Chapter 1113 – The Fifth Layer of the Phoenix

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Chapter 1113 – The Fifth Layer of the Phoenix

As soon as Li Qingshan set foot in the sea of blood, light flooded his eyes. He crossed his arms before his chest instinctively, and stinging pain soon followed. The edge of the swords slashed through his arms, and the tip pierced his chest.

His skin darkened, and his arms rippled with muscle, forcefully blocking the attacks with his strength of the ox demon.

“So you’ve come to die!” The voices of Battle Demon Hun and the Sword Spirit of Immortal Relinquished overlapped. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

Li Qingshan met the gaze calmly. “Even if you become a slave and lose your sense of self, you have to win?”

Battle Demon Hun shivered inside, and a slight disharmony appeared in his unity with the Immortal Relinquished sword. No one wanted to be a slave, let alone a sword’s slave.

“Shut your mouth!”

The sword pierced Li Qingshan’s body deeply. Even the Ox Demon Forges its Hide could not keep it at bay. Instead, it began to give way.

“As an enemy, you are not worthy of my respect!” Li Qingshan grinned, filled with contempt.

“Go die!”

Battle Demon Hun roared and pushed Li Qingshan along as he advanced madly. The sword qi of Immortal Relinquished erupted, mincing Li Qingshan’s organs before crushing his tough tiger bones.

There was a flash, and the light brushed past Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan glanced back. His body disintegrated loudly, turning into raging phoenix flames.

With a cry, a phoenix rose up, and the flames gathered together, condensing into Li Qingshan’s body again. He stared at Battle Demon Hun with his scarlet eyes as if he was saying, It’s still not over yet!

Battle Demon Hun sat on his horse with the sword in hand, casting aside all of his other thoughts. Only Li Qingshan existed in his eyes. He only had a single thought in his head, which was to kill him completely.

“Let’s see how many more times you can revive. If you revive once, then I’ll kill you once. If you revive ten times, then I’ll kill you ten times. I will continue until your soul perishes and you are doomed eternally!”

Nirvāṇa Rebirth was a powerful ability, but before an absolute disparity in strength, it would only take a little longer to kill him for good. Li Qingshan understood this principle as well.

He smiled. “Don’t worry. This is the last time!”

If he died again, then he would become an egg, which was no different from directly killing him. This was the limit to the number of times he could rebirth given his current cultivation as a Daemon King. Even if he broke through to the fifth layer of the phoenix, he could not increase it. It was well and truly the “last” decisive battle.

“Then die!”

Battle Demon Hun swung his sword. The twisted, changing light shot towards Li Qingshan from an unbelievable angle.


Li Qingshan cut through the light with a single stroke. His mind was as calm as the ocean. It took him both the divination of the spirit turtle and his battle instincts to barely block the attack, but the strange sword qi within made him shudder all over.

In the next moment, the actual sword arrived right before him, without any prior signs.

The Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell appeared and shattered!

The Ox Demon Forges its Hide hardened and was ripped apart!

The sword and the tiger bones clashed. With the screeching of metal, the sword became embedded in the bones, and only then did it come to a halt.


Li Qingshan fell into the sea of blood, kicking up a colossal wave.

Battle Demon Hun followed him like his shadow. The sea of blood rushed towards him, but it shattered as soon as it reached three hundred meters of him, turning into bloody splashes in the air.

The skeleton cackled away as they assembled the Skeleton Demon Formation in an attempt to restrain and stop Battle Demon Hun. Battle Demon Hun did not even look at them, swinging his sword and silently bisecting three of the skeletons in his path. They erupted with Samādhi Flames of White Bone, illuminating the gloomy sea of blood.

Battle Demon Hun rushed out of the sea of fire and laughed madly. “What’s wrong, Li Qingshan? Is this all you’re capable of? How pitiful!”

It was no longer possible to tell whether that was Battle Demon Hun or the Sword Spirit of Immortal Relinquished’s voice. He raised the sword high into the air and swung down violently.

The deep sea of blood was split into two by the twisted light. Within it, Li Qingshan gritted his teeth and swung his blade, barely blocking the attack yet again. Another notch appeared on his blade.

“This can’t go on! You’re not his opponent!” The Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower could not help but say.

“You’re afraid?” Li Qingshan smiled.

The Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower had no way to respond. As an asura armament, getting her to admit she felt afraid was impossible. She had known long ago that she was destined to meet such a fate as a weapon, but when this day truly arrived, she still wanted to continue thriving, refusing to accept this fate.

“That’s fine. I’m afraid too!” Li Qingshan said calmly.

Even Li Qingshan was afraid of dying, so who wasn’t? However, this was the exact path he had chosen, a path where he wagered his life. Even if there was fear, there would be no hesitation!

Battle Demon Hun rapidly drew closer, like the arrival of the grim reaper. The shadow of death enveloped him. Ever since he became a Daemon King, this was the first time he had come so close to death. However, his heart only burned hotter. That was the desire to live.

As a result, he flapped his wings and rushed into the air, unleashing his blade and going up to receive him!

Xiao An was as nervous as she could be. She desperately powered the Blood Sea Banner and the Skull Prayer Beads to interfere with Battle Demon Hun’s movements, but what she achieved was negligible. It took all the willpower within her to not enter the sea of blood, as she understood very well that it was impossible for her to land a strike on Battle Demon Hun with her Buddha Slaying sword. Instead, it was easy for her to be heavily injured by the Immortal Relinquished sword, which would distract Li Qingshan. That would only have a detrimental impact on him.

She subconsciously bit her lip. She failed to sense it even when she began to bleed. No, this is still not enough. I need to become even stronger!

The frenzied blade and the demonic sword parted as soon as they made contact, and Li Qingshan was thrown back yet again. Another horrific gash appeared on his chest, extending from his left shoulder to his right ribs, deep enough to see his bones. If it were not for the toughness of his tiger bones, he basically would have been cut into two. Battle Demon Hun stuck to him closely like a shadow, giving him no time to recover.

He was just an inch off from the fifth layer of the Phoenix Transformation, but he had absolutely no time to consider where he was lacking this inch.


A tiger’s roar rang through the world, filled with great rage and fury.

The war banners of the battle demon fluttered against the wind.

The blade rose!

Li Qingshan completely erupted with his full strength, engaging Battle Demon Hun.

The flashes of the blade and sword blurred their figures. In the end, all that was left was the violent collisions between arcs of a sword and a blade, falling from the sky to the sea of blood before rising back up to the sky. The waves of sharp air shattered the sea of blood and ripped through space.

“Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!”

Battle Demon Hun roared like he was deranged. His face was twisted and insane, completely unleashing the bizarre swordsmanship of the Immortal Relinquished sword. Who knew how many times more powerful than elder Tian he was.

Immediately, the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End became covered in slashes, while Li Qingshan was also littered with wounds. His blood splattered and turned into flames. Just maintaining this explosive state brought his body and soul to the edge of collapse.

Death drew closer, like a black abyss trying to drag him in, making him constantly fall.

However, Li Qingshan felt his heart burn hotter and hotter, warding off death. The darker it became, the brighter the flames burned. The further he fell into the abyss, the more he spread his wings and soared.

“Die!” Battle Demon Hun bellowed, and the sword cut through the blade arcs, slashing into Li Qingshan’s body viciously.

On the brink of death!

A voice in Li Qingshan’s heart became clearer and clearer, brighter and brighter, turning into the clear, bright cry of a phoenix.

The Phoenix Undergoes Nirvana Rebirth, with an Undying Heart!

The phoenix wings were suddenly fully unfurled, reaching three thousand meters across and shining with glorious light.

The fifth layer of the Phoenix Transformation!

Flames lit up in Li Qingshan’s eyes. With a forceful flap of his wings, he stirred up the sea of blood, filling the air!

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