plunged down, sweeping the army away. At first, it used the deceased to “strengthen” the flow. Then it devoured the living as well, growing mightier and mightier.

In the blink of an eye, the river of blood had expanded to a hundred times its size, raging around like a blood-red dragon. Even Demon Generals and Demon Commanders could not avoid being swallowed. Then it flew back and coiled around the illusion of the Green province, leaving the Green Province cauldron virtually impregnable.

Xiao An cupped her hands together and slowly moved them about. The sea of blood and the Skeleton Demon Formation intermingled.

Only now did the Demon Kings that attacked the Green Province cauldron notice that something was amiss. They wanted to rush out of there, but they discovered the surroundings had already turned into blood and fire.

The demonfolk army lost their flesh and blood in the sea of blood, turning into skeletons. They surged towards them as they howled away with each cascading wave. The Skull Prayer Beads would turn into Skeleton Demons from time to time, cackling away as they lunged at them.

It basically felt like they had ended up in hell, which left even the Demon Kings shocked.

The Fierce King of Chu gazed at Xiao An’s figure. The Blood Sea Banner rippled, her blueish-white monk robes fluttered, and her hair drifted in the wind. Her figure that was not particularly large or tall gave off a paramount might that could reign over everything, which he suddenly found to be all surreal. That’s my daughter…

A sliver of surprise flashed through the Golden Cicada Spirit King’s eyes too. He wondered whether he had made the right decision or not by drawing her to the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga. However, he discarded this thought as soon as it occurred to him. He could sense that her buddhist nature was definitely not a sham.

The Dauntless monk and Unraging monk gazed at this and were also rendered speechless. The ringing of the bell had been powerful, but its effects were still invisible after all, so it did not have such a great impact.

Was this the power of the buddha nemesis?

“Senior brother… this buddha nemesis… is probably beyond what we can handle, but looking at her behaviour, she doesn’t really resemble a buddha nemesis either,” the Unraging monk said in thought.

The breadth of his mind and his tolerance was something else. He would not simply label her as a buddha nemesis just because of the Path of White Bone and Great Beauty.

“Whether she’s a buddha nemesis or not no longer has anything to do with us. Even if the grand preceptor of the left was here in person, what would he be able to do?”

The Dauntless monk shook his head helplessly. If they included the fierce and brutal Li Qingshan, just who could still do anything to her? Just who was still bold enough to do anything to her? Buddhism did include dauntless sacrifice, but that did not mean they condoned dying pointlessly. And as the Unraging monk had said, she had not slaughtered en masse, carrying out a massacre like the Soaring Locust King.

In the blink of an eye, the situation was reversed. The Demon Kings were all slain one by one, becoming a part of the endless sea of blood.

Xiao An downright relinquished her control over the Skull Prayer Beads, allowing them to turn into Skeleton Demons and fight and kill freely. She gripped the Blood Sea Banner with both hands and leapt up into the air, giving it a swing.

A fan-shaped wave of blood-red light shot across the sky, and two Demon Kings vanished.

The Blood Sea Banner surged and danced in her hands as waves of blood-red light shot through the air. Demon Kings fell into the Blood Sea Banner one after another, putting up a struggle and churning up the banner. The thick, sticky blood adhered to them firmly, spreading across their entire body. They tried everything they could to fend off the sea of blood.

Their colossal figures after demonifying became covered with skeletons of various sizes, like ants on an elephant, gradually gnawing their way through the flesh.

The effects that the Blood Sea Banner could achieve had always been extremely limited. It had a space of its own, but whenever she obtained resources, she would always increase her personal cultivation first before forging the Buddha Slaying sword and then the Skull Prayer Beads. The resources she had given to the Blood Sea Banner were almost negligible, so it could not be of much use anyway.

However, after devouring the million-strong army, the Blood Sea Banner had reached an unprecedented level of power, demonstrating the terrifying might of the boundless sea of blood and how there was no salvation even with repentance.

Under the Golden Cicada Spirit King and Gu Yanying’s support, Li Qingshan and the Dragon King of Ink Sea slew over a dozen Demon Kings consecutively. Battle Demon Hun had almost been rendered a loner, no longer possessing the same might and influence he had when he first arrived. Even escaping became an issue for him now.

“How has this happened!?” Battle Demon Hun refused to accept this. At this moment, a voice suddenly rang out in his ear, “Do you want to win?”

“Who are you?”

“Come, refine me and kill all of them!”

A strange, warped sword shot out of the space there, appearing before Battle Demon Hun. He grabbed the hilt instinctively.

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