Chapter 1111 – Decisive Battle

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Chapter 1111 – Decisive Battle

“Oh no!”

Li Qingshan’s eyes narrowed. Originally, he thought the Immortal Relinquished sword had already fled into the Demon domain seeing how it had not reappeared after so much time, but he never expected it to still appear, and it appeared when it mattered the most.

Everyone who had witnessed the might of the Immortal Relinquished sword before shuddered inside. They were overcome with an ill omen, like they were about to face their dooms.

In the cultivation community, an absolute difference in strength often could not be made up for through numbers, just like how the million-strong army of demons had still collapsed like clay idols before Xiao An.

The Immortal Relinquished sword itself was already more powerful than Li Qingshan and the others. If a Battle Demon Hun was added to the mix, they would probably reach an unimaginable height.

“Stop him!”

Li Qingshan lunged over, and Xiao An followed beside him, swinging down with the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End and the Buddha Slaying sword at the same time. The edge of the blade was wrapped in black shockwaves, while the edge of the sword was coated in a golden, buddhist glow. Either weapon was enough to easily butcher Demon Kings.

“Come! Refine me, and you will obtain power you have never seen before!”

The tempting voice of the Sword Spirit of Immortal Relinquished rang out in Battle Demon Hun’s head.

It had never taken action, waiting until now; this was because as a sword, it was constrained to its natural limitations even if it possessed extraordinary power. It had to be wielded by someone, whether it was a swordmaster or a sword slave. In short, someone had to grip the hilt.

Through its own powers, it could go on a rampage for a moment, but that would not be enough to last through a prolonged battle. Earlier, when it cut through the Demon Suppression hall, it had basically used up all of the power from “elder Tian”. If it struck out again rashly, then it would be in danger of being captured, so it hid in the demon cavern and waited for an opportunity.

Now, the opportunity was finally here!

“You want me to become a slave to you?”

Battle Demon Hun was filled with caution. He could sense the abnormality in the sword within his hand. This definitely was not a weapon that Demon Kings could control with ease.

“No, no, no. It’ll just be a cooperative relationship. If we work together, killing these people won’t be difficult at all. Or are you saying you want to die here pointlessly and become a huge laughing stock, a miserable failure?”

The Sword Spirit of Immortal Relinquished spared no effort to tempt him, filled with urgent desire. This Battle Demon Hun was basically the best choice possible. He was far more powerful than elder Tian, so he could unleash even greater power from it, yet at the same time, he lacked the ability to become its master. Finding an opportunity mid-battle and refining him into a sword slave was not particularly difficult.

Normally, Battle Demon Hun would have never refined the Immortal Relinquished sword so easily no matter what it said. More accurately, there was not a single Demon King who would take this risk. Even if they were to refine it, they would make all the preparations possible. No one wanted to end up being a sword slave, devoured by a sword.

However, the current situation gave him no time to hesitate. Their conversation had been completed in a split second. As the blade and sword fell, he said resolutely, “Alright!”

He tossed aside the huge sword in his hand, which turned to ash mid-air. He gripped the Immortal Relinquished sword firmly with both hands, and it suddenly erupted with blinding, demonic light.


The Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End and the Buddha Slaying sword landed on the demonic light at the same time, and the light suddenly began to extend and shrink uncontrollably like a sword, actually stopping the blade and sword. This was the light from the Immortal Relinquished sword.

“Hehe, it’s time for you to die!”

Battle Demon Hun and the Sword Spirit of Immortal Relinquished’s voice overlapped. The surrounding space twisted and collapsed, becoming covered in countless, tiny cracks.

Li Qingshan became even more stern. This meant that Battle Demon Hun’s strength had already surpassed the limits that this world would bear. If it were not for the fact that they were located above the demon cavern, it definitely would have led to an extreme phenomenon of nature. He had only witnessed something like this when Qiongqi descended.

With a swish, Xiao An used the Blood Sea Banner to sweep them into the sea of blood. The endless sea began to surge, piling up into a hemisphere and enveloping them. Countless skeletons surged over, but they were shredded by the pulsing light before they could even get close.

Xiao An was not relying on the Blood Sea Banner to deal with Battle Demon Hun either. She just hoped it could temporarily delay his refinement of the sword.

“How is it?” Li Qingshan asked.

“It won’t work. The Blood Sea Banner can’t keep him trapped. We can’t stop him from refining the sword either. Before long…”

Before Xiao An could even finish what she was saying, streaks of light erupted from the Blood Sea Banner, and the sea exploded loudly. A streak of light rushed out, completely unstoppable!

Once Battle Demon Hun broke free, slashing through the illusion of the Green province that was on the verge of collapse would be a piece of cake. Even the Golden Cicada Spirit King would not be able to stop him. Once the illusions shattered, then the demon cavern would no longer be suppressed, and the surroundings would be corrupted into a land of demons very soon. By then, even fleeing would be an impressive feat, let alone defeating Battle Demon Hun.

The Dragon King of Ink Sea, Li Qingshan, Xiao An, and the Golden Cicada Spirit King would be fine. They each possessed their own abilities. However, the Fierce King of Chu, the Dauntless monk, the Unraging monk, and the others would probably have to die here, together with all the monks from the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga that had not managed to flee too far away, as well as all the life within several hundred kilometers. All of them would fall into the claws of the demons.

After such a bitter battle, even when the powerful cultivators of the Human and Daemon race of the Green province worked together, were they still unable to stop the Demon domain’s invasion?

“If you want to leave, then do it now. It’ll be too late if you continue to hesitate,” said Xiao An.

“Please all back down, fellows. Leave this to me!” the Golden Cicada Spirit King said.

“You might not be this demon’s opponent, fellow Golden Cicada.”

Li Qingshan was basically being polite by saying that. The Golden Cicada Spirit King had just failed his tribulation. He had been pierced through the chest by the Soaring Locust King. After that, he faced another great battle, even assisting the Fierce King of Chu in suppressing the demon qi at the same time. He had already reached his limit. It was impossible for him to be Battle Demon Hun and the Immortal Relinquished sword’s opponent.

“There’ll always be a way.” The Golden Cicada Spirit King’s spirited, handsome face was indifferent. “However, I might have to destroy that arcane treasure of fellow Xiao An!”

“Don’t tell me you’re thinking of…”

Li Qingshan realised something. The Golden Cicada Spirit King was clearly ready to die, to perish together with Battle Demon Hun. Perhaps he had already made that decision before he came here, wanting to die as a martyr to save the living beings of the world, or to give the Soaring Locust King an explanation, or perhaps a combination of both!

He checked their situation, which was not optimistic at all. Even if he ignored the Fierce King of Chu and everyone else’s situation, the Dragon King of Ink Sea’s strength had declined completely despite being unkillable. Xiao An had preserved a large portion of her strength though, even stronger than when she first arrived, but she would struggle against an opponent that surpassed her drastically in strength.

In particular, after refining the Immortal Relinquished sword, Battle Demon Hun’s swordsmanship would be so great that it would be impossible for him to be cut by the Buddha Slaying sword. Perhaps only he who wielded the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End stood a chance.

He saw the light spilling from the Blood Sea Banner grow brighter and brighter. Perhaps this was the only way.

The Golden Cicada Spirit King made his way towards the sea of blood. There was no fear of death on his face, or even any of the passion or sorrow of sacrifice. There was only relief.

“Hold on!” A large figure stopped the Golden Cicada Spirit King. Li Qingshan said, “How can you just give up on the cultivation you’ve developed arduously so easily? Please find a way to suppress the demon cavern. I’ll be right back.”

With that, he stepped into the sea of blood, facing Battle Demon Hun and the Immortal Relinquished sword.

This was the final, decisive battle!

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