Chapter 1112 – Fall of a Kingdom

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Chapter 1112 – Fall of a Kingdom

“Fellow Qingshan!?”

The Golden Cicada Spirit King was slightly taken aback, while the others were stunned too. How was Li Qingshan supposed to hold off Battle Demon Hun who had refined the Immortal Relinquished sword alone? Perhaps there was not a single person or daemon here that could achieve that. It was basically no different from sending himself to his death.

“He has the confidence,” Xiao An said, but it seemed more like she was consoling herself. There was probably no one in the world who cared more about Li Qingshan than her, but there was also no one who trusted Li Qingshan more than her. She breathed in slightly. “Please suppress the demon cavern immediately.”

The Unraging monk stood forward first. He circulated the Demon Suppression Statuary and hoisted a Demon Suppression Tower high into the air. It grew larger and larger, almost to the size of a small mountain, before being tossed towards the demon cavern. Under the stimulation of the demon qi, the Demon Suppression Tower grew to twice its size before landing heavily, but it still seemed much smaller than the colossal demon cavern.

The Golden Cicada Spirit King brought his palms together and spread his cicada wings. They trembled away like a golden haze, and the cries rose up once again, spreading like they were tangible.

The Dauntless monk, Gu Yanying, as well as the later arriving Jin Fugui and Yue Wuyang, got to work as well. They used the buddhist lights, the black sand, the atmospheric winds, and the battle qi to suppress the gushing demon qi.

The Fierce King of Chu ingested a spiritual pill and slowly pressed down with the Green Province cauldron.

But at this exact moment, the demon qi suddenly became turbulent, instead pushing up the Green Province cauldron. Clearly, a powerful demonfolk had taken action on the other end of the demon cavern.

Shortly afterwards, deafening cries began to ring out from the demon cavern again.

Everyone changed in expression. Only now did they remember that the demon army they had spent all their strength to destroy was merely the vanguard. By now, everyone was already exhausted. Even the Green Province cauldron was on the brink of collapse from the corruption of demon qi, which filled them with a sense of despair. How were they supposed to stop them this time?

Xiao An sucked in a deep breath and said loudly, “Your majesty the King of Yue, you’ve spectated the battle for so long already, so could you show yourself?”

The Fierce King of Chu shivered inside. He followed Xiao An’s gaze and saw a huge cloud hovering in the distant horizon. As Xiao An’s voice rang out, the cloud gradually dispersed, and there was absolutely nothing inside. However, the light in the space there twisted and trembled very soon, revealing a glistening Silver Dragon King that sailed straight towards Great Buddha mountain.

Everyone resided above the demon cavern, where the two worlds intersected, so their senses were greatly affected. They had been focusing on fending off the demonfolk too, so none of them actually managed to sense it.

The Fierce King of Chu felt pained inside. When it rained, it really did pour. The Green province had just faced so many disasters and crises. The reinforcements from the Dragon province they had been waiting for never arrived. Instead, what arrived was their mortal enemy.

The Silver Dragon King drew close, and the King of Southern Yue announced loudly, “Fierce King of Chu, today is the end of the Kingdom of Chu!”

The Dauntless monk, Yue Wuyang, and Jin Fugui all changed in expression.

“King of Yue, come and help me suppress the demon cavern.” Xiao An did not seem to hear the King of Southern Yue’s declaration of war.

“What did you say?” The King of Southern Yue was taken aback. He also became amused by this. “Fellow Xiao An, have you heard me clearly? I’ve come to destroy the Kingdom of Chu. Even if I helped you earlier, you can’t push your luck!”

If it were not for the fact that he had witnessed Xiao An’s terrifying might when he lurked within the cloud, he would have directly attacked already and made her witness his determination to destroy the Kingdom of Chu.

He waved his hand. “Since you’ve already become a buddhist monk, this is none of your business anymore. You can back off to one side!”

“Father, please pass the position to me.” Xiao An turned towards the Fierce King of Chu.

“Alright!” The Fierce King of Chu did not hesitate at all. Only this daughter of his could save the Kingdom of Chu now. As long as he could preserve everything his ancestors had built up, it no longer mattered whether she was a buddha nemesis or a disciple of buddhism.

“From today onwards, princess Xuanyue will be inheriting the position of the King of Chu, known as the Dark King of Chu!”

“The Dark King of Chu…” Xiao An muttered it softly before saying to the King of Southern Yue, “Now it is my business.”

“You’re forcing me into doing this!” The King of Southern Yue frowned.

“Have you come to take the Green province this time, King of Yue?” Xiao An asked.

The King of Southern Yue said in thought, “I have not!”

The Green province was much smaller in area than the Mist province, and their resources were not as plentiful as the Mist province either. Even their greatest advantage, their population, had declined to a pitiful level after all these disasters.

However, before he had set off, the King of Southern Yue had still been very interested in ruling over the Green province. This was not just the wild ambition of the past kings, but also because the population would only take a century at most to recover. However, after witnessing what had happened to the Myriad Ghosts abyss and Great Buddha mountain, he had completely changed his mind. He would have to fend off the attacks from the Hungry Ghost realm and the Demon domain at the same time, so who the hell would want to rule the Green province?

“Then you’ve come to destroy the Kingdom of Chu?” Xiao An then asked.

“Exactly that!” The King of Southern Yue said. He had travelled thousands of kilometers to come here. If it were not for destroying the Kingdom of Chu, was it supposed to be a holiday instead?

“Alright. Then in the name of the King of Chu, the Kingdom of Chu ceases to exist from today onwards. It had formally fallen,” said Xiao An.

With that, let alone the King of Southern Yue, even the Fierce King of Chu was dumbstruck. The Kingdom of Chu that had stood for ten thousand years had actually fallen in the time it took to say a single word?

“You… what are you trying to do?” The King of Southern Yue said.

“Alright, you’ve already destroyed the Kingdom of Chu. Are you satisfied with this now? Or are you planning on weeding out any and all potential trouble, even killing me, the lord of a fallen kingdom?” Xiao An said.

The King of Southern Yue smiled wryly. “You should know. I’ve never had any intentions of making an enemy out of you or Qingshan.”

“I object!” the Fierce King of Chu said furiously, and the Green Province cauldron shook. “King of Southern Yue, if you want to destroy my Kingdom of Chu, then get ready to die with me!”

“Hmph. It’s not like the one to suffer first will be my Kingdom of Yue anyway!” The King of Southern Yue obviously could not accept a threat like that.

Right when they had their daggers drawn, Xiao An called out, “Both of you, shut up!” Her furious bellow that contained the Chant of Deva-Nāga was like the chime of a great bell, enough to open the eyes of the blind and the ears of the deaf.

“You two are so short-sighted, and yet you claim to be kings! You fight over tiny pieces of land, for what? The Demon domain and the Hungry Ghost realm are invading simultaneously right now. The nine provinces are on the brink of falling. Do you plan to become undead or demons?”

Xiao An had always been very peaceful and calm. Apart from Li Qingshan, no one had ever seen her lose her temper. Now, with her anger, the world fell silent.

“Well said!” The Golden Cicada Spirit King praised. “Please reconsider, fellows!”

“Alright! What can I do about the fact that you’re the King of Chu?”

The Fierce King of Chu was powerless. After pacifying his anger, he also thought it through. The Kingdom of Chu was only a name, a concept, at the end of the day. As long as he could preserve the Ji clan, would he not have any opportunities to revive the kingdom in the future?

The King of Southern Yue also contemplated what Xiao An had said. Neither the Hungry Ghost realm or the Demon domain were easy opponents. Once demons and undead really ran amok, it would be impossible for the Mist province to have any peace either.

“Alright. I’ll assist you in suppressing the demon cavern, but only to assist you!”

“Thank you, your majesty.” Xiao An bowed and thought to herself, Copying how Qingshan talks every now and then really does seem quite useful.

She was nowhere close to losing her temper. She was already prepared to pull out of this and get away. There had been benevolence involved, such that she wanted to suppress the demon cavern and save all the living beings of the world, but even if it was the nine provinces combined, it would be nowhere near as important as Li Qingshan alone.

The King of Southern Yue furrowed his brows and touched his chin. Suddenly, he felt rather perplexed. Just why did I come to the Green province in the first place? Then he felt a bit of regret. I shouldn’t have come if I had known earlier.

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